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  1. EDIT: Nevermind, managed to finally track them down. cotton bush, Gomphocarpus.
  2. Widdershins

    prickly pod shrub NSW

    I'm also trying to find out what these small tough, woody stemmed shrubs are, with small hard buds that turn into small creamy flowers. Hope someone can help Nevermind, solved this mystery "Paddy's lucerne" for the small creamy flowers
  3. Widdershins

    Aliens living on earth.

    Just interested in people's thoughts: "Former Canada Defense Minister publicly stated that we are not alone in the universe, and some guests from outer space actually live here, on planet Earth." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pg6VTzacb9I&feature=youtube_gdata_player&utm_content=buffer888c1&utm_source=buffer&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=Buffer
  4. Widdershins

    Sick looking Trichocereus bridgesii

    That's a new pup you have shooting through, great to see it is recovering :D a good rule of thumb is to water cacti once the soil is completely dry (stick a finger in to check if you're not sure)
  5. Widdershins

    Carvings of mine

    Wow, some really beautiful pieces!
  6. Widdershins

    Three New 4 Winds Bridgesii - Scarred As

    Good to see they're now in the hands of someone who will show them a little more love than their previous owner. It's always nice to have something different one's collection such as some four-ribs. It will be interesting to see how they look further down the line once they're cared for a little more and have some nice new growth on them.
  7. Widdershins

    Astrophytum thread

    Absolutely beautiful, I love Astros.
  8. Widdershins

    Happy New Year Competition- Post a funny pic

    Okay, that's all I'm contributing. Hope to see more people posting
  9. Widdershins

    DMT lace motif

    Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship
  10. Widdershins

    Mind Over Matter

    I wholeheartedly agree with this, it's not an easy thing to accomplish but I'm slowly chipping away at it.
  11. Widdershins

    Tree Spirits

    Those cuts are absolutely amazing, especially the wolf, I noticed it instantly!
  12. Some absolutely amazing cakes in here, I wish my parents had made me an Alice in wonderland cake for me when I was 6, hell I would still love it as an adult!
  13. Widdershins

    Amazonian's Show and Tell.

    Absolutely beautiful, Amazonian. You have a really nice touch to carving, now I want to try it for myself.
  14. Widdershins

    Mind Over Matter

    It's quite awe-inspiring how powerful the human mind really is, and a shame so many often go through life without ever truly understanding what it is capable of. With the right mindset so much can be achieved, we have observed how positive thinking benefits our health and immune system -and how stress can damage it. Then there is the other spectrum, those being delved deep into psychosis and how realistic hallucinations can be for those who experience that world. Meditation really humbles me in the power of the human mind and what can be accomplished once we learn to simply begin to take more control, such as ability to change body temperature and those that have even achieved a state where they can slow and stop their heart. The mind is a very beautiful thing.
  15. Widdershins

    heimia the weed

    Good to know, I just started growing this and now know to keep an eye on it when it begins to head.