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  1. Cubism

    australias original languages

    Can you get in touch with some local elders or community organisations? I remember hearing there's some Noongar language stuff going on here in the west. Maybe there's something near you? Or maybe check out the linguistics department at a local uni to point you in the right direction? There's one guy at UWA I know of who's been working with the Arrente people in Central Australia for decades. Might be worth a try?
  2. Cubism

    ahh a post a did not want to be making...

    Geez dude, sounds pretty rough. Super happy to hear your getting some good help though. Often easier said than done but don't forget to be kind to yourself too. Wishing you all the best.
  3. Cubism

    Fluffy bunny rabbits

    This isn't elaborating on the statistics. I just want to know what you're talking about. Maybe your talking about descriptive statistics???? How do they test all cause mortality rates versus now vs before covid? What statistical test??? And yes all statistics are meaningless out of context. That's exactly what I already said to you (I do appreciate you reinforcing my point though, as it is a very important one). For ease of reading I quoted myself below for you. I've quoted myself again for you too, to answer you statement about me not stating what a 'clinically meaningful outcome is. Apologies for not making it clearer though as I often forget that not everyone understands abstract terms I hear or read almost every day. So, that is an example of clinically meaningful outcomes, albeit a pretty basic (and vague and crappy) one. Try this, a group of patients with 'physical disorder B' report that their quality of life is extremely poor and they can no longer deal with their symptoms without serious psychological distress. They are given 'intervention X' and following 'N' amount of weeks of treatment they report that their symptoms are still extreme, but psychologically they have improved and they now have an improved quality of life. Depression ratings have improved and all patients report a reduction in suicidal ideation. The assessment of this improvement fails to meet statistical significance, but as they are experiencing a much reduced level of distress, they report their life is now a much better experience, hence a clinically meaningful outcome. What you have said here has absolutely nothing to do with clinically meaningful outcomes. It's ok to admit you don't understand something. I don't understand a lot of the stuff you post, so I ask for you to explain it, because I'm happy to admit I don't understand. An example being asking you about the statistics you keep mentioning. I don't understand what your referring to with all the 'statistically meaningless' statements, so I asked. It would be really awesome if you could explain it for me though, as it certainly interests me, but I just don't understand what you're referring to, and your replies have not explained it. It's just that saying 'all cause mortality rates', 'Daniel Andrews is spouting...' really is meaningless in terms of what I was asking, and doesn't actually say anything about statistics in itself. To be honest, I know nothing about almost everything, but I do know about medical research. BTW, for full transparency, yes I am in medical research, and I am based in a hospital. I have no money, no assets, no preferrential treatment by governments, big pharma etc, and have no idea how I can exploit my knowledge for personal gain. Neither do any of the academics or physicians I know, outside of their paychecks. Yes, physicians often get approached by big pharma about getting incentives, conference trips, pushing drugs on them etc. Outside of GPs, I have not met an academic or physician that is not disgusted by this. My experience is with public health though, not private practice, so whatever happens in the private medical sector I can't comment on. In fact academics and public health physicians (and nurses of course, I definitely shouldn't forget to mention nurses), they all work ridiculous hours, far more than they are paid for, and get little to know recognition or even a 'thank you' for that work. They all have lives, family, children, bills, health problems, mortgages etc., the same problems every 1st world person has to deal with, but how often is this recognised in the public forum. I also know about how to critically assess claims of statistical significance, appropriate use of statistical tests in different settings and appropriate forms of data cleansing and analysis, and how to elucidate statements about statistics clearly without misdirection. Finally, can you please provide some further, hard evidence of this? If I understood it correctly, the document Amazonion posted suggests the opposite. If you're indeed correct, this is really serious and certainly warrants concern and further investigation, but it's hard to accept without some evidence (such as Amazonions post). It would be really helpful, and I'd be extremely thankful, if you could provide documented evidence for me to support your claim. However, I don't watch youtube, bitchute or any other of the internet video platforms. It's just not my cup of tea, so documented evidence would be awesome if you can supply it. This is an just attempt to understand that which I clearly don't, I'm not trying to start a shit fight with you. After all, I completely agree with what you said about both sides of the story. That's what I am aiming for, understanding your side. All the best mate.
  4. Cubism

    Fluffy bunny rabbits

    Cmon Sally, if you made 'concessions' for me for whatever reason I'd hate to see what an unconstrained response would be. I simply attempted to fact check your pcr claim. If this is a discussion forum, and you start a discussion, you really have to be ready to consider alternative opinions. Otherwise its not a discussion. What I would like to ask though, all in good spirit of course, is if you could elaborate on these statistics. All statistics are meaningless when used with no context. Are we talking probabilistic, bayesian, or some other form? We use somewhat more abstract models in our lab such as permutation tests and latent factor analysis, w are often far more robust. This isn't a challenge though mate, it's a legit que from a stats nerd. In medicine perhaps the most relevant indicator is 'clinically meaningful outcomes' as in if an intervention stops someone dying that would be clinically meaningful. There's often far more important factors than simple significance testing. Again, this is a legit question, I honestly don't care about the theme of this thread, I just like to understand things better, which is what discussion is all about.
  5. Cubism

    Fluffy bunny rabbits

    All good Sally. Certainly not trying to offend or am offended myself. It's all just opinions after all.
  6. Cubism


