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  1. Cubism

    My Kratom warning.

    Don't beat ya self up about it mate. We've all let things get a bit out of hand. Think of it this way, if by telling your story just one person doesn't have a similar experience then you've turned an unfortunate experience into a fucken good deed. Onwards and upwards my man
  2. Cubism

    My Kratom warning.

    Jesus that's a hardcore story Mr BC. Never tried kratom but will definitely heed your warning. Hope the tc seizure was a one off and all the best with the kratom taper. It sounds like you have a great attitude towards getting off it, I'm sure you'll pull through and come out on top bro. Take care mate.
  3. Cubism


    If you're happy to go with bunnings then I saw some comfrey today at the subiaco store.
  4. Your in Perth too aren't ya mate? Might be interested in the narrow leaf khat. How much are you wanting to get for it?
  5. Cubism

    Trichocereus Monstrose Crest

    Nice plant man. Just out of curiosity, is it a TBMC, or did it grow off a normal TBM?
  6. Cubism

    Watch this space

    The paper is open access so here's the link if anyone is interested https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6663976/
  7. Thanks Etho. Just got mine this arvo. Cheers for the awesome giveaway mate
  8. Ah yes please Etho. Awesome giveaway...thanks dude! Will pm my deets now. Cheers
  9. Cubism

    has anyone used Coconut Water for cacti?

    This thread has a little bit of information. There might be more threads here too, I just couldn't be arsed searching through more than a couple of pages of results using 'coconut' in the search function.
  10. Cubism

    Courtii Seed

    Yep. I missed out.
  11. Cubism

    Lagochilus inebrians revisit

    There's some extract on ebay if you want to try your luck with that. Supposedly 200x extract. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223348103560
  12. Cubism

    The Random Thread.

    It's also anti-emetic so helps with chemo related nausea. There's a drug called Nabilone which is a synthetic analogue of THC that has been prescribed (albeit in limited amounts) for decades for chemo patients in Australia.
  13. Cubism

    The Random Thread.

    Seems to be the way all these things go G. A lot of people both pro and anti at the extreme ends of the spectrum of beliefs about new use for drug X with the truth lying somewhere round the middle. Thing with the cannabis and cancer cure claims is no-one ever bothers to mention you can kill all cancers in vitro, and rodents have a far better immune system than humans. Sad thing is people pushing their more extreme beliefs about these things just polarise those who may possibly be inclined to accept there may be potential for benefits, and push those who are anti their beliefs even further to the extremes. Me, my lab mates and other researchers I know see the same thing happening with psychedelics...plenty of positive therapeutic potential, but people banging on about how they will solve everyone's problems just scare away people who are unsure what to believe, and further polarise those who are against spending money on psychedelic research.
  14. Cubism

    The Random Thread.

    Perhaps it was because he wasn't living in a Petrie dish or wasn't a rodent??? The following is from - Abrams, D. I., & Guzman, M. (2015). Cannabis in cancer care. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, 97(6), 575-586. Link to pdf - https://cloudfront.escholarship.org/dist/prd/content/qt6367m6vj/qt6367m6vj.pdf "Despite these impressive in vitro and animal model findings regarding the potential antitumor effects of cannabinoids, there is still no solid basis for ongoing claims by proponents of highly concentrated cannabis extracts or oils that these preparations can “cure cancer.” Increasing numbers of patients in North America are seeking oils high in THC and/or CBD due to testimonials that patients have used these preparations either topically to eradicate skin cancers or systemically to eliminate nonskin cancers. This has led to a number of patients seeking to forego or postpone potentially curative conventional cancer therapies in favor of self-medicating with high-potency cannabis oils. Many patients claiming to be cured of their cancers have used the products in addition to conventional cancer therapies, thus obfuscating the issue further. Although the in vitro and animal evidence is intriguing, there have not yet been any robust human studies investigating cannabis as an anticancer agent that would warrant advising patients to forego conventional therapy in favor of using a high-potency cannabis extract. Patients who choose to delay conventional therapies in the hopes of benefiting from a trial of cannabis oil against their cancer risk the possibility of having a potentially treatable cancer become incurable."
  15. Cubism

    CBD Derived from Hops!

    Your post prompted me to actually do some research and I agree, the whole hops CBD thing seems extremely dubious at best. The quality of the published paper seems extremely poor with almost no information in it.