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  1. DiscoStu

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  2. but in all seriousness i've been thinking about this. and all this is based off no research other than watching a few you tube videos so take it for what you will but i imagine it would be like trying to see some branwaive entrainment type stuff between two resonant bodies (brains) so we know magnetic stimuli influence thoughts (Persingers helmet i.e.) and we know thoughts manifest as electrical signals ( if you want to believe Scientists! know what they're talking about. and by scientist i mean materialists.) and electrical signals generate magnetic fields so maybe "telepathy" is like a kind of magnetic brain entrainment? so the question is how to measure that, and which subjects to choose. i guess you would want to choose 2 people who intimately know each other as they would be relative in tune already and would need to take place in a faraday cage so it's a question of how do you measure a thought? thats the basic premise anyway. more just a thought experiment than an actual plan ;)
  3. just like "everything that's proved by Science! is real" I guess
  4. by telepathy i mean reading/hearing other peoples thoughts. not so much empaths but genuinely knowing what another is thinking. i guess i will include knowing an occurrence/presence of another human, but i want to know if you believe it exists in the more literal sense
  5. DiscoStu

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  6. DiscoStu

    What have you learnt?

    consciousness is not something localised to human brains
  7. DiscoStu

    Youtube vids

    interesting he mentios a brown dwarf companion could cause a micronova , and some theories of the cause of the procession of the equinoxes could be better explained by a brown dwarf binary companion
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  9. DiscoStu

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  10. DiscoStu

    New Zealand Skeletons in the Cupboard The Redheads

    is there actually any dna evidence though? i was looking at kennewick man the other day and apparently the dna testing done on it revealed no links to polynesians (as was the original hypothesis). it would be an interesting explanation why a 10,000 year old ancestor has no genetic links but a 2000 year old ancestors do?
  11. DiscoStu

    Youtube vids

    i want you to imagine nano smart dust that someone has inhaled, and it's now interfaced with their mind and they can then control swarms of nano smart dust just with their mind. and make this nano dust fly into peoples orifices like their nose or ears and literally just melt their brain on the spot, then fly back out through their ears, no longer science fiction
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