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  1. Pie'oh'Pah

    Crest from a TBM

    Hello All After 5 or more years of growing Cacti one of my TBMs has sprouted a new pup unlike any before. A couple of question: Should I think about grafting Is this common Can I force this to occur Should I try to grow it on its own roots I'll put up some other photos for help with identification. If people in WA are interested I have heaps or Trichocereus Pachanoi and TBM for sale. Maybe even a few large buttons ;-). Wishing all my fellow growers. Kind Regards Pie
  2. Pie'oh'Pah

    Crest from a Monstrose

    Hello All Sorry it has been so long. A few houses and lot more phones and lost numbers. I never knew that the crests came from a TBM!!! If anyone is skilled in grafting contact me and you and graft your own button!! If I haven't been in contact msg me with you number. Heaps of stuff for free from seeds to cuttings. WA people are best off. All my love I think this place is the best!!! Kind Regards Pie
  3. great name! what a book...

  4. Pie'oh'Pah

    west aussie's trade and sell thread

    Hey Princesses Selling / Trading Lots of bridgesii, pach, pc pach n khat cuts Will include extras. Prefer whole plant to cuttings. Cuttings 100cm+ min order. Price's between .50 and $1.5 per cm. Wants. Sally Research chems Strange things Pickup nor ASAP
  5. Pie'oh'Pah

    505cms of Column Cactus

    Sold thanks for the interest
  6. Pie'oh'Pah

    505cms of Column Cactus

    Afternoon All I have 8 tip cuts 505cm+ (7 Trichocereus Pachanoi, 1 x Trichocereus Bridgesii) for sale. $250 for the lot. A few have sun spots on them. Some have a little bit of scale. I have a heap of rooted plants at $0.75 per cm. Pick-up only NOR Perth WA. Will chuck in some Catha Eduis (Khat) narrow and broad cuttings. Happy to trade a cutting or two for Red Khat. Kind Regards Pie Binder12.pdf
  7. Pie'oh'Pah

    Pimento and Incognito's ban

    Pimento is about the greatest guy I have met on this site. He is honest, thoughtful and genuine. It would be a detriment to both the site and other members if we were to lose him. We all have our own thoughts and methods for releasing them but isn't that the point of a forum? Hope this gets sorted amicably and we can all progress forward.
  8. Pie'oh'Pah

    Slops Bucket Auction

    Awesome work I had read stuff on micro loans before but never knew there was such a system in place. Your my personal buddha!
  9. Morning All Just completed some pruning today. ALL GONE The whole pack is $120 - pickup only. I have three tip cuts of Trichocereus Pachanoi: 80cm, 56cm, 54cm. A couple of sun spots and very minor scars. A few cuttings of Pereskiopsis and a small bag of Mustard Habanero. Perth WA NOR. PM me if your keen. Kind Regards Pie
  10. As a note coins are always the same weight and can be used to recalibrate scales if you think they are out.
  11. I agree....Super sexy just like you Pimento I love all the freaks
  12. Pie'oh'Pah

    Bali Magic Mushrooms

    You can buy anything in Bali. But one day the pay off from the police for a druggy whitey will be higher than your payment for "insert drug here:" and they'll hand your ass over. If your going to get anything use it quick and never ever keep anything in your hotel room (or strapped to your body like an asshole). Omelette's sound super tasty, just eat them onsite.
  13. Pie'oh'Pah

    Durian plant/seeds wanted

    sorry to hijack your topic but durian = for me And I have happily eaten stinky tofu
  14. Pie'oh'Pah

    Pricing Lophs

    Evening All I have some Lophs to sell locally and I wanted to determine value/price. Does anyone use a $ per cm as a guide? Or is there another method to decide? Thanks all. Peace Pie