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  1. On 03/11/2020 at 5:25 PM, prier said:

     My journey into plants basically started here so I figured this is a good place to announce I now run my own nursery.



    Hey Prier- that's awesome news, congratulations!


    Was really looking forward to seeing you at EGA this year, I've been coveting some of your lovely cacti offerings there for a long time and a catchup with you is always lovely


    Took me a minute to find your ebay store, but there you are:




    You'll rock it! Coupla decades experience in cactii will serve you well :worship:






  2. On 08/08/2020 at 8:46 AM, sagiXsagi said:

    my father has started to seem hesitant to go to swim, he seems to be having a harder time to navigate and move his limpbs in water... 


    Sorry to hear about your dad mate, but it's beautiful you think of him so highly


    My dad's had Parkinsons for a long while, as have a few others I know, I've been following the research and their progress for a while. Unfortunately none of the people I know with Parkinsons are interested in support outside their direct relationship with their GPs ( who mostly don't know much about Parkinsons )


    But swimming's one of the best things your dad can do, if he's having trouble can you get him to wear a flotation device? I know there can be a bit of pride about wearing one in a public place... but swimming's so good for stages of PD. In Australia I've seen water exercise used as a recognised form of therapy for PD and it did work for my dad as a part of slowing his Parkinsons progression





    I might seem like an idiot to be asking 


    No, you seem awesome and loving. I wondered about those compounds too back when Dad was diagnosed. I think you're right about potential deficits after use. Am not a physician and there are people here who are better qualified than I to explain the mechanisms


    There are some biological compounds I'd look at first before directly going for the pure stimulants


    Mucuna pruriens seed could be a good place to start if he's not already on meds ( buy it in, or only grow the hairless subtype )


    CBD is approved in Australia for treatment of some PD symptoms. Not sure about THC, but CBD is definitely on the list and I've heard ( and only heard- not seen yet ) good things of it for this. Not sure about legality/ accessibility where you live. Is most likely to be well tolerated alongside other medications


    Ibogaine root bark has been reported to reduce symptoms of PD too. There's a bunch of glowing reports on that if you google ( I do not trust glowing reports on Google much, but low dose ibo is awesome and I'd personally give it a go if I ever got a diagnosis) - but if you're recommending it to anyone else- particularly if they're already on other medication- I'd take real care to find a sympathetic primary health care professional and a good clean source of ibogaine root bark


    Was most interested to hear psilocybin/ mushrooms mentioned above, now I'll have to do some reading :)


    All the best for your and your family's journey.

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  3. 21 hours ago, lindsay said:

    recipe- 1 gram of chelated iron per 100 grams of dry grains.

    mixed into the cooked grain before sterilization.


    Whoa- lovely work, seriously impressive. Definitely warrants further investigation at other sites

  4. Thanks, this is lovely work, well set up and thorough, will follow


    Where's everyone source their peptone from? I bought some ages back but it was pretty exxy and it seems lots of Cordy teks use a fair bit

  5. I've got an old Olympus ECEBi microscope and I love the damn thing. However it's a little dusty inside, and I'd like to do some spore identification with it, so I need crisp vision at high magnification


    A few mates have the same base model or a variant thereof. They were super common back in the day


    Yep, they're from the 70s or something, but they're well made. I love well made things :)


    Having trouble finding someone who will clean it- not just the outer, but the gubbins inside, which seems dusty


    Have spoken to a few professionals about it who have said it's a fair bet they're not worth looking at, and the average hourly rate ( including part thereof ) for a professional clean is about $200 an hour- that would also cover the evaluation, even if no work was done


    Bit lost with what to do about this. I'd also like professional advice on storing the damn thing so it doesn't suffer from fungus, which seems to  get into a lot of scopes in NNSW


    Anyone have actual experience with getting this done? Not just links- but actual experience?

  6. Yep, I wouldn't throw fungicide or glyphosate on it. Ick.


    Have a crack at throwing a fair whack of Aglime on it. Raising the soil pH might discourage that species and encourage a different one. Whether it's one you like or not is another matter


    If you have heaps of local used oyster mushroom straw  or other local spent mushroom spawn I'd throw that on top of the aglime.


