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    I have read this also in the Ringing Cedars Series, which is in my mind, one of the best set of books ever for explaining us, children, living, plants, animals, history, extra terrestrials etc. These energy sucking beings, can not live in the light emitted from human beings in love. So love everything in your home as you would like to be loved, try becoming one with your desk. Read these books and tell everyone about them. http://www.ringingcedars.com/ Good work Scarecrow and high vibrations to ya!
  2. woodwoman

    Staying off the radar

    I am not anonymous online and I have become slightly paranoid now! Thanks Rootkitshit! Go Anonymous http://youtu.be/gHRsFCZtG2Y Illuminati song by Anonymous is my new theme song. I often wonder if they are watching me but my common sense tells me, I am just not big enough to be watched full time, I am a low to medium risk so far, I reckon, but when I Inherit large sums of money or ruffle too many feathers too often, things might change. So I only send world-changing emails once every few months and I have begun to build my support base so if I disappear there will be a lot of people to ask questions. So the more that people take their power back, the more the controllers will have to contend with. I am sure they are already outnumbered and often outsmarted..
  3. woodwoman

    Write a rap

    Speed By Laura Davis 2009 Shoot that needle up your arm, it might do your baby harm. With all that poison in your veins, some must end up in it's brain. But who cares? No one will know, until they watch the baby grow. And if it dies, well what then? They'll have another maybe ten. Sure as shit it's happening, unfortunately to my friend. I hope she sees herself oneday and gives that filthy shit away.
  4. woodwoman

    why do tree's rule?

    We don't have any virgin woods around here , they have all been rooted! lol!
  5. woodwoman

    Tree Spirits

    I have also done ceremony for trees that are to be cut down, I feel like, they like a few days notice and any alternative options presented. So I say to the trees spirit, for example, as it differs slightly with each one. Hello, I am here because I need your help, I wish to cut you down for timber so I may create beautiful and functional things and I know this will displace you so I give you the options of 1)Staying with the timber to be adored all around the world, 2)Leaving this tree and entering another. 3)Returning to ether from whence you came. Please forgive me for asking you to choose, I will return in 3 days, so be it. This is said with words, emotions and imagination, slowly and considerately. I find that if trees have had the proper warning and preperations they are happy to be cut down and to stay with the wood. Hence Photos! And the energy around the tree felling is one of excitement, acceptance, delight, honour. I found I don't feel so good when watching a tree be cut down that has not been respected as a living entity or given options it feels more like a murder.. When I place my hands on a tree I will feel the energy pulsing, I have found realy old trees have a slower steady pulse and young vibrent trees have a fast, rushing pulse. Interestingly trees with a slow pulse are incredibly figured timbers. I do not tell many of my wood buddys about my tree spirit principles for fear of ridicule. However I expressed my ideas to a major logging operation in the Solomon Islands, who also understood these spiritual principles, but again feared ridicule and therefore does not practice what he knows in his heart is the right way. Instead he will remove all trees from the Solomons within a 10 year period and cause the community great problems. This is why we need to talk about it. Let us close the gap between man and plant, for we did not weave the web of life.
  6. woodwoman

    Mind Over Matter

    I have trouble believing anyone anymore and that is why I can only go on my own experiences. To date, after many interesting experiences, I have concluded 1 thing, " Whatever you believe, is, what is." this is a quote I made when I was 13 years old. It was the only rational explanation at the time. I have proved it right every day since. I have glimpsed the Mass mind, Nirvana, Emptyness, Miracle healing, the effects of Thoughts and Words. Yet recently it was brought to my atention by my ancestors that intention was most important as is displayed in Australian Aboriginal, cultural dances. "Let Your Intentions be known" just came to mind. But that's just what I believe.
  7. woodwoman

    why do tree's rule?

    Trees Rule Trees, store love energy and can give it back to us, when we are deficient.
  8. woodwoman

    Tree Spirits

    What is a Tree/Plant spirit? Have you encountered one and how? What did it look like? Can anyone hear talk with them?
  9. woodwoman

    Tree Spirits

    Buddha Slab Queensland Maple flindersia brayleyana salvaged after Cyclone Larry 2007, Atherton Tablelands, QLD. 1.5m wide x 1.5m Long x 70mm thick. It was a massive slab and the bark inclusion inside was the exact shape of buddha sitting in full lotus position. When he was first cut you could even see all the individual toes. he is surrounded by slightly differently coloured auric rings and a rope entering/exiting the heart area. I will keep looking for my other photos of buddha slab. Cheers!
  10. woodwoman

    Tree Spirits

    It is the root stump of a mango tree and so far it is stable but not durable in the weather like some other species. Had no idea about camphor wood getting you high, can you expand on this? as I have never had any effects like this. My recent research shows camphor cinnamonum camphora is likely to cause paralysis and seisures if to much exposure. It numbs the peripheral sensory nerves, affects brain and spine function but is mostly only good, externally, for lung conditions. ( A Modern Herbal, By Mrs M. Grieve, 1994)+ (Essential Oil Desk Reference, Fifth Edition. L.S.P.) I find breathing it irritating to my nose. Note: any oil that has been burnt (by fast saw blade) will not have the same effectiveness as an extracted pure oil/resin.
  11. woodwoman

    Tree Spirits

    Well wood spirits, if not tree spirits!
  12. woodwoman

    Tree Spirits

    This is Mango Root and It looks to me like too eyes at the top and an open mouth.
  13. woodwoman

    Tree Spirits

    Mango Man mangifera Indica from school grounds, woodford, QLD. Over 100 years old.
  14. We need approximately 5 acres to grow enough diversity of fruits nuts and veg to sustain a whole family. However with space saving ideas like roof gardens and hydroponics, a little less land may be required. My favourite, fastest growing most delicious plant for my survival garden is the pepino (solonaceae). followed by bamboo. Hardiest = Dragon fruit (Cacti)
  15. woodwoman

    why can't we all just get along

    Sounds like a song! That I would like to sing!
  16. woodwoman

    Coleus Blumei [2 Strains]

    I have this coleus growing wild in my garden in queensland, but it does not like the recent drought and has shrivelled a lot. I believe it has interesting chemical properties but the lack of extensive/reputable information reguarding this plant and it's uses has me still curious. Anyone know how to use it and what for?