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  1. InnerPathsToOuterSpace

    salvia docco tonight sbs2

    I think I would have had much better success if I lived closer to, or up in the ranges of the caldera of Wollumbin, living right on the coast seems to alternate too much in humidity for sally. I always wondered what would happen if I were to plant a stand of sally up in the temperate cloud forests of the Springbrook plateau (around 1000m elevation). Obviously not the greatest idea as far as introducing a non native species to a national park but as a thought experiment it'd be interesting to see if she'd thrive in those conditions. Probably the closest she'd get in the SE QLD/NNSW area to the sierra mazateca. The closest I got to success with sally was when I got a plant that already was established somewhat. Didn't have any luck whatsoever if I had to establish it myself.
  2. InnerPathsToOuterSpace

    salvia docco tonight sbs2

    Hey Sal, That's me! I tried numerous times to grow sally and she inevitably keeled over and died on me. I tried at least 3-4 times, haha. Always was in spring going into summer and I couldn't maintain her with the jump between super hot days to mild weather in my neck of the woods (coastal Northern NSW). I'm admittedly a total novice greenthumb (more like brown thumb). T'was a bummer as I almost always had great experiences with the plain leaf and home made tincture, the plain leaf that SAB was selling when it was legal during a legal loophole in 2013 was potent stuff!
  3. InnerPathsToOuterSpace

    salvia docco tonight sbs2

    Hey od101010, The ads at the start ran fine but not the program itself which I found odd. I'll check if it might be ad blocker related anyway, thanks mate!
  4. InnerPathsToOuterSpace

    salvia docco tonight sbs2

    I watched this one a few months back when someone uploaded to youtube and thoroughly enjoyed it. Hamilton did justice to this wonderful herb and showed it in the best possible light, I definitely agree that buccal/sublingual is the most therapeutic route with Salvia. On another note, I can't get the videos to play in sbs on demand past the ads in either safari or chrome, it goes to play and then jumps back to the initial screen
  5. InnerPathsToOuterSpace

    The Stratocaster,a personal history.

    Hey Sal, I should have a spare saddle that's floating around in my pile of parts that you can have. PM me your address and I'll send it in a standard old envelope for you.
  6. InnerPathsToOuterSpace

    The Stratocaster,a personal history.

    I've gotten a few different chinese made fender knock off parts off ebay. I made a strat out of mighty mite parts, from memory the neck was a bit over $100 and the body was in the $200 range. Factor in hardware and pickups and the price gets higher but the basic neck and body I'd put on par with Squier quality. I've also taken a gamble on total no name stuff, one neck I had to send back because it was warped (probably made from wood that wasn't dried properly), another I had to basically learn how to do a fret level, fret dress and sand back the neck profile to make it play good. Those were sub $100 price range from memory and are more of a gamble and probably won't play nice until some work has been put in. Can't go wrong with Mighty Mite and All Parts for partsacaster/chinacaster guitars but will be more spendy. Go all out on Warmoth and you'll have a guitar that will rival an US fender but probably end up costing over a grand. Hope this helps at least P.S. Edit: I see 2nd hand SX brand strat copies in Cash Converters all the time and they always seem to be of decent quality and a lot of the time are anywhere from $75 to $150. Could make a cool project by taking it apart and upgrading and modifying.
  7. InnerPathsToOuterSpace

    The Stratocaster,a personal history.

    It's a squier super-sonic (made in Japan at the Fender factory back in the 90's). It has two humbuckers so kind of hard to compare to a strats singe coils tone wise. The shorter scale doesn't seem to affect tone, I put heavier gauge strings on which helps too. Keen to hear how your cigar boxes turn out
  8. InnerPathsToOuterSpace

    The Stratocaster,a personal history.

    I'm a guitar teacher by trade, your 10 year old might be fine with a full scale length, I've taught 10 year olds with full scale guitars before. Some chords can be a bit of a stretch but if you're in open tuning then I don't see a problem. Maybe go shorter for your 8 year old I reckon. I have a shorter scale fender guitar in my collection that is 24", that might be a good compromise without losing too much tone. Maybe even 22"? That's just my humble opinion, I hope that helps Sallubrious
  9. InnerPathsToOuterSpace

    Fear And Loathing, favourite quotes

    "Ah, devil ether. It makes you behave like the village drunkard in some early Irish novel. Total loss of all basic motor function. Blurred vision, no balance, numb tongue. The mind recoils in horror, unable to communicate with the spinal column."
  10. InnerPathsToOuterSpace

    The Stratocaster,a personal history.

    Here you go Horus. The neck is off a 50's road worn strat and the body is off a highway one strat so she's a mongrel. Super thin nitro finish, it basically flakes away if you look at it the wrong way. The neck has really nice V profile and I chucked a seymour duncan JB jnr into the bridge position for more grunt. You can't see the crack in the photo, it runs from the top of the trem cavity all the way to the neck pocket and on both front and back of the body. Nothing wood glue and some overnight clamping couldn't fix, I'm actually fairly careful with her these days as no other strat I have sounds as good. Real nice resonance when played acoustically which translates wonderfully when plugged in, especially running straight into my 64' BF Bassman. That's awesome that your daughter met Kawabata, such a guru of cosmic sound!
  11. InnerPathsToOuterSpace

    The Stratocaster,a personal history.

    Yes, another Acid Mothers Temple fan! The hour long version of "Pink Lady Lemonade" off of "Do Whatever You Want..." is one of my all time favourite tracks, Kawabata is an animal. I have a couple of well abused strats, my main one has a repaired crack that runs all the way through the body but none of my others sound as good as the busted up black strat that I call my main guitar.
  12. InnerPathsToOuterSpace

    Proposed change to DMT legislation in Australia

    Interesting! Will be very interested in the outcome of this. At least a small step in the right direction.
  13. InnerPathsToOuterSpace

    Any best way to prune back my caapi?

    Haha, good one d00d! I'll just prune away at the upper extremities that are going ape shit in the canopy above. Anything with woody vine/not green sections is fair game to make cuttings out of yeah?
  14. InnerPathsToOuterSpace

    Any best way to prune back my caapi?

    Hi all, I am looking to prune back my caapi before winter hits and an online search hasn't given me any definitive answers. Is there any best way to prune my girl back, she's gone off over summer in the ground and has invaded all the surrounding plants in my garden pretty good through lack of diligence on my part Thanks for reading guys!
  15. Crazy, something similar to this happened to me in my late teens/early twenties. I awoke whilst I was in mid flight off my bed running across the room to escape a large spider that was chasing me from its web. I stood there on the other side of the room scratching my head and WTF'ing for several moments and I always wondered what the hell that was. Other weird things is psychic moments with people close to me... One afternoon as kids on holiday with my best friend and his family, it was just him and me sitting in silence in our tent at a caravan park. We'd been sitting there wordless for at least 15 minutes when out of the blue we both started singing John Lennon's "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" at the exact same moment! After we sang the first few words we stopped and just stared at each other dumb founded with jaws on the floor. Really weird. Another time this happened I was talking on the phone to my future wife to be and I was trying to make a point about moving away to the other side of the world. I said "Well I might as well move to..." I paused for a bit to think of a random place, and at the very same moment the name of the town came to my head she blurted out "Broome!" with me once again dumbfounded and WTF'ing that she said the same exact thing I thought at the exact same moment I thought of it. Life is weirder than we can even start to imagine.