    I haven't tried this, it's just something that's inline with basic mycological and biological processes. Inhibit the thing you don't want, encourage the thing you do


    And saguaro is right, there will be spores aplenty, and mushrooms will always come up when conditions are right for them and not their competitors


    Yellow stainers prolly occupy an important niche, don't wipe em out


    Let us know how you go



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  7. 17 hours ago, Tripyamine said:

    Hmmmmm I have a nice starter if anyone wants it le PM me 


    I really like bags to grow in for a small scale, it's very popular in the industry too. 

    If you get a bad infection/contamination you can burn your bags and reroll otherwise you can just keep reusing them.

    We use Polypropylene bag rolls and seal them ourselves to the size we need, and then sterilize with 70% ethanol and UV


    It's a good rule of thumb to always do a 1:5 inoculation with any algae (1:10 if you can't help it) 


    I'll grow up a 5mll culture from a stock or a plate, scale that up to 25ml, then to 100ml, then 500ml, then 2.5lt and then start a bag culture with 10L and gradually increase the volume to 20L.

    Then its too a big 100-200L bag like the one pictured and then to ponds/pools all the way up to 400kL



    arthrospira (spirulina) likes to grow under basic conditions up to like a pH of 10 so lots of media reflect this as its useful for keeping lots of the contam/bugs out.

    Some good info on making the standard media here but you might struggle with some of the chems, also good culture info too. 

    http://sagdb.uni-goettingen.de/culture_media/02 Spirulina Medium.pdf


    Another good media to use that you can purchase heaps of for cheap as is Cell-Hi JW (should be around $40 for a kg that will make close to 1000L), you will have to google around to find a supplier as we make our own and haven't had to buy for a while. 


    At the end of the day if you scale up slowly and use appropriate media it's pretty easy to do, Spira harvests very easy compared to some other alga, but chitosan always makes it better! 

    Sparge with lots of air and give em plenty of light (outdoors is better than LED but cheap eBay grow LEDs will work fine just gets expensive >100L)





    Wow. Just wow. Awesome, thank you so much! I knew nothing of these.


    What's the yield like for a domestic setup? Either per kg or how many single portion meals or meal additions you'd get per bag?


    This is now one of my one-day-I'll-get-to-it projects. Glad you got there first :D

  8. That. Was. Beautiful.


    Thanks to Ronny, Obtuse and Adele and the EGA crew for putting this together. Was very much worth the trip to Melbs.


    Panel was gorgeous, hell, the audience was gorgeous. A lovely mixed bunch of age and backgrounds, some were familiar with EGA's work, others knew more about the myco-side but quite a few knew of both.


    Audience had a pretty good grounding in all things mushroomy, which made for some excellent questions to the panel. The book table near the ticket point was often crowded with people who had at least one of the references if not more before they even got there. The venue was awesome


    The panel. I am such a myco-groupie. They all made themselves available for chats before the event and during intermission and a few stuck round afterwards and they were all fucken lovely people with a grace I can only envy. Question time was professional, comprehensive and respectful and thus also awesome


    If you get a chance, go to one of Dr Alison Pouliot's workshops or forays. She's got a really impressive schedule the next few months, quite a few covering specific species of interest ( how cool's that ) and apparently they book up full- fast. https://alisonpouliot.com/workshops-events/


    Sapphire and Fungi4Land: https://fungi4land.com/ about the most worthy book project of the decade. Love her work. I will buy all the t-shirts.


    Fungimap and iNaturalist. Best citizen science work on the entire planet ( I will find you that reference Cam, I promise ) Do they even need a link? Everyone knows em. Here, have the link anyhow https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/fungimap-australia


    Ah yeah, the film. Didn't get to see it. Sure it was fantastic tho, everyone seemed to like it :D


    Kudos to you all the lot of you. And thanks again


    Bonus points to me for being lucky enough to hang out with Obtuse heaps, and for working out how to use the bloody coffee machine thing at the flat

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  9. On 30/12/2019 at 4:14 PM, Calaverite said:

    Darklight how difficult is the tissue culture process?


