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  1. -RC-


    Fucking what?! Just look up mushrooms on the interweb machine for goodness sake! Intravenous?! That type of scenario is steroids for the "Drugs are bad" camp
  2. -RC-

    Watch this space

    So now you can get high and not get suspended from punching the shit out of someone else! https://7news.com.au/sport/ufc-wont-punish-fighters-for-marijuana-c-1960275
  3. -RC-

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    If you have given it a thought, defo get out there and have a look. You may be a day early or late, but you are highly likely to see something
  4. -RC-

    Panaeolus cyanescens?

    Cyans have more psilocin, which is much less stable than psilocybin, whilst cubes have more stable psilocybin than psilocin.
  5. -RC-

    Panaeolus cyanescens?

    Panaeolus cyanescens mate.
  6. -RC-


    Brown tree snake or carpet python?
  7. -RC-

    Harvest Ethics

    I have definitely considered this, but I have seen areas that were ridiculously flush one year and absolutely absent for years after, with no overharvesting whatsoever, and have heard this echoed anecdotally many times. I believe that mycelia will send up fruit if and when they see fit, and that just because you found them somewhere once is by no means a guarantee you will find them there again, regardless of conducive environmental conditions. They are very different to trees in that respect imo, and are largely invisible, and capable of developing into huge networks. If they have any modicum of consciousness then perhaps they pick and choose where they will reveal themselves, and perhaps even to whom...
  8. -RC-

    Unsure of some of this stash...

    What Glaukus said. You've got 9 or so old ones to be sure there - looks like they have seen some sun and rain for at least 2 days me thinks. More mature as you rightly say. Slice them down the middle to check for maggots in the cap where it meets the stem. The purple spore colour can be found on cubes that are in a clutch with others or straight up on their own as apparently they can somehow generate their own wind believe it or not, cbf finding a link to back that up though. Worth remembering that with cubes one of the most defining features is the veil remnant which is the dark fringe around the stem half to three-quarters of the way up. Always best to leave them in the ground if you are taking pics though, because of course no-one around here would actually ingest them
  9. -RC-

    Harvest Ethics

    I reckon mushrooms in particular are an offering of the mycelium. They are put up for reproductive purposes of course, but that spore release happens quickly, and then they are literally there for the taking. I think their internal dialogue is one which revolves around fishing metaphors in terms of nervous systems to play with edit: In terms of disturbing environs, etc. the mushrooms want their spores transported far and wide, so by simply being in their vicinity you are doing their bidding, so in their case I would say disturbance is necessary and perhaps invited to a certain extent, particularly given they can amend soil/colony damage fairly easily in most cases as it's in their nature to do so.
  10. -RC-

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Cheers mate! Found my first cubes of the season today, with still a smattering of pans in the shadows. A bit dry still though, but the heavens will open again next week, so look to the paddocks yo!
  11. -RC-

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Thanks man. Word of mouth is where it's at Got a couple of cyans the other day, but had a peek this morning and still need a couple of soaking days yet before those cubes start poking up around my way. Some old cubes and pans but: https://photos.app.goo.gl/hiYqbhUapFhEhBDs5
  12. -RC-

    Growing on my boat

    Aren't they called 'Green Grocers'?