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  1. Weirdo

    Germinating finger limes

    finger limes are dead easy to germinate. I germinated about 50 seeds (100%). picked the fruit in the morning and sowed the seeds in pots that afternoon. seedlings poked through in a couple of weeks.
  2. Hi, Has anyone got any spare Nicotiana rustica for sale? If you do, please PM. Cheers
  3. Got a book from the library the other day on this very subject. Haven't read it yet but very curious. I start work tomorrow after being unemployed for 6 months, so when I'm financial I will definitely look seriously at aquaponic gardening. In the meantime I'll glean this thread for every bit of information I can use. Cheers
  4. Weirdo

    Sphagnum growing into hardwood cuttings

    Your cuttings should have roots by now. Check the cuttings to see if they are still alive by scraping away the outer bark with a finger nail on a small test area. If they are green underneath, they are alive. Sphagnum moss is not parasitic and does not have true roots. The root-like organs are probably just attaching to the cuttings for purchase and water absorption. They cannot harm live plants, but may penetrate dead and spongey plant tissue. I strike caapi cuttings in a glass of water so I can watch for developing roots without disturbing them.
  5. Weirdo

    Spring 2013 Cactus Buds & Flowers

    Hi GOT, those epiphyllums are just beautiful, I'll have to get some. Can you tell me the species of the Mammillaria in the photo on the bottom right please. I have grown one of those for several years. When I bought it, it was globular in shape but as it grew it became taller. As it grew even taller, it began to lean over and now is lying on it's side. It seems healthy but cannot support itself. Do you know if this is normal? cheers, Weirdo
  6. What does it matter? My puny intelligence cannot ever comprehend the complexities of our earthly existence. Why am I here?...... fuck knows. Is it all an illusion?..........fuck knows. If it is an illusion I guess it matters even less. If an illusion is too much for me to comprehend, is the 'truth', 'reality', 'existence' even further from my reach? I don't know and I don't care. I realise? that it is the 'human' condition to try to understand, to know the meaning of life, but as I will never know these things, the need to know is not important and I just don't care. The natural world (the universe) is enough for me to concern myself with whether it is an illusion or not. The concept of nature continually striving for total balance and observing the dynamics of that are more than enough to keep me occupied. I hope there is an 'afterlife' when my 'spirit' lives on......but if there isn't, then it won't matter and I won't care.
  7. Weirdo

    Garden insect ID thread

    leaf miners are particularly fond of members of the Rutaceae family e.g. Citrus, but do no real damage except disfigure a few leaves
  8. In It's day the catholic church was the true ruling power in Europe and the christian world. Kings bowed to their authority and warrior popes led their armies into battle against anyone who resisted the authority of the holy church. Only the clergy and the ruling echelon were educated, leaving the masses ignorant and easily manipulated and controlled. Herbalists and healers were deemed witches and agents of Satan and were tortured, raped, hanged, dismembered and burned alive for their heinous crimes against the holy mother church. These boys really knew how to party and invited every pedophile, rapist, sadist sicko motherfucker to enlist and indulge their pleasures in the name of god. The Spanish Inquisition was the best rave of all when any depraved punishment was fair treatment for non-believers. Yeah, the poor old christians really had a hard time fighting against oligarchy............NOT! The church WAS the oligarchy!!!!
  9. Weirdo

    show your MOvember

    El Guapo! Muy simpatico!!
  10. Weirdo

    Barretts Bush Walks [PIC HEAVY]

    love your photos Mate, I'm not a photographer but it seems to be paradise out there if you are one. No wonder your Dad went there as an artist. I've been toying with the idea of doing a tour out west and you have reinforced that idea. Good stuff, post more please. The last pic looks like the introduced tobacco Nicotiana glauca but I could be wrong of course. Cheers
  11. Weirdo

    native?? id pleaz!!!

    Looks like Brachychiton bidwillii. They have no thickened or caudiciform trunk and is a smallish tree or shrublike. The flowers look right and the occurrence matches the distribution.
  12. Weirdo

    Giveaway - 1 pack Manuka seed

    Is that the species that makes the honey useful in healing ulcers?
  13. Weirdo

    Law changes in NSW

    mutant my my you are an angry girl aren't you?