    From seed? Easy. A great beginner's project, really worth a go.


    Sow a lot, some in individual containers, some with a few per container.


    Split the batch in half and put one of the halves in the fridge for 3-4 weeks then return it to your light rack.


    If you wanted to start from a live plant it could be more challenging. Start with seed in tissue culture and let us know how you go

  10. On 08/01/2020 at 9:21 PM, RonnySimulacrum said:


    The screening will be followed by a mycological panel featuring ecologist and environmental photographer Dr Alison Pouliot, mycologist Caine Barlow, ecologist Sapphire McMullan-Fisher and President of PRISM, Vice President of EGA, research fellow in Medicinal Chemistry at Monash University, and co-lead investigator of the upcoming Melbourne psilocybin trials at St Vincent's Hospital, Dr Martin Williams. The mycological panel will be facilitated by Cam Durnsford the coordinator of Fungimap.



    Ermahgord. I just saw this.


    I am very seriously thinking about heading down to Melbs for the night on the off chance I get to even be in the same room as the panel crew, all of whom are my idols

  11. 12 hours ago, Calaverite said:

    Based in Melbourne I am chasing some quality wasabi variety either division or seed.



    i sent some down to ReShroomed a few years ago ( mmm, maybe a decade now I think about it ). TC clones of seed grown. They grew down at Colac like corkers and the leaf size was 6x what I got in NNSW within weeks


    ReShroomed passed away a few years ago :( No chance of getting plants out of him now either...


    allrareherbs.com.au site says they're delivering Wasabia offsets in April


    But try the seed too. Even if you don't end up with a commercial-grade wasabi root, the leaves are great for winter salads and the stalks apparently are useful too


    Give it a go I reckon

  12. 36 minutes ago, Halcyon Daze said:

    Saved me and my neighbors so far, but some nearby homes have been lost. Even looting has been taking place in some areas, so it's a very sad situation for some. Pretty soon we'll all have to join them on the allied front, I can't see the situation getting any better in the coming decades.



    It is all so unbelievably sad I'm short of words. I hope you stay OK, and I hope it rains


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  13. 2 hours ago, niggles said:

    I took 9 large samples wrapped in paper towel collected with sterile mushroom knife stored in new takeaway containers ready and waiting for you. They come with gps coordinates time and date and photos of original fruiting bodies with a foot for scale. 

    Let me know what you want me to do with it :)


    Ooh er, thank you, I'll SMS you. I fell asleep and didn't do those plates yet, but they won't take long tomorrow


    I can't wait, this'll be awesome if we get it

  14. 2 hours ago, teamwhy said:

    laccocephalum hartmannii or a form of is my guess



    Nice :)


    2 hours ago, teamwhy said:

    here is a close up of the inside






    Is that the inside of the pseudo-sclerotia or the fruit? I'm guessing the former. If so, it doesn't look very appetising, might be a good one to inoculate onto seedlings for re-veg work


    What are you up to tomorrow? I'll pour these plates out tonight. And try not to pour too many different agar types, we all know how that ends up


    If the inside of the fruit looks easier to culture and breaks up/ cuts well I'd love to grab a fresh fruit from either you or Niggles or both


    I'll bring some fresh H2O2 MEA plates for you both too. Best to have 'em fresh before the H2O2 goes off. Never know what you'll find in a hot forest :)

  15. 1 hour ago, teamwhy said:

    Sorry @Darklight truffle was probably a little bit misleading I should have said pseudo-sclerotia. I will post a picture later today. they are still pretty cool


    Is alright, I knew what you meant and I was into using the wrong term as well.


    Am most interested in getting a tissue sample onto fresh H2O2 plates ASAP. Cancelled all other appointments today, making plates now.


    Niggles is hunting samples as well. What are the chances of me getting some tissue samples off you late sarvie/ do you want me to bring over some fresh H2O2 plates?


    What tree species are the pseudo-sclerotia originating from? I might have to make up some woodchip media for it


    I'm so easily distracted....

  16. 10 minutes ago, teamwhy said:

    check out these guys that are popping up everywhere after the fire. 



