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  1. Peter

    Sharxx blue cutting

    I would like to get a cutting of a sharxx blue. Anyone have it, and able to send it to europe? Thanks
  2. Peter

    Koehres seeds

    Thanks for the replies. Maybe some years later it will be easier to ID them I think growing from seed is a gamble, maybe its easier to buy mature cacti.
  3. Peter

    Koehres seeds

    Hi! I have ordered seeds from Koehres two times. They were labeled as pachanoi and peruvianus, so i had sown seeds from four different kind of bags. My seedlings are 1-2 years old. I have tried to group the similar ones together, becouse i havent labeled them. They look like cuzcoensis: I hope they are pachanoi or peruvianus: They are darker greens, with 8-9 ribs, and much wider than the others: My collection: Anyone can help me identifying them? They look like how pachanoi or peruvianus should be?