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  1. diamind

    growing lotus

    Hi anyone had experience with growing lotus? What's the most important points? Right now I have 20 seedlings sprouted and plan to grow them in a round plastic tub 1/2 meter in diameter. Is plastic ok? What's the best growing medium? Sun conditions? Water treatment? Is stale and dirty water ok? And how and when do I fertilise? thanks
  2. diamind

    Propagation light perth

    sure if your interested pm me
  3. diamind

    Propagation light perth

    Anyone one interested in a propagation light T5 fluoro 24w x 4. As new. Comes with timer and a stealthy looking cabinet lined with ADF Foil. $60 for the lot
  4. diamind

    Sick looking Trichocereus bridgesii

    Yeah thats what I thought after I potted it up. :/ A little too late now.
  5. diamind

    Sick looking Trichocereus bridgesii

    Please excuse my ignorance but what is a pup?
  6. diamind

    Sick looking Trichocereus bridgesii

    Hey thanks for all the reply's very much appreicated. So this is what I've done. I repotted the cactus in 1/3 potting mix, 1/3 course sand and 1/3 perlite, then covered the top with about an inch of small river stones and left for new growth to appear. I was looking today and noticed what looks like new growth, what do you think? So will it be fine to water now? And how much water? Also is the pot too big? If it survives next year I will repot it in a teracotta pot like gtarman recommended. thanks again
  7. diamind

    risky business

    Well sounds simple enough
  8. diamind

    risky business

    Hi all, Just curious to know are there any risks involved in cultivating your own mushrooms from spores? I was reading that during the culture jar stage you could possibly contaminate your mushrooms with toxic or deadly fungus or bacteria. Thoughts?
  9. diamind

    Sick looking Trichocereus bridgesii

    I wouldn't say it was squishy, theres alittle movement when squeezed but it's really dry, so it might quickly change if it was to be watered.
  10. diamind

    Sick looking Trichocereus bridgesii

    It had been sitting on a very exposed east facing window sill, so plenty of sun from morning till midday. Avg temp for november would be 30-35 degrees. It had always had a little grey/brown dry spots but recently my girl friend said it looked unhealthy and had gotten worse along with it starting to turn an orange/yellow color. I wasnt sure if this was sunburn or rot or what was going on and I was away for work, so I had my girlfriend pull it from the pot till I got home to try and save it.
  11. diamind

    Sick looking Trichocereus bridgesii

    I haven't really tried anything, I'm really clueless. I've rarely watered it because we have only just finished our winter months but unbeknown to me, my girlfriend took the liberty of watering while I was away. As for sun, it's been just sitting on the window sill which does get alot of full sun during the day, but just figured it would be ok. Any ideas of whats going on?
  12. Hey there, I have a cactus beleived to be a bridgesii. Its been in my care for for about a year and I've been slowly watching it deteriorate. I'm guessing it's some kind of rot happening so I've removed it from it's pot to dry. There also seems to be some fine white hairs growing on the roots, could this possibly be fungus growth? If there is anyone out there that could help me save him and give me some growing tips would be very helpful. Cheers