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    Post your track of the day

    Line em up!
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    CBD oil?

    I made an order based on your recommendation a few months ago and never received anything... nor did I ever hear back from them.. Just saying!
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    Beating a cultivation charge?

    Ok, so I have a friend who had the police knock on his door to come rob him, because of some lowlife dog neighbors you can't mind there own business. Thing is, all they found was 2 plants and also some leaf and stem in the spare room. Now 'obviously' he knows nothing about it and admitted absolutely nothing, except that at the time they knocked on the door he was the only one living in the residents. Thing is, (now bare with me here) he knows nothing about the 2 plants in the backyard, since he lost his job in july and has been completely incapacitated from bipolar disorder since then and hasn't even been in the backyard all summer, so he's thinking it must have been the neighbors who planted these two plants in his backyard. He also had two Spanish backpackers stay in the spare room where the leaf was found for about a week, about a month back. So his thinking they obviously must have found these plants in the backyard (which my mate knows nothing about) and taken a few branches for themselves and then left the leaf and stem in the spare room that they were renting. Now, I'm not necessarily asking for legal advise for my friend, I know he needs to consult lawyer ASAP. But legal aid is just going to tell him to bite the bullet and plead guilty and he simply doesn't have the funds for a real lawyer (though his going to try his hardest to obtain the funds). Anyway........what my friend wants to know is, does anyone here know of anyone actually getting off a cultivation charge with a similar scenario. Or would he just be fried if he plead not guilty?
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    Yeah, that's exactly what I mean. It may have been a little "jerry springer" style, but it was just a bit of light hearted entertainment... what would have been the harm? Peace
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    My rant is about when you post a very thought provoking and truly philosophical thread... Then some lagging over sensitive little bitch presses the alert button and does ya in to the mods! ... Not cool dudes. Ya all call yourself plant heads, but you all just come across as a bunch of irrational women who've got crime stoppers on speed dial, for when ya start getting all emotional and shit!!!
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    fruit and nuts

    But aren't we all in reality? Most people just don't have the minerals to wear there heart on there sleeve on a public forum. Fact is, I've never attacked anyone personally on this forum, but every time I've come out and bleed my heart out about mental illness on this site, I've been shot down and told to 'man up' (paraphrasing). But Olive's issues caused 2 highly respected members to leave and members are treading on egg shells and going out of there way to offer support. The reason is simple... Olive has something which could be useful to most members (cuttings plants seeds, ect), yet I have nothing of use to offer anyone... I am merely a fellow human being, living in this mysterious complex, which is our reality. In other words, the corroboree really is no different to main stream society in general... You are happy to pretend to be as enlightened, understanding & empathetic as they come, but only under the condition that they have something of materialistic value which could prove beneficial to you some day.... Just being a fellow homo sapien, just don't cut it. It's both a cruel, yet understandable reality of our existence. We are after all just primitive life forms. Anyway, I do wish ya the best of luck Olive, with whatever dark cloud your dealing with atm. I've always liked ya from what I've seen on these forums... But I don't do the plastic mentality sugar coating thing braz... You can call me an idiot or a loser, but at least I'll never be fake or disingenuous. Peace
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    fruit and nuts

    Welcome to the dark side, brother! Don't believe all the hype... once you cross over, theirs no easy way back.
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    Am I a racist ?

    Well, if your pure motivation is to just be a member of the herd... then whenever in doubt, you should just consider any given alternative topic extremely offensive and racist. That should allow you the right to hang with the cool kids!
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    Quotes of the day.

    "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." -Jiddu Krishnamurti
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    The Federal Government are dogs!!!

