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  1. What variety of choc Berry’s u got?
  2. don juan

    Butea superba

    Even just info of why there’s only monosperma seed and no superba seed would help I’m after info more than anything as there’s nothing on the net?
  3. don juan

    Butea superba

    Hello just wondering if anyone has any Butea superba seed for sale there seems to be a lot of monosperma for sale but no superba any help would be much appreciated thanks
  4. don juan

    Lophophora seeds

    I'm keen if still available mate
  5. don juan

    wanted: lophophora seed

    Check in the seeds for sale section man there's few people selling them
  6. don juan

    Loph seed 20$

    Hello do u still have any loph seed for sale?
  7. don juan

    khat seeds

    Thanks psiphi but am after the other 2 strains 😄
  8. don juan

    khat seeds

    hello all i am searching for khat seeds mostly pink,white,red if anyone has any and willing to sell them to me would be greatly thankfull cheers
  9. don juan

    khat seeds for sale

    anyone have any?
  10. don juan

    caapi and psyc cutting

    after those 2 cuttings if any has them to sell cheers
  11. don juan

    khat seeds

    good everning friends does anyone have any khat seeds to sell am after all different varietys not fussy thanks
  12. don juan

    ephedra seeds please :)

    good evening friends i am in need of ephedra major seeds does anyone have any they wish to sell? cheers
  13. don juan

    ephedra seeds please :)

    cheers dude yeah there are a lot of precious people on here haha
  14. don juan

    kratom legal?

    is kratom still illegal or is there a new loophole in australia?
  15. haya guys was wondering if anyone has had any luck having an outdoor lophophora garden i am interested to create such thing i am in sydney cheers
  16. don juan

    growing lophophora outside in sydney

    hmmm grafts you say thanks el presidente
  17. don juan

    new Psychoactive Panaeolus in Perth?

    anyone got any magic mushy spores for sale?
  18. don juan

    Sydney Meet

    ok thats cool got the wrong idea my bad.
  19. don juan

    Sydney Meet

    hay guys im new to the forum but have been into psychadelics for 8 years and i will definetly come and trip out maybe read some castenada to people...alright