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  1. Doubting is the keystone of good science wink.gif ROTFL.

    Mine has never flowered, which makes the number of flowers very small indeed. And it is only a foot tall, has been for years.

    Fair enough on the taxonomy question too, its a constant problem. It will only be confirmed when my plant flowers of course, and it wouldn't be the first I've had from that source ( *not* SAB ) which needed re-identification.

    I'm pretty confident with this one tho

  2. Oops...better add some info. Its not available from the species data list here and the Lycaeum don't seem to list it anywhere anymore...


    Family: Zingiberaceae

    Genus: Kaempferia

    Species: galanga

    A smooth stemless or short stemmed herb that grows to about 1.5 meters, its round leaves grow to about 12 cm long and up to 12 cm wide. The leaves are flat spreading. The flowers form a terminal spike and are white with deep red veining. It grows in open grassy areas and is found from tropical

    Africa through India to northern Queensland.

    The rhizome is rich in essential oils and is highly aromatic.

    There is also a spice called galangal, which is a common name belonging to a completely

    different species.

    Effects: Pleasant dreams and mild hallucinations.

    History: Used by the natives of New Guinea in the Morobe & Fore regions as an hallucinogen, as described in the movie The Valley, obscured by clouds (the one with the Pink Floyd soundtrack). Used in the Philippines as a folk medicine. Also used by Aleister Crowley as an incense in the Liber Samekh, a

    ritual for 'communicating' with your 'holy guardian angel'.

    Never tried it personally, will one day I suppose smile.gif

  3. OK I'm on the march. Psilo, you inspire me smile.gif

    Anyone wanting Kaempferia galanga ( not the culinary variety but I believe it can be used safely in cooking ) please email me

    You'll need to provide a self addressed padded post bag to the weight of 100g, and its to get sent from Lismore. Postage costs will of course vary depending which part of the country you're in, so check.

    Rev? You interested?

  4. Commercial, pharmaceutical coedine from suspension culture of papaver presumably? Sheesh last time I even looked at suspension culture ( long time ago )the only things produced from suspension culture of papaver was norsanguinarine.

    Still I spose things have moved on from then. Any refs?

  5. Yep, it was just one piece, run vertically over the top. Cut was made with a sterile scalpel blade, contact was full & its worth noting that both the Loph and the scop were big enough so there was heaps of space left for light etc.

    I think micropore comes in different widths. I use 1", YMMV. I also still reckon I was lucky, it was my first grafted cactus

  6. Isn't at least *some* of the stuff sold as pyrethrum synthetic anyhow? I've been caught out a couple of times by labelling on those spray bottles.

    The mixtures often contain what they describe as synthetic pyrethrinoids and a surfactant to make the pesticide spread better. Yet they are sold labelled as pyrethrum spray. Very misleading, check your labels folks

    And to top it off I seem to have a rxn to something in the commercial brands ( prolly surfactant )which makes me very ill for an hour or two bout fifteen minutes after I spray. Torsten's mix didn't have that effect at all.

  7. Without doing much thinking here...Catha edulis and Yerba mate ( Ilex paragu-something or-other )spring readily to mind. The first doesn't contain any caffeine but does contain stimulant alkaloids if prepared from fresh leaves ( its just made like normal tea ). Yerba mate conntains caffeine

    Dandelion & chicory root are often used as coffee substitutes. There's prolly a million others.

    One thing to take note of, when distributing or consuming coffee substitutes, is that caffeine containing substances should be described as such. Some ppl can't handle caffeine at all, and end up consuming it inadvertantly to ill effect because they aren't informed of the myriad pharmacological subtleties that lie between the terms 'coffee substitute' and 'caffeine substitute'. Sometimes all the terms mean is that you're drinking something thats NOT coffee and could well contain caffeine anyhow

  8. My khat has just about finished flowering... it got the same fertiliser regime as all the other trees get ( ie seems to need no more special care than the rest)

    I threw a few handfuls of Dynamic Lifter around the base of the plant- I do this twice a year in Spring and Autumn. The soil they live in is very well drained, which I think helps. One of the khat 'shrubs' I have is fairly tall now so I presume it doesn't mind its life

    You may still be too far south for the soil to have warmed up to a temperature where yr khat is happy...my self seeded tomatoes are only now starting to pop up which is good sign of soil temperature here.



  9. Hi Ed

    I don't know if I have the exact variety of banana you're looking for but I have a large banana clump of what was described as a Sydney banana, or sugar banana.

    The best thing you can do with the fruit on these is cook with them, cos they're a tad floury. But the leaves make great plates :-)

    It withstands periodic frosts here just fine, and is quite prolific. Send me your address, remind me occasionally cos I'm vague, and when it suckers I'll send you a couple. Now prolly isn't a good time to plant them is it?

    They don't sucker til Spring...



  10. The People and Plants site is one I can recommend as a good starting point. I've been interested in their work for some time, but lack the time to do anything more than dream...for the moment.

    Unfortunately my browser setup didn't let me access their address from the data I saved from their site, but I think I got to People and Plants via the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew site. If you have any trouble finding either of the above places using search engines let me know and I'll scour what is laughingly referred to as my memory.

    Their work looks good, and the site itself was offering an online course, from the looks of my saved data. Just going over my files briefly got me wishing someone'd clone *me* off so I could send one of my extra selves out to study :-)