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  1. DiscoStu

    Youtube vids

    imo if prediluvian sea levels were much much lower than today, then it stands to reason that you would find megalithic ruins off the coast of many countries
  2. DiscoStu

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  3. DiscoStu

    Meet up: Melbourne

    nice day for it. will be in about 1pm or so maybe
  4. DiscoStu

    Youtube vids

  5. DiscoStu

    Frost tolerant Trichocereus?

    we get some frosts here in melb (usually a few mornings touching 0 or so), my plants have never had a problem. usually plants will turn to mush if you have them too wet and you should be keeping them relatively dry during winter any way (and preferably unnder some cover). but we're not as bad as tas or NZ so YMMV
  6. DiscoStu

    The Random Thread.

    is the burckle crater involved in the Noah's flood myth or do you think that's the younger dryas impact event? certainly i'd say the latter had more of a devastating impact than the former. given Noah's flood myth involves basically all life on earth being wiped out probably something as large scale as Y.D. would be a better candidate.
  7. DiscoStu

    Meet up: Melbourne

    i'll trade you a cactus seedling for a brug if you're interested
  8. DiscoStu

    Youtube vids

    what cactus is that?
  9. DiscoStu

    Youtube vids

    EPIC!!! the ending to this will BLOW YOUR MIND!
  10. DiscoStu

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    an argument in favour of the idea "the universe is consciousness"
  11. DiscoStu

    The Random Thread.

  12. DiscoStu

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    stop consuming media
  13. DiscoStu

    Youtube vids

    “It will lead to a reduction in long-distance travel and short-distance commute,” writes Egor Zakharov. “It will democratize education, and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. It will distribute jobs more fairly and uniformly around the World. It will better connect relatives and friends separated by distance.” what the fuck does that even mean?
  14. DiscoStu

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