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  1. brooa

    Bridgesii sale "cliff"

  2. brooa

    Bridgesii sale "cliff"

    fuck missed it if anyone pulls out/there is more at some point, i will grab it
  3. Just read the first post and it looks fantastic!!!
  4. brooa

    ID fruit tree maybe?

    Im pretty sure it looks like a Rambutan. Pretty keen to see how it goes!
  5. brooa

    Silly car Q

    need more details on the car man. try http://www.japan-parts.eu/ with your vin else let me know what your model code is. had a stab in the dark http://www.japan-parts.eu/toyota/gr/1998/hiace-hiace-s-b-v/rch29l-sbmrkw/4_713210_058_/electrical/8715_heating-air-conditioning-control-air-duct and its not a replaceable part if you have snapped the whole toggle off. best guess is probably a wreckers for the whole unit
  6. whipper snipped everywhere, 3 tanks of juice and a dead arm later........ must not let it get that long again!
  7. brooa

    Books for sale

    if you split and are willing to post to WA, id be pretty keen for the following The Encyclopaedia of Psychoactive Plants, Ratsch Trouts notes on cactus cultivation San Pedro & related Trichocereus species, Trout Some Simple Tryptamines 2nd Edition
  8. brooa

    BIG san pedro in perth

    would love to see some pics, may be keen for at least some!
  9. bloody ants! ive been lucky and they have left most of my cacti/succulents alone, but my chilli are another story. they have done serious damage farming bloody aphids! pretty well given up organic control, think im going to have to bite the bullet and go for some amdro do recommend although expensive http://davidgray.com.au/products-main/pest-control-supplies/insects/amdro450-detail
  10. looking awesome :D
  11. if you wash the soil out of the roots with water before seperating, it may make it a little easier ;)
  12. brooa

    More evidence of NSW the nanny state

    omfg cue the blackmarket burger trailers parked up behind a warehouse! but seriously that is beyond a fucking joke. are they going to make steaks all well done too?
  13. finally bought the hardcover today thanks so much man