    Just when you think the federal government has sunk to its lowest form with there illogical hard-line political approach, they never miss the opportunity to seize the moment and screw the most vulnerable people in society by sinking even further, with there draconian illogical policies! So now there forcing everyone on newstart allowance to participate in a 'work for the dole' program. Sounds progressive & productive at the surface, right? The logic is its supposed to give dole bludgers new skills, connections and the confidence to gain genuine employment. Well guess what? The reality is, it will just destroy any confidence long term job seekers have left by making them feel like all there good for is free labour. It will also cause greedy businesses and local governments to exploit the situation by using loopholes to obtain free labour, at the expense of creating genuine jobs. It also inhibits long-term job seekers from actually obtaining genuine minimum wage employment. Since the time & money there expected to waste on 'work for the dole' programs, causes there prospect of being willfully employed to go from unlikely to an impossibility. atm, I'm unemployed and getting $521 a fortnight from newstart, plus $129 a fortnight rent assistance. That works out to a total of $650 a fortnight. Then I pay $200 a week for my current accommodation. That leaves me with $125 a week for food, gas water and electriciticy, laundry detergent, body soap & shampoo, toothpaste, clothes, hair cuts and every other fucking vital cost you need to survive in society. You don't need to do much basic math to realize that unless your living with your parents rent & food cost free, that anyone doomed to live on this is potentially fucked, in the long run. No one who's paying there own way on the dole is living any kind of quality of life, despite the popular & ignorant conservative opinion. Anyway... now there telling me that to keep getting my newstart allowance, I have to drive to a site 40km away twice a week. That's 320km a fortnight, or damn nearly $80 dollars a fortnight worth of fuel. So out of the $250 a fortnight I can't even survive off, I've apparently got to find an extra $80 to go and do slave labour, 4 days a fortnight. As it stands, I can only afford phone & internet access at the expense of vital calories. So how the fuck is it even possible to pay an extra $80 dollars a fortnight well also utilizing a phone and the internet to look for work? Not to mention that if I even did some how magically manage to obtain employment under these impossible circumstances, I wouldn't have enough fuel to get there, since my fuel tank would have been drained from doing the 'work for the dole' walk of shame. These lowlife miserable excuses for life forms, have no interest whatsoever in lowering the unemployment rate. There only motive is to shame and put more pressure on people who are having are hard time of it. There a bunch of rat faced dogs, every single one of them. They all deserve to rot away, slowly & painfully, then die a horribly gruesome death. They are cancers on society and should all be executed in the most painfully way imaginable... All this policy will achieve is a higher crime rate, from people who are being put into an impossible position and need to do whatever they can to survive So instead of tax payers forking out 16k a year to support the most disadvantaged in society, they'll be forced to fork out 50 to 100k to imprison people who were simply trying to survive, after having there newstart allowance taken from them... Bunch of fuckin geniuses we have ruling over us!!! RIGHT?!?
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    Post your track of the day

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    Meet up: Melbourne

    Yeah, that reality kinda occurred to me after the fact. But so what? Us Aussies are nothing but a pack of pussies! In America its legal for recreational purposes in like 4 states and medically legal in like 25 states... Are we seriously so much of a bunch of bitches downunder that we would seriously lag behind progress to such a degree? All I wanna do is grow some haze under the raze of the sun and not have four armed fuckwits banging on my door, looking to come and rob me, then just rip out, what I've spent the last 6 months caring for... like it was nothing.... But anyway... have a great meet. None of you probably give a fuck about justice and whats right, anyway!
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    Post your track of the day

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    Post your track of the day

    "Don't fall down now... you'll never get up."
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    Meet up: Melbourne

    Sounds like your growing the wrong plants! But anyway...... don't mind me, I'm just angry and being bitchy cause I can't, atm..... carry on...
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    Post a random picture thread

    Edit: Wrong thread... oops.
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    Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Resources

    I wish I'd just die, I have been wishing for it for years now... Just far to piss weak to actually go though with it on my own. But every time I reach out for help, I just get accused of being a hardcore drug addict who's just trying to scam drugs. I mean, goddamn, I'm a suicidal loser with no hope of anything better in life... Offer me drugs and I won't say no, so what, ya pack of bitches!!! Fuck all these bitches and there paranoia of being scammed by a non-suicidal drug addict. There so goddamn paranoid that they would rather just shun people off who possibly might go and disconnect the air filter of there car, wind up the windows and run the engine. Rather than dare let someone get a buzz from dropping a few benzodiazepines. Hopefully, they hook others up with quality care though... But me, I'm on my own.... I excepted that reality ages ago.
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    Post your track of the day

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    Post your track of the day

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    Post your track of the day

    "Cause I don't wanna leave this game without at least saying goodbye....... Oh shit, almost forgot, you all comin with me!!!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZfCeYJCQO0