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  1. oncewhywechange

    Salvia D

    how good are chooks.
  2. oncewhywechange

    Herbal smoking blends base herb.

    damiana can be fussy, likes dry periods between watering, grow in a pot so you can move it around during the seasons.
  3. oncewhywechange

    Narrow leaf catha

    why cull ph? Its a good strain
  4. oncewhywechange

    Narrow leaf catha

    no they not. PH red narrow leaf has been around for years and peeps have been growing seed from this cross, resulting in many new types. best to get your seed stable before selling/giiveway. cloning is the best option
  5. oncewhywechange

    Bulk cactus wanted

    sent you a DM.
  6. oncewhywechange


  7. oncewhywechange


    Pictures will be available via DM.
  8. oncewhywechange

    Looking for land to store an unoccupied cabin

    Sorry to hear, have you asked your old boss?
  9. oncewhywechange

    Courtii Seed

    page down?
  10. oncewhywechange

    Is this Orange Rot? (lophs)

    14 days between the anti rot and the liquid copper. repeat
  11. oncewhywechange

    caapi care

    They drop leaf during the really cold months. you can give it a light prune now while it's dormant which will cause no harm. You can prune later in spring if needed.
  12. oncewhywechange

    long established graft having issues

    Not 100% sure but it looks like erwinia soft rot. peeps call it the orange rot that kills lophs. Whatever the pathogen name this is very contagious.
  13. oncewhywechange

    What is this and how do I treat it?

    killing the scale will not stop the fungal infection. You need to control both. @Glaukus mentioned a few methods in the above comment. You could also buy yates brand lime sulphur from bunnings. this stuff will kill your scale and will slow down or even kill the fungal infection. repeat in 14 days. this product can only be used in winter.
  14. oncewhywechange

    What is this and how do I treat it?

    scale yes , fungal yes. not phytophthora though. IMO the scale has caused a fungal attack by damaging the skin.