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    Show off your freaks

    An Icaros peruvianus I started from seed last year.
  2. Pachycereus marginatus
  3. Caudata

    Fastest Growing Pachanoi

    What grows fastest in my garden may not grow all that fast for you as it depends on climate/light/nutrients. My fastest growing plants in general are all pachanoi and scopulicola cultivars.
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  5. Caudata


    Anyone started any of these seeds? SS offered them in their catalog last year I believe, and if I remember correctly they came from a garden in Lima (I'll upload the catalog description when I get home). Mine germinated well but are too small to say much about in regards to characteristics. Just thought I'd start a thread for people to post photos/discussion of their cacti as they grow!
  6. Caudata

    Peruvianus Rahuapampa crest

    no photos?
  7. One of my lc scop seedlings dropping ribs and then terminating. Might get a weird sausage plant out of it.
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  9. Caudata


    It's been another month and a half, and a third seedling has sprouted a freaky nipple. I'd love to see some more mature plants. I'm guessing the 5% mutant rate in Ben's description is an underestimate.
  10. LC scop x scop BB x TE Let's see some updates boys
  11. You might want to take them out of the corner into an area that receives more sunlight
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    A month on. I'll keep updating as the one in the back gets more interesting Any updates on your crest Cacteye?
  13. What will happen in the upcoming growing season? Will they move to accommodate each other or will pressure keep building until the base splits?
  14. Love your setup Thunder, but how do you explain it to guests? I get enough awkward questions and phallus jokes and my cacti are all outside. Yes, uno.
  15. Is this from Ogun? I think that mother plant looks intermediate between pachanoi and peruvianus just like many of the plants growing wild around Ancash. This plant certainly doesn't look like a Lima pachanoi but it also doesn't look like a Matucana peruvianus (which is the reference point most people have when talking about that species).
  16. Received a nice little package from Ogun containing
  17. Caudata


    Mine are still tiny compared to yall's but it's looking like I've got 2 mutants out of 15 seedlings.
  18. I'm pretty sure it's named after the Chan Chan valley in Ecuador where it was first classified in European botany so pa-chan-oi is the correct pronunciation. I call it pack-annoy though because I'm from the US. And yeah the op is definitely a pachanoi
  19. It's almost as if individual plants are extremely variable even within a species
  20. Those look amazing but if you wait around for another year I bet you could score a sharxx crest from the nitrogen giveaway for a lot less than those prices...
  21. Caudata

    Chavin Culture (900-200 bce) Ceramic

    Picked up "Shamanism & the Sacred Cactus" today, took photos of 16 of the pages for you guys and uploaded them here: http://imgur.com/a/ePE1R Sorry it's not the best quality. If you're interested you should try and find this book at a library as it gives context to the images. Of particular interest to this discussion is page 38, which shows cactus slices with 5 and 6 ribs. On the rest of the ceramics it appears there's a mix between 4 ribbed and 5-8 ribbed specimens Also, it has been hypothesized that the boa, jaguar, and deer found with the cactus in Cupisnique pottery probably has some geographic significance: these may relate to water holes in the upper valley foothills where these animals are found as well as where alkaloid rich cactus are known to occur. "Elera cites an interview with a north coastal shaman, Julio Navarro, to indicate how, in contemporary shamanism, sacred flora and fauna energize a mythical geography when the healer enters into a hallucinogenic trance to effect his 'magical flight': 'Sometimes I transform into an eagle and with my good vista [second sight] I see the good clusters of huachuma at the water holes where the curing plants also grow. Sometimes I converse with the tigre and the great serpents that live close to the huachuma clusters.' After the trance the shaman treks up to water holes on sacred mountains (Chaparri and Colan) to collect medicinal plants and the best San Pedro which enhance intuitive 'vista,' the hallmark of the shaman" (Sharon 2000, 4).
  22. Caudata

    Icaros DNA

    Any updates on this one?
  23. My friend in Baja who is taking care of my miniatures for me for awhile took a photo of their new setup
  24. Definitely looks pc
  25. Peruvianus/wild pachanoi I'd reckon Stu. It introduced someone to a dragon apparently.