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  1. darkstar

    Ginger beer plant culture

    If you can't find a culture in Australia, or a just looking for a true GBP I can recommend: http://gingerbeerplant.net/buy.get-gbp.php In 2012 this company supplied me with a live culture of gelatinous grains that did produce a distinctively lactic acid ferment. Believe the culture they supply originates from a old German strain.
  2. Can anyone help me with ""Plectranthus amboinicus Variegatus" AKA "Qween of Herbs" AKA "five in one herb" It’s a succulent that has fuzzy serrated leaves and smells a bit like mint, I would guess that its a mint from its looks and smell. Apparantly it can help bronchitis, asthmas, coughs, stomach cramps and pain. Any info or links would help, As I’m interested in its active constituents and uses. Respect XXX.bmp
  3. darkstar

    M.Hostilis customs question

    Generally ionizing radiation busts up carbon links, the reactive ends react with free water (even if dehydrated, we’re talking molecular level) -CH2-CH2-CH2-CH=CH- ect… <<<<ZAP>>>> (ionizing radiation) -CH2-CH2: :CH2-CH=CH- (then H2O rocks up) -CH2-CH2OH CH3-CH=CH- OR -CH2-CH=O CH3OH-CH=CH- I don’t know how that will affect what your interested in, but I hope it helps. Respect
  4. http://www.australiantropicalfoods.com/exotic.html
  5. What a read, I love it ! I think you may have met yourself, the real test will be if she appears again in future experiences. respect
  6. Who is going to find a workable way of combining science and spirituality? The three forces that hold sway over humanity may simplified/broken-down into: Spirit - Religion, paranormal & scientifically unexplainable Technological - Science and Biological - The biosphere/ GAIA and our own physical bodies. It would appear that these forces are in conflict, fighting over the fate of humanity. I would also suggest that the times of change are at hand, Technological presence is exerting tremendous presser upon the living entity of earth. Religious extremisms is erupting, the spirit appears to be preparing for the quickening, but do not be distracted, my friends, a difficult task is at hand. Equilibrium must be obtained! Remember you too are organic, your spirit and soul may last an eternity, Discoveries and learning’s, immortalised and preserved for children of tomorrow, so they may stand up and see the sun. Please I beg, while you exit in the physical, show determination to survive and respect the past lessons learnt. We are a species in adolescence; we have to take responsibility before the decision is made for us. In the name of the gods Sol/sun/Ra. Energy, light & life, the heavy elements. GAIA/Earth/biosphere our environment and our physical form, our mother who we harm. Infinity/Fate/Lady-luck for chance and luck will be essential
  7. darkstar

    Killing Acacias

    Really don’t you think that the damaged cased by a small minority of “vandals and reckless harvesters” is minor compared to many other environmental issues? And there is that feedback control mechanism already mentioned, that it is illegal and therefore lack of low profile harvesting should thetically lead to punishments. I do know someone (no, not a coy way of not incriminating myself) who does do the said vandalism, with little remorse or consideration. Which I find strange as this individual is one of the louder proclaimers of injustices by government businesses ect.. But hey, humans are the most hypocritical creatures in existence.
  8. darkstar

    Drug Arrest Figures

    Someone could cross-reference that data against population of the states and territory’s, and then the severity of the sentience, and work out the relative risk of all the states & territory’s for a consumers/suppliers poison of choice. What you think?
  9. darkstar

