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  1. Is it just me or does everyone else have a life like a revolving door? I really don't know why but I've noticed that my life goes through the same situations. It's like a revolving door. My life with be shit, then something will come along and my life will be going great then my inner cunt comes out, doesn't think, just acts and BOOM! There I am again everything is back to Square one. I really do try to better myself but, the inner cunt is always there lurking for me to let my guard down (alcohol is usually the key to my guard down) and there it goes SUPPRISE! My life that was going great turned to shit again.
  2. onyeka

    Lactusa virosa

    I have some fresh lactusa virosa seeds, P.M me if anybody is interested. Onyeka
  3. onyeka

    The Random Thread.

    [email protected]#ing my dentist is a rough ass [email protected]! My jaw has been in pain all day!
  4. onyeka

    Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Resources

    Hi guys and ladies, I posted in this page a while back, about I was having a hard time with my mental health. I was given meds from my GP and all that. I'm now 8 months off the meds and my life is just about back to normal, I still have bad days and all that. I'd like to say a big thank you to the support I got from the people of sab, and if anyone else is having mental health problem then reach out to someone here and talk even if it's via a PM, don't bottle things up, I will try to help anyone who needs it. Onyeka.
  5. onyeka

    Khat pollen

    Hi, I'm wanting to collect pollen from different strains of khat. Please if anyone can help me find, then please P.M me. Many thanks Onyeka
  6. onyeka

    texana seeds

    Damn! Wish I had that much spare money zelly, I'd definitely buy some from you if I did.
  7. Received, thank very much meangreen.
  8. Hi members of this awesome site. I have a very keen interest in microprogation/tissue culture, and I am only just starting out using these techniques to grow plants. Last year I attempted to grow some chilli plants Via microprogation but I started out late in the season and im thinking I went a bit ott with the seed sterilisation process and probably left the seeds too long in the bleach or sprayed the alcohol too much, I'm not sure what exactly went wrong, but I didn't get any to germinate. The growing medium I was trying was the MS I had the vitamin added etc. I'd be interested in hearing of anybody else that has used microprogation/tissue culture before or if anyone that has come across any sites with good information on this subject, to help me and another members use this interesting way of growing, and cloning of plants. Hopefully if we could get a good discussion on this then we could get some awesome and unique plant genetics for the members here growing. Onyeka
  9. Wow man that's awesome!! Thanx mean green. Thanx for the awesome giveaway. I'll pm you.
  10. Hi with spring on its way here in the UK im looking for some Lophophora williamsii seeds. If anyone has some for sale i am willing to pay some money for seeds or seedlings. PM me if you can be of any help. Many Thanx Onyeka
  11. Wow amazing give away!! Put me sown for 34.
  12. onyeka

    RIP andyamine

    RIP my thoughts are with everyone here on sab for the loss of a member.
  13. onyeka

    Pollen Genetic Traders!

    i think this is a great idea, im interested in loph willi pollen spacegrandmother. i have 3 lophs but rarely they flower at the same time, so its hard to cross pollinate them.
  14. Hi Ladies and gents, im looking for some Trichocereus seeds. i can pay some $ for some seeds. if anyone can help me out that would be great. Onyeka
  15. onyeka


    hi mate, will you ship internationally?