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  1. sante

    papaver somniferum

    I would recommend against poppy seed tea as there is a problem about OD and toxicity there. Also you are right, its hard to know what is a safe amount but you would like you said start out small with the dried up poppy pod. I'm just curious and researching this as far as research into natural medicine and remedies for anxiety, depression and pain killing. Also I'm fully aware of addiction. So I guess one would just have to buy the seends, plant, harvest, consume to find out if they are any good I spose. I guess at least its the right genus and its not a tasmanian poppy, no a food grade product. Fwiw I'm not a youngin, don't drink booze so no fridge full of vb and no tatts. Thanks for your prompt reply!
  2. sante

    papaver somniferum

    Hey Guys, If one was to purchase any of the papaver somniferum seeds available here, would one be able to make opium tea from the poppy that is grown? Or is there a speicifc varitiey of papaver somniferum that you need for this that has any decent level of the required alkaloid? I appreciate its illegal to grow poppy for non floral reasons and I of course would never knowingly break the law. This is purely for research and educational reasons. To save incrimination, by all means send me a private message. Thanks Sante