    Man may be first person to beat HIV

    Don’t believe media hype: HIV-resistant Nairobi prostitutes have been known for years. Natural selection wins once again They are exposed, do have virions in there blood, but don’t become symptomatic. That classifies as “beating HIV” to me, but that’s a matter of opinion. Article: http://www.jci.org/cgi/content/full/107/3/...l&pmid=11160158 Abstract: Resistance to HIV infection in a small group of Kenyan sex workers is associated with CD8+-lymphocyte responses to HIV cytotoxic T-lymphocyte (CTL) epitopes. Eleven prostitutes meeting criteria for HIV resistance seroconverted between 1996 and 1999. The occurrence and specificity of preexisting HIV-1 epitope–specific responses were examined using the IFN- enzyme–linked immunospot assay, and any epitopes recognized were cloned and sequenced from the infecting viral isolate. Immunologic and behavioral variables were compared between late seroconverters and persistently uninfected sex worker controls. HIV-1 CTL epitope responses were present in four of six cases, 5–18 months before seroconversion, and their presence was confirmed by bulk CTL culture. A possible viral escape mutation was found in one of six epitopes. The key epidemiologic correlate of late seroconversion was a reduction in sex work over the preceding year. In persistently uninfected controls, a break from sex work was associated with a loss of HIV-specific CD8+ responses. Late seroconversion may occur in HIV-1–resistant sex workers despite preceding HIV-specific CD8+ responses. Seroconversion generally occurs in the absence of detectable CTL escape mutations and may relate to the waning of HIV-specific CD8+ responses due to reduced antigenic exposure.
  10. darkstar

    Terrorism related busts

  11. darkstar

    Terrorism related busts

    16 arrested in raids conducted by more than 400 police in Sydney and Melbourne. (9 arrested just in Melbourne; 7 in Sydney). Man shot in neck during raid at Green Valley in Sydney's south-west after first firing on police. The police chiefs of New South Wales and Victoria say the raids foiled a terrorist plot. The Muslim community has reacted with surprise at the raids. The media (a cameraman) where assaulted by four supporters of the men. The court has been told the group was committed to the notion of jihad, and had been recorded discussing bomb-making and martyrdom. "In terms of counter-terrorist, it's easily the biggest operation that's ever taken place in this country," Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon said. Now is not a good time to be a Muslim & be interested in fireworks
  12. darkstar

    indigenous opioid bark

    Plagiarise It’s why the good lord gave you eyes, Just remember, call it “research” research: There is anecdotal evidence from a group of Aboriginal people living in the Kimberley districts of North Western Australia that the bark of B. acutangula has potent analgesic properties. The bark is chewed to form a paste, which is applied externally to wounds, after which pain is said to be relieved quickly and the wound to heal rapidly. The presence of high concentrations of sapogenins has been reported from fruit, seeds,leaves,branch wood, heartwood and bark of B. acutangula Spectroscopic and chemical data led to the structure of one being assigned as 2,3,19-trihydroxy-olean-12-enedioic acid 28-O--D-glucopyranoside ACS link: http://pubs.acs.org/cgi-bin/article.cgi/jn.../np049741u.html Now all we need is someone with good id skills who lives in Kimberley districts of North Western Australia or near Lockhart River, east of Iron Range, Queensland, Mmmmm.... road trip This site is apparently selling B. acutangula flowers essence: http://www.essencesonline.com/AusBushmain.htm "This flowering tree grows beside fresh water creeks, billabongs, and swamps in the Northern Territory"
  13. darkstar

    Cocaine go-fasts

    Smuggling Go-fast boat
  14. darkstar

    indigenous opioid bark

    I would think a nice little windmill could get be an environmentally sound alternative to an electric pump, to cycle water, and a reed bed filter. Might be noisy, probably depends on the type of windmill. Some were else on this forum I distinctly remember someone stated that they had a “pet” mangrove in bucket of mud!
  15. Don’t rock the boat; As long as it floats we have a community and resources that could never be acquired by one individual’s work alone. Why jeopardise all that? There are countless sites and forums all over the net about illegal activates and rampant pharmaceutical abuse, I like the fact this forum is enlightened, civilized & will correct you if you accidentally mess up! (Rather than taking you down in flames ) Just like Torsten pointed out, there was some nasty fallout from the hive becoming rampant with incriminating evidence. And who really wants some misguided boys in blue, with a warrant, redecorating your place?