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  1. Cubism

    Your Tax Dollars at Work - WA

    Just out of curiosity, can I ask if you've ever spent any amount of time living around nannup or nearby? Not holidaying or shroom raids, I mean interacting with the community? You know, those people who actually live there? Just my experiences and opinions though. It's good to think of both sides to the debate. Regardless whether cops are cunts or not, it's not all police vs shroomers. The police are just the public face of a whole community. Of course, my opinion is no more valid than any others. An FYI the patch where they found the guy is crown land. I've even met a couple of the forestry workers from there. I'm pretty sure police don't go on random patrols through private property. EDIT - sorry I meant patrol private property as in it belongs to an individual owner private, rather than it actually being private property of the Crown, if that makes more sense.
  2. Cubism

    Your Tax Dollars at Work - WA

    Cheers eth. Yeah I'm not a huge fan of police, nor dickheads. Not really a fan of humans in general :~ but that's a whole nother story (but dogs man, dogs are really fucken cool). Ahhh 1st World problems haha,... true for sure... Still gotta love a good whinge though
  3. Cubism

    Your Tax Dollars at Work - WA

    Yeah this video doesn't let truth get in the way of a good story but... ...our property is 10 minutes from this patch and I know the larger area reasonably well. As usual the problem is the usual dicks that ruin it for everyone. I was there last year when the backpacker went missing for a few days. Obviously the whole story about tripping for 4 days and driving 3 hours to Perth to sell his car and back is bullshit. He did go missing in the middle of winter for several nights after not having a clue what he was doing and eating too many shrooms than he could handle. This used lots of police and other services time and money better spent elsewhere rather than on some idiot who just wanted to get off his chops. No surprise cops are pissed off. All the better known patches in the area have been completely trashed by similar dickheads. All of the patches are covered in rubbish - beer cans, bags of waste, shit and toilet paper and even abandoned tents, esky etc. This is the behaviour that really gives not just cops but also locals, shroomers and not, the shits. Talk of people sitting in the middle of town tripping balls and being ass holes in general are absolutely true, as with Balingup. Nannup is a fairly close knit community, about half mill workers bringing up families, half retirees plus a few alternative folk into things like yoga and other healing stuff. A few locals go shrooming but it's an overwhelming minority. Nannup is nothing like surrounding towns in the SW with all the tourists, crowds, shops and sea change crowd. So yeah the video is way over the top (ABC or not it's still the news) but nothing really when compared to the way people from outside treat this area and communities. Fair enough there's blatantly wrong information in it, but few people outside of researchers or niche communities such as ours here are interested in or understand psychedelics as medicine, and reporters and police aren't scientists. Doesn't mean propagating wrong information is OK but ultimately this comes down to the same old story - ass holes with no respect ruining it for everyone else. I know this opinion might not be popular with everyone but as a sometime local in Nannup, the problem isn't police or media, its overwhelmingly the result of dickheads with no concept of respect, for flora, fauna or communities.
  4. Hi do you know much about ephedra sinica. 


  5. Cubism

    My Kratom warning.

    Don't beat ya self up about it mate. We've all let things get a bit out of hand. Think of it this way, if by telling your story just one person doesn't have a similar experience then you've turned an unfortunate experience into a fucken good deed. Onwards and upwards my man
  6. Cubism

    My Kratom warning.

    Jesus that's a hardcore story Mr BC. Never tried kratom but will definitely heed your warning. Hope the tc seizure was a one off and all the best with the kratom taper. It sounds like you have a great attitude towards getting off it, I'm sure you'll pull through and come out on top bro. Take care mate.
  7. Cubism


    If you're happy to go with bunnings then I saw some comfrey today at the subiaco store.
  8. Your in Perth too aren't ya mate? Might be interested in the narrow leaf khat. How much are you wanting to get for it?
  9. Cubism

    Trichocereus Monstrose Crest

    Nice plant man. Just out of curiosity, is it a TBMC, or did it grow off a normal TBM?
  10. Cubism

    Watch this space

    The paper is open access so here's the link if anyone is interested https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6663976/
  11. Thanks Etho. Just got mine this arvo. Cheers for the awesome giveaway mate
  12. Ah yes please Etho. Awesome giveaway...thanks dude! Will pm my deets now. Cheers
  13. Cubism

    has anyone used Coconut Water for cacti?

    This thread has a little bit of information. There might be more threads here too, I just couldn't be arsed searching through more than a couple of pages of results using 'coconut' in the search function.
  14. Cubism

    Courtii Seed

    Yep. I missed out.
  15. Cubism

    Lagochilus inebrians revisit

    There's some extract on ebay if you want to try your luck with that. Supposedly 200x extract. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223348103560