    Cheers for the info humboldt really helpful for getting me started. Will try and remember to let you know how the camera goes once I get a crack at it.
  7. Cubism


    I just bought one like this but for nikon. The t ring goes on your camera instead of a lens and the adapter screws onto it. Just have to make sure that the t ring is the correct one for your camera I think. Will check out darktable and stellarium too. Thanks for that mate.
  8. Cubism

    Fluffy bunny rabbits

    If there's no viral dna (or cat dna) then there would be nothing to amplify other than human dna (and of course whatever other viruses etc may be present). So unless there's 15000000+ instances of covid lab contamination worldwide, this view just doesn't stand up to scrutiny.
  9. Cubism


    Great thread man! I just bought my first ever dSLR at the start of this year. Just an entry level Nikon and a few cheap Nikkor lenses. Only actually realised I could take photos of the milky way a couple of months ago and have been loving the few times I've actually got around to it. Just bought an adapter to stick the camera on my old mans telescope too but It's a few hours away so haven't had a chance to try yet. Humboldt, how long have you had your telescope? Is it much of a learning curve? I honestly know nothing about it at this stage. Rings of Saturn sounds really cool. Have you been able to get any pics through your telescope? Would love to see any if you do. Here's a pic of the milky way I did. Nothing fantastic but I'm pretty happy with it being my first real attempt. Was originally around 70mb so has lost a bit of the quality I think. Using the 500 rule and with my cheap lens and camera I can only do around 12 second exposures before I get star trails. But I tried stacking about 30 pics using DeepSkyStacker and it improved it a bit, and it's free open source software which is cool too. There's some other good open source software I used too. digiCamControl was good for controlling the camera for using the bulb setting, taking a long series of photos etc, and also has it's own astrophotography section that's just a few options to choose and then shoot away. Also have been trying RawTherapee for editing RAW files but at this point I haven't got a clue what I'm doing.
  10. Cubism

    Your Tax Dollars at Work - WA

    Just out of curiosity, can I ask if you've ever spent any amount of time living around nannup or nearby? Not holidaying or shroom raids, I mean interacting with the community? You know, those people who actually live there? Just my experiences and opinions though. It's good to think of both sides to the debate. Regardless whether cops are cunts or not, it's not all police vs shroomers. The police are just the public face of a whole community. Of course, my opinion is no more valid than any others. An FYI the patch where they found the guy is crown land. I've even met a couple of the forestry workers from there. I'm pretty sure police don't go on random patrols through private property. EDIT - sorry I meant patrol private property as in it belongs to an individual owner private, rather than it actually being private property of the Crown, if that makes more sense.
  11. Cubism

    Your Tax Dollars at Work - WA

    Cheers eth. Yeah I'm not a huge fan of police, nor dickheads. Not really a fan of humans in general :~ but that's a whole nother story (but dogs man, dogs are really fucken cool). Ahhh 1st World problems haha,... true for sure... Still gotta love a good whinge though
  12. Cubism

    Your Tax Dollars at Work - WA

    Yeah this video doesn't let truth get in the way of a good story but... ...our property is 10 minutes from this patch and I know the larger area reasonably well. As usual the problem is the usual dicks that ruin it for everyone. I was there last year when the backpacker went missing for a few days. Obviously the whole story about tripping for 4 days and driving 3 hours to Perth to sell his car and back is bullshit. He did go missing in the middle of winter for several nights after not having a clue what he was doing and eating too many shrooms than he could handle. This used lots of police and other services time and money better spent elsewhere rather than on some idiot who just wanted to get off his chops. No surprise cops are pissed off. All the better known patches in the area have been completely trashed by similar dickheads. All of the patches are covered in rubbish - beer cans, bags of waste, shit and toilet paper and even abandoned tents, esky etc. This is the behaviour that really gives not just cops but also locals, shroomers and not, the shits. Talk of people sitting in the middle of town tripping balls and being ass holes in general are absolutely true, as with Balingup. Nannup is a fairly close knit community, about half mill workers bringing up families, half retirees plus a few alternative folk into things like yoga and other healing stuff. A few locals go shrooming but it's an overwhelming minority. Nannup is nothing like surrounding towns in the SW with all the tourists, crowds, shops and sea change crowd. So yeah the video is way over the top (ABC or not it's still the news) but nothing really when compared to the way people from outside treat this area and communities. Fair enough there's blatantly wrong information in it, but few people outside of researchers or niche communities such as ours here are interested in or understand psychedelics as medicine, and reporters and police aren't scientists. Doesn't mean propagating wrong information is OK but ultimately this comes down to the same old story - ass holes with no respect ruining it for everyone else. I know this opinion might not be popular with everyone but as a sometime local in Nannup, the problem isn't police or media, its overwhelmingly the result of dickheads with no concept of respect, for flora, fauna or communities.
  13. Hi do you know much about ephedra sinica. 


  14. Cubism

    My Kratom warning.

    Don't beat ya self up about it mate. We've all let things get a bit out of hand. Think of it this way, if by telling your story just one person doesn't have a similar experience then you've turned an unfortunate experience into a fucken good deed. Onwards and upwards my man
  15. Cubism

    My Kratom warning.

    Jesus that's a hardcore story Mr BC. Never tried kratom but will definitely heed your warning. Hope the tc seizure was a one off and all the best with the kratom taper. It sounds like you have a great attitude towards getting off it, I'm sure you'll pull through and come out on top bro. Take care mate.