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    I am somekind of Gardener. A Gardener of the free world. Denying people the right to grow their own food and medicine is denying our god given birth right. Fuck the system! Grow,prosper and bring on the sharing of good plants and seeds! Genesis 1:29 And then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.

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  1. Hey Guys I am looking to trade some Tasmanian White/Purple Poppy seeds and Afghan White Seeds I have. I am looking to trade with anyone who has Gigantheum, Persian Whites, Persian Blues, Hens and Chicks, Drama Queens, Indian Peshwar, China White or any other varieties. I have a fair amount of the tassies and afghans so if anyone is after these and has others to trade let me know. I am willing to trade any my tassies for any other somniferum species pretty much. Send me details if anyone is interested & Please no international trades, not sure about legaility of import/export of seeds.Cheers - MM
  2. modernmachine

    Papaver setigerum, rhoeas, or Frank's Wishful Thinking?

    Found this on a site. Describes all the types of Poppies found in Australia. Here is the link http://demo1.tmag.ta...paveraceae.html Think the variety you spotted might be the one of the setigerums and maybe crossed with an eshcholzia or something if that's even possible, lol. very weird leaves?? or check the link and see which one best fits the description. does kind of look like an iceland poppy too. hope the link might help. Catchya
  3. modernmachine

    P.Somniferum Hairy stems vs Non-hairy stems and the difference?

    Halif, going by that emoticon you are getting a little flustered. The fact you think it could be just some random guy making up crazy myths alludes to the fact you think I am: (A) A liar or (B ) stupid and don't know what I'm talking about. I assure you why would I lie to you what do I have to gain? Also asking for pictures now when what I described happened in the past is like asking me at 11pm to take a picture of the sun that day and saying if i can't take a picture that you won't believe the sun came up that day. lol. not sure whether pictures are allowed anyway. Maybe i will pm you? But still I don't get the drama over this, I thought this would have been common knowledge to people who have done good amounts of research
  4. modernmachine

    P.Somniferum Hairy stems vs Non-hairy stems and the difference?

    Quote The flower colour varies on each pod on the same plant. That is not a crazy myth!!!!!!! Some are pure white and other had the purple blotch it even kind of confirms it here: http://demo1.tmag.tas.gov.au/treatments/families/Papaveraceae/Papaveraceae.html Waterboy I don't believe there is self incrimination going on and sorry if it seems that way. Thanks for your answers, I have to go now. seeya
  5. Hey peeps, so another question. I've heard from someone who grows poppies in their garden for ornamental value that the Tasmanian is their favorite. There is a question this person has as they want to learn as much as possible about this strange but beautiful plant. Anyway this person has noticed 90% of them have little to no hair on the stems of the plant but a few of them are different and have very hairy stems. iThey are fairly keen to know more about this and would love to hear from people who might think they can shed some light? Thanks peeps -MM
  6. Hey just a hypothetical question, is there any way to tell how large a Poppy pod will be by the size it is after the petals fall off? Say if it has just lost all its petals and the pod is the size of a marble and the crown the circumference of a ten cent piece, how large would it be likely to get and after how many days after the flowers drop will it reach its peak size? Also if they're not supposed to be watered after the flowers drop but there are still buds developing to flower would the lack of water affect the pre-bloomed buds or do people have a technique of keeping plants hydrated without too much water affecting the pods? Be good to hear any one with knowledge enlighten on this topic. Definitely a common query but not much real info exist on this information. Seeya peeps
  7. modernmachine

    Breadseed Poppy with pure White Flower What P.Somniferum Variety?

    So when you say most of what you say is lies is that in itself a lie? so in a sense you're telling the truth by lying?? lol
  8. modernmachine

    Breadseed Poppy with pure White Flower What P.Somniferum Variety?

    Hey Waterboy, you seem to know your stuff and are correct as far as my question goes. I was told today by the person who is growing these flowers that more of the flowers have bloomed and are the same four petaled white colour but also with the purplish bits around the middle. They are all from the same seed stock and it looks like for some reason the first flower that bloomed was white but the consecutive ones are more typical of the so called "Tassie" strain. I am also not sure why people think Tassie are some super plant when they must have been bred from other heirloom varieties thus making the parents of the Tassie genes obviously just as good, wherever they originated. So it is confirmed for anyone who ever has this question in the future that Tassies don't always have white and purple as is proved with the pure white flower that was on this person Tassie plants. There are lots of different types of Poppy and personally I dont think tassie are the best looking flower. They may be the best as far as their use for legitimate/legal medicines but there are definitely some more colourful,complex patterns and designs on other varieties. I have heard Burmese white/China white strain are also a good variety for certain reasons and I would guess that maybe Tassies have that bred into them? Or maybe like you said are some child/grandchild of some Turkish hybrid of sorts. Either way was very interesting to learn Tassies can have pure white flowers as well as the Purple and white. People seem to fixate on only being able to identify a Tassie by white/purple flower but that is not always the case. I'm going to be listening to you in the future Waterboy, your information and opinions was spot on.
  9. modernmachine

    Breadseed Poppy with pure White Flower What P.Somniferum Variety?

    I know what you're saying Thegribbs, I thought that Tasmania grew one strains meaning that cross-pollination would be rendered mute seeing as they're all the same. I assumed they where all white with purple in the middle. I really have no idea, I'd assume some expert would be able to pinpoint some type of origin based of characteristic, but that's just an assumption I don't know man. I'd have to ask an expert. And another insightful comment there Ethereal your Nanna must have quite a colourful garden in spring. Good on ya
  10. modernmachine

    Breadseed Poppy with pure White Flower What P.Somniferum Variety?

    wow that's amazing, do you think that would mean that they are the same genetics or would it be different? I don't know much about botany so forgive my ignorance. But would it be just a different phenotype of the same variety? Thats so weird you'd think they'd all be the same. I mean I assumed to have pure white flowers it would have to be from a pure white seed as it goes. Very interesting. I gotta make my way over there to Tassie and go for a drive passed and check them out. cheers waterboy ;)
  11. modernmachine

    Breadseed Poppy with pure White Flower What P.Somniferum Variety?

    Yeah they the persons who grew them said the bottle they had said 100% Australain Product which seems like everything is from Australia. Meaning grown, packaged, shipped, etc. FYI Etherealdrifter I am pretty sure they were bought in Foodland so they can't be Coles Isle Strain, lol the brand name of the bottle is GFresh and the seeds are blue. Waterboy what do you mean not all tassies have purple streaks? I mean this has 4 petals like the tassies but is pure white. I thought that tassies had to have purple streaks? If you know more about them PM me or answer I am so keen to find out
  12. modernmachine

    Breadseed Poppy with pure White Flower What P.Somniferum Variety?

    Oh ok thanks. Can persian whites come in blue seeds though? I thought P.whites were from white coloured seeds? Im so confused by them. lol
  13. Hey guys, somebody I know has used some spice aisle poppy seeds to grow some flowers. They bought a variety that said 100% Australian owned making the buyer think they were mostly probably Tasmanian Poppies. Anyway the person planted these blue coloured seeds and 2 months later they flowered showing 4 petals of a pure white colour. Does anybody know what strain of P.somniferum this would be. They had blue seeds and pure white flowers. The person thought they would be Tasmanians but seeing as they don't have the purple streaks he is not sure. Does anybody know what strain of p.somniferum this is?? Pleas help as they are really keen to know. Thanks
  14. modernmachine

    Nicotiana Giveaway!

    If you have any still available Id keen for some seeds. Oh and the book is from "The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge" by Jeremy Narby. Good book! Catchya