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  1. Idon'tstudydinosaurs

    psychotria leaves not pupping

    I tried the bag method with carth and viridis. Carth was fine, sprouted pups within three months. Viridis sprouted roots about 5 months in, but then rotted completely. Patience is the key, as well as being able to keep the leaves at constant temp (too cool prevents growth and too high can increase likelihood of rot). I have found with my now mature carthagenesis (3 years old now) that the easiest propagation technique is to find the offshoots at the base of the plant- often they already have roots. I have also found taking decent cuttings works well- put into a cloning machine I get roots in about 4 weeks. The leaf method, although convenient and less stressful for the mother plant, is a game for patient people.
  2. Idon'tstudydinosaurs

    Meet up: Perth

    Sounds like a great idea. Have been a long-time lurker- have met a few of you in the past few years, but would love to meet more! I have had way too many extended periods away from the forum- life unfortunately gets in the way. Have a few things for trade and will also bring cash.
  3. Idon'tstudydinosaurs

    ID-found growing in fern from Bunnings

    I have also noticed that the bruising is not instant. It takes around half hour to turn blue. The substrate is also mostly woodchips,no manure has been used. Temps under the patio have been mild for summer (25-30C). They just keep popping up. Does this delayed bruising point to any species?
  4. Idon'tstudydinosaurs

    ID-found growing in fern from Bunnings

    next one that pops up I will take a print. The ones in the pot are past that stage unfortunately. The fern is Asplenium bulbiferum Hen.
  5. Idon'tstudydinosaurs

    ID-found growing in fern from Bunnings

    Any ideas? Blue bruising, length of 2-3cm, cap diameter 1-1.5cm. I bought the fern a few weeks ago and they keep popping up.
  6. Idon'tstudydinosaurs

    University Is Driving Me Insane And I See No Other Option

    That does not sound like any reputable university I would like to study at. If you aren't being challenged in the right way, change unis., you can apply to get advance standing for the units you have completed at your current institution if you transfer. Do what you enjoy, not what will "potentially" earn you the most money. I am studying a bachelor of science, majoring in environmental science and (as the name suggests) archaeology. If I had a dollar every time someone asked me what job I want at the end of it I would be a rich man. I have no job in mind, I just love studying the material. As long as the job at the end of it relates to either of my majors I will be a very happy guy. I think you also have to lower the expectations of what jobs you can enter into as a graduate. As zelly pointed out, you have to expect to start at the bottom. Just do what you enjoy; that is what life should be about.
  7. Idon'tstudydinosaurs

    Over 20metres of periscopsis, some 2metres tall free

    I hope it didn't end up in the skip...
  8. Idon'tstudydinosaurs

    Over 20metres of periscopsis, some 2metres tall free

    I don't need all of it, will leave some behind for others.
  9. Idon'tstudydinosaurs

    ID please, fat one.

    It's about 14cm diameter, very small spines. Cheers.
  10. Idon'tstudydinosaurs

    Mandrake cultivation discussion

    Hi, so I have a few Mandrake popping up. When is best to transplant into their final spot. When they have their first true leaves, or further than that? Cheers.
  11. meh. There's always a way. They did this in the UK, people will always find a way. They will eventually realise that the only solution to piracy is delivering content in a timely, affordable manner and getting rid of ridiculous and outdated international distribution deals that results in one country receiving content days, weeks, or months later. They keep referring to "ThePirateBay" and blocking the IPs of those websites. There is the realisation that ThePirateBay and many other sharing websites change IPs and location of their domain names daily in some cases, right? I can imagine the legal aspect of it all will be a complete nightmare also; so much ambiguous techno-jargon. VPN or proxy server anyone?
  12. Idon'tstudydinosaurs


  13. I think this article needs to be debunked. The author has done no research into the scholars she references, Lucija Tomljenovic really? I have quoted her bias, among her colleagues, in another thread. She has little credibility among genuinely respectful professionals, quoting articles written by herself and others spewing mis-information and deliberately chosen statistics: And global warming is caused by the decrease in the number of pirates or: Why an inorganic chemistry journal should not publish a vaccine epidemiology paper.http://scienceblogs.com/insolence/2011/12/08/and-global-warming-is-caused-by-the-decr/ There is bias in every aspect of science, you cannot escape that, you can only attempt to minimise it. If the author of the article would like to better highlight the apparent huge corruption in medical peer review, perhaps he or she should use more credible sources from people who are actually respected by the majority of the medical profession. Lucija Tomljenovic is far from it.