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  1. alkaloidal

    4 x grafts up for grabs

    in on this, thanks gilligan!
  2. alkaloidal

    Cactus Cut Auction!!

  3. alkaloidal

    Free Peganum harmala Seeds

    I'd love some as well. thanks pan
  4. alkaloidal

    noshie's plants (non cacti)

    I thought that: vilca was colubrina, cebil was colubrina, or more specifically colubrina var cebil, and peregrina was yopo
  5. alkaloidal

    Free Ethnobotanical's (Australian Members Only)

    haha, it just means "down", basically just an arrow, signalling that the offer is for the person below.
  6. alkaloidal


    I'm interested in the price as well. thanks.
  7. alkaloidal

    noshie's cacti sale

  8. alkaloidal

    cacti cuts giveaway

    THanks for the giveaway qualia. either would be great to win. thanks!
  9. alkaloidal

    N.rustica & N.tabacum Giveaway

    Mine arrived today Jox. Much appreciated!
  10. alkaloidal

    Sinicuichi seed giveaway - LAST 10 (updated 12/2)

    mine arrived today, thanks d00d!
  11. alkaloidal

    N.rustica & N.tabacum Giveaway

    could I have a pack of whatever is available Jox! Thanks for being so generous!
  12. alkaloidal

    free, good pc analyzer & maintenance

    avira is the best antivirus out. I know someone who used to make actual viruses for a living a while ago, and avira always gave them the most trouble in terms of detecting his viruses. plus, it's free. If you feel like paying for an a/v, I would go with norton. EDIT: I didn't read the OP, for a computer cleaner, you can't go past CCleaner. http://www.ccleaner.com/
  13. alkaloidal

    Guess and Win

    edit: haven't been a member for long enough, carry on.
  14. I'm interested in buying loph seed, williamsii preferably but I don't mind too much. Willing to buy in bulk or not in bulk, depending on the price. Thanks in advance.