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  1. genki

    New member ? Come and introduce yourself

    Not exactly a new member but it's been quite a while since I've been around here so thought it appropriate to say hi again. Good to see some familiar names still around. I'll be largely lurking until the Uni year is done and I can devote some time to my neglected garden and other projects
  2. Happy Birthday genki!!!

  3. genki

    WTF EBAY!!

    i saw one kicking around at the market stage on the monday
  4. genki

    WTF EBAY!!

    there was someone running around in one of those at rainbow serpent this year.
  5. genki

    Gone too far or not far enough ?

    congratulations, i think that picture actually made me more gay.
  6. i think the pictures look fine, if you want to see skanky, dirty 'labs' look for images of american kitchen meth cooks
  7. genki

    Your current employment status

    studying full time and working 20-25 hours a week
  8. genki

    anyone near BLACKBURN SOUTH ?

    im at deakin uni in burwood (roughly next suburb) a minimum of 4 days a week. i don't drive but can do if for you as long as its something that is easy to cart around on public transport and they don't mind pick up mon-fri
  9. genki

    2010 Sub season

    subs are hygrophanous meaning the caps will change colour as they dry out. fresher mushrooms in wetter locations will usually have darker coloured caps. there is a huge amount of variation in the shape of subs in melbourne, someone who keeps more up to date with taxonomy might have more to say on the matter
  10. genki

    What kind of music do you like best for...?

    opiuo triple j set available for free download here you just have to sign up first
  11. not sure it often comes in waves, lets get things going again though VVVVVVV get a well calloused 20cm pachanoi mid section cut plus tripsis stuff (you'll need to get in contact with both of us) VVVVVVV
  12. genki

    E. pchanoi

    beautiful looking plants, nice graft too.
  13. genki

    psilocybe subaeruginosa season starts soon!

    it certainly couldn't hurt though. nights are still pretty warm, up around 16 degrees in my area
  14. genki

    psilocybe subaeruginosa season starts soon!

    now all we need is for the overnight lows to drop about 10 degrees and it should get things moving
  15. can't wait to pick some of these again. i love them sauteed with butter, garlic and parsley on toast or cooked in a cream sauce with pasta (sautee onion garlic and mushrooms, add stock white wine and cream and some herbs)