    You reckon they're the same as Niggles is finding? Check thread



    10 minutes ago, teamwhy said:


    I will go see if I can dig up a truffle this week some time.  I so want to eat one they smell so good! 

    Probably some Laccocephalum spp.  but can find a picture of any that fit. 





    @teamwhy Get tissue samples and dry em proper, at least 200mg. I'll add them to the collection of things that need sequencing ( special kudos to Obtuse, who explained at length why this should be done properly )


    Put some fresh tissue down on H2O2 MEA agar plates. If you don't have any I will make some of the bastards up. Niggles might have access to some too, but they will be a coupla months old


    *sigh* you prolly don't have time, but if we can grab some properly identified edible native truffles we will all be well stoked, and we can try to add some to any regen work.


    Anyone else got any favourite firies out there?

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  17. 1 hour ago, niggles said:

    So much gratitude and respect for anyone who helped in any way. Volunteers literally saved our entire community. Coming to the aid of firies when we had collapsed from exhaustion and taking up the fight, keeping the fire from getting away from us. I've never seen community pull together like that. Proud to be part of it.

    I'd like to share some pictures but please don't post them elsewhere as it may make some official people grumpy.



    Spectacular pics, hey those first ones aren't Hill 3 are they?


    Everyone who's never seen a close up bushfire please note that almost the only time you get a chance to take your phone out and take pics is when there isn't anything major on. For pics you need to take your gloves off and not be holding anything with water dripping out of the end. And not running anywhere. Or yelling for backup on the scratchy radios.


    Also consider the stuff out of shot. Like the trees already 90% burning you can't see in the pic 10m back which may or may not fall over and send embers everywhere.

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  18. 53 minutes ago, niggles said:

    Can anyone ID this one? They were some about the diameter or a tennis ball up to nearly dinner plate size! The fire wis literally still smouldering metres away and they were fruiting.


    I'm still excited about this one but have done fuckall about it, sorry.


    Is it still growing?


    Is there any chance our Sorcerer's Apprentice and Mistress of Cultures could grab a tissue sample and/ or a coupla H2O2 plates? And a spore print?


    Anything that comes up in the middle of a fireground so early is prolly a pioneer species, could be environmentally interesting


    Keep an eye out for fire morels after it rains, and edible native truffles too

  19. Well, shit. Worst season I've seen, ever, and I was here for the '93 fires.


    There's a few crew affected, either directly or in the path thereof. Prolly more than I know.


    But I've seen such grace on the firegrounds which has pushed past my normal misanthropy, and some of that grace has come from some of you.


    Shoutout especially to @niggles and @teamwhy, whose continued and protracted presence onsite is making a huge difference. Niggles mate you lost yer fire cherry well and truly this year, you've been doing some long days, done some hard fucken yards and I'm proud of you. Teamwhy, seeing you on comms and knowing you're there day after day makes me smile like a goose.


    Also whoever to put those tiny sweet garden mandarins in the snack packs the other day, they were small and hard won in the drought and sweet as fuck and much appreciated


    Shoutout to the civvies at Tuntable and Siddha Farm feeding everyone and pushing firebreaks through impossible country and the yoof being all splendid rolling round on ATVs, everyone's hearts swell just seeing them rock a fantastic and major contribution. Anyone who thinks Millennials are snowflakes should see this lot, they're pure gold.


    Shoutout to the firies everywhere. Everywhere I go I see trucks from somewhere else.


    Shoutout to Mudgee firies who came up to help out at Drake, now they've got their own shit going down locally like a few other brigades who went well out of area up here. And the CFA ppl in VIC, I think we have a couple on here


    And none of this Hero Firies shit. Firies are you. This hero worship thing just separates the people who do the work from too many people who can, but aren't. Join up, help out, at the very least clean your fucking gutters, talk to your neighbours and get your evac plan in line ( yes, I do understand that not everyone can kick in and the entry requirements are onerous these days, that's for another thread )


    You should see who's out there, it's amazing. The fires are fucked and the environmental devastation is heartbreaking. The humanity so far is splendid


    Pray for rain. Dance harder, fuckit

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