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  2. interesting. but OTOH if you're in an "altered state" all the time then it's not really an altered state, but rather normal waking reality. how do you know something like this didn't happen in the past and the ancestors of humans had a vastly different perception to our own and we are in fact in a psychedlic state compared to how they perceived reality? medication is only necessary if people have a problem with how they experience reality. and if a permanently altered perception were to occur i rather think we would adapt fairly quickly and incorporate these new states into our normal perception.
  3. DiscoStu

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    could orbiting black holes account for periodic micronova?
  4. jordan peterson had a series of old testament lectures which look at the symbolism of adam and eve etc. also jonathan pageau on youtube is a good watch exploring the symbolism of various things
  5. can anyone cite any actual research on this? the wiki page for interesting acacias reference "Net reports" but the thread on the nexus i found with the person who apparetly edited the wiki page seemed to edit the reference to net reports which were incorrectly attributing another research paper to this plant. so looks like a case of (incorrectly) cirular referencing. just wondering if theres actual research on this?
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    https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-09-05/major-university-study-finds-fire-did-not-bring-down-tower-7-911 ruh roh
  7. DiscoStu

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    either all these ancients thought the equinoctial procession was incredibly important for some reason, or all these modern researchers are interpreting this stuff in a very biased manner