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  1. How's all the trees going spooge ? So much inspiration in this thread
  2. Been doing a bit of art lately, am finding it fairly therapeutic and thought I would share some and start a thread for anyone wanting to share : )
  3. bardo

    Share your art

    That's bloody awesome glaukus, I would be super proud of that art : ) lol Sorry about the sideways pic
  4. bardo

    Cactii Garden

    With the scale all I do is walk around with a tooth brush every so often and when I see any I just scrub them off : )
  5. bardo

    Share your art

    There is nothing laugh at, cant go wrong with art and I think its looking good, dark and gloomy my favourite kinda art
  6. bardo


    Really great shots there Alchemica : )
  7. bardo

    The Random Thread.

    Sometimes I do some kinda strange things pretty randomly, tonight I felt like chatting with someone cause I was in an annoyingly chatty excited and slightly lonely mood, so somehow I got an idea in my head to enter made up mobile numbers in the phone and text them to see if I might get a response and what they may be. Sorry if I don't write this tale out very well and coherent but anyway, I started with the normal numbers for a mobile and just typed numbers and in sequences without much of any thought but somehow seemed to feel right lol I texted 10 or so numbers with different text messages all basically saying in different variants or ways, hello and explained what I was doing , that I was texting some numbers I randomly typed, acknowledging it is a bit strange and basically offered a strangers ear if they wanna chat, share some jokes or if they would like to get anything off there chest or share whatever and that type thing, then I would type something along the lines of anyhow whoever you are or might be or might be doing I hope you a good night and all the best, things like that and send off with variants or words to the like of, from a friendly random person doing a random thing. lol then I went even a little more weird but felt compelled to do it for reasons im not entirely sure of, but thought why not and felt a bit curious of who may be getting them and so on, I sent a couple more texts and without much of any thought or controlled consciousness spewed out a bunch of spun out words and sent without being 100% sure of what I wrote exactly or if it made much sense but yeh some strange compulsion lol I wrote - This is a little experiment of sorts First I will say briefly that I do not know with any certainty if experiences we have in life are random or deterministic or perhaps even both ? but I do like to believe or feel as though things happen for a reason known or not, and at least as a minimum I view us humans and life as creators and/or co creators of our and each others experiences etc. This is likely seen as a bit weird or strange and I guess it is but in saying all that and with all I have said in mind, I have now typed in a mobile number (your number) I made the number up at random or seemingly so depending on ones views or beliefs or interpretations or what no, and am not even sure if this will be received by anyone or not. But if you do receive and read this who ever you might be and whatever might be happening for you, I want to say I hope you all the best and hope for you (and all of us) to see all the best in and with whatever might be and all the best with all that has, is and will be for you. I don't know you or why exactly I have written this, but I have and that's pretty cool in a way lol, its cool to be alive and experience what we may, its cool to be able to do things at random without really knowing why or what effect we may have on each other or the future, but that's the power in which we all have, no matter what we do or not or how we interact we are affecting things, that's pretty cool I reckon and to come somewhat full circle, that's what I mean in us all being creators or co-creators of this experience. Not sure where that all came from lol but there's some thoughts shared, hope ya liked it or at least this strange encounter from a texting stranger has been interesting lol Again all the best stranger. Haha I wonder if any of them where received and read, I haven't had any responses yet haha
  8. bardo

    Cactus pics

    The G8 is a real beauty
  9. bardo


    What a beautiful collection, stunning stuff indeed : )
  10. bardo

    Share your art

    That's awesome stuff guys, I really like em both a lot The detail and care in that painting infinity is so very good, did you do it ? if so your like a pro : ) Glaukus, As infinity said im keen to see how its going to eventuate but damn man I would love to have that on the wall just the way it is, I feel from that art, there is emotion in it, I feel a kind of lonely but beautiful sadness from it.
  11. Hi, I have some nice chunky 30cm cuts of SS02 x Juuls giant available, 1 tip and 3 logs. $30 for the tip and $20 for the logs + postage, pm if interested : ) Will also be posting some more things up during the week : ) Update - all the sso2 x juuls are taken
  12. bardo

    Trichocereua cuts for sale

    Cool, no probs : )
  13. bardo

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    Yeh, make the most of every moment, live and let live, do all you want and remember all is transient anyhow
  14. bardo

    Trichocereua cuts for sale

    Out of those 3 only the semi monstrose is still available : )
  15. bardo


    beautiful : )
  16. bardo

    Trichocereua cuts for sale

    Thanks sharxx, The semi monstrose cut came to me without any labels or name other then bridgesii, so couldn't say any more then its a melty type bridge.
  17. bardo

    Free Trade Thread 2019

    Awesome ill take that thank you glaukus I will offer at least 12 cactus hybrid seedlings averaging 5cm + in size will post what ones in a short while : ) Ok so there will be 1x MB Scopulicola x Anakie, J2 X MB Scop, bridge BEN x terscheckii hybrid fields, PsychoO x hausca red, bridge TIG x yowie (small cutting), scop x bridge op, psychoO op, knuthianus dawsons x hausca red, Mb scop x J2, JS X Hahn, dawson's big blue terscheckii op + a couple of extras of some sort : ) Cheers
  18. Awesome collection : ) seems sad you are going to get rid of them
  19. I have some different things here if anything takes your intrest pm me : ) If you are anywhere near Brisbane it appears gunfighter has some free things available here, don't know if any are named but rare to go wrong with any bridge : )
  20. bardo

    Trichocereua cuts for sale

    Pachanoi monstrose x Huacabamba, 30cm tip $30 and a 24cm log $20 + postage Pachanoi x peru 20cm tip $16 + postage Yowie 14cm tip/pup $12 + postage knuthianus 30cm tip $15 + postage Update - Pachanoi monstrose x Huacabamba log and yowie have been claimed
  21. bardo

    Trichocereua cuts for sale

    some more cuttings - Bridgesii Con, 29cm tip $29 and a 29cm log $20 + postage Bridgesii Hans, 24cm tip $24 Semi monstrose bridgesii, 28cm tip $28 + postage Update - the con log and tip as well as hans have been claimed
  22. bardo

    Trichocereua cuts for sale

    sorry Macca it has already been claimed, the two logs on the left side in the first photo are still available
  23. bardo

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    If we together or as an individual try solve the problem peacefully and succeed then we can be proud and positive of that achievement, if we/I/you try solve it peacefully and fail we/I/you can die with some dignity and integrity. If we mass murder billions what do we live and die with ?
  24. bardo

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    lol settle down paradox, its just a bit of mass murder, its all good When ethnoob says 'we then have to consider the reasons why certain people should live or die' just gotta hope you are apart of the we or found worthy of living by the we lol I wonder what the criteria would be to make such a decision/s, maybe people with disabilities and on the dole can be the first round, then the criminals, then anyone who apposes or disagrees with the new order and there decisions, also bomb all 3 world countries while we are at it, then all the middle class folks who are docile and found worthy can be chipped and work in camps to farm and care for the chosen ones, the elite, and new gods can be created to justify all that's happened and everyone indoctrinated into the religion of servitude to the chosen ones. Yeh that sounds pretty good, I think that oughta do it. We can have death drones permanently scanning for anyone outside the safe zones and not indoctrinated so they don't have any chance to build up there numbers and challenge or threaten the new religion and cause trouble. We can call the outsiders the unmarked ones.