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    Spirytual development, cosmic energies, herbalism, natural medicine, chemistry.

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  1. Anakinra

    Meet up: Melbourne

    okay great, so are we going to exchange a number to help us find ech other or we gonna wear some identificatio code? How guys would this work?
  2. Anakinra

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Hey folks, I'm new to Melbourne ( moved from NSW) and would like to come for meeting... can I pls ? when and where?
  3. Anakinra

    Corroboree Community Services

    I'm a Chemist and training to be Naturopath- I can help with chem science, some raw materials, equipment, preparation of medicines, health concerns, nutrition, diet, food choices, supplements, etc. I was brought to this planet to serve, love and give Sydney area x
  4. Hi guys! I am very new to Australian plants.. I have come across 2 sp of this plant today. Both Northern beaches Sydney. I have no idea how to identify them if they not blooming. Maybe someone is willing to help me with the instructions and intro to Acacia world? In exchange I can offer some chemicals and lab equipment Picked today in Northern beaches same three: Same three Another sp found Central cost area
  5. Anakinra

    mimosa hostilis

    Sorry Sally you feel so frustrated. I hope universe will lighten up your feelings soon. x
  6. Anakinra

    mimosa hostilis

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and it seems like lost of interesting things going on here...unfortunately don't have time to read all posts... I wanted to ask if somene knows where can i get root of mimosa hostilis from? I mean buy? Thanks