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  1. Darklight

    Plant Swap Melbourne EGA

    Imma bring some small single-use tubes of NNSW mushrooms to help people start their edible culture libraries Dunno what I want to swap em for yet This will be fun :D
  2. Darklight

    Snu Voogelbreinder's Garden of Eden

    That link is dead, just checked it This is the current one https://www.troutsnotes.com/sc/snu.html ( Posted cos I caught up with an old mate at a party last night who is happy to pay for a copy rather than pirate. $AUD 12 for what's still the definitive reference for psychoactive plants is the best value ever ) I have both the pdf and the tree-book. I word search the pdf for references but I fondle the tree-book randomly for inspiration. You will only ever pry my treebook copy from my cold dead hands )
  3. Darklight

    Plant Swap Melbourne EGA

    Woohoo! I love these things, thanks Amz and Ronny! Yes do check in with the plant's current owners when selecting your new babies, is only polite. Also for newbies- some species do require extra care in different climates and the original cultivators may be able to increase it's chance of survival Plus time spent talking to plant people is rarely wasted Can't wait to see you all there!
  4. I got mine too and a t-shirt as well EGA gatherings are always excellent, Ronny I love how the whole team is so welcoming and so professional. Youse always come up with a great range of speakers too There with bells on <3
  5. I have some really old Al backed TLC plates I'd like to use up before forking out the dosh for more. Can't find the original order, but they had been snipped up and used for alkaloids a coupla decades ago so I'm assuming they had fluorescence inbuilt There was an old thread here that mentioned that old plates were still viable if they were re-treated and dried in the oven. Google and site search here aren't being useful. SAB site search shows nothing, and Google is throwing me too much irrelevant data Anyone know the protocol or has a link to a relevant page? cheers people
  6. Darklight

    TPM Hybrid Seeds AUCTION

    Zelly this is the most beautiful thing I've seen in a while. Only heard about it a coupla days ago. Almost lost for words. Incredibly generous of you and all the bidders THANK YOU RIGHT BACK!
  7. Tried keeping em a few times up in NNSW. Everything eats them. Wanted em for meat and eggs- the eggs are so lovely and creamy, and they're a fast and easy meal cos you can dry pluck them. But everything eats them. First. Before you get a chance to. Last try I made a ripper Fort Knox pen for em from bird mesh, ends sunk into concrete and corro put up around the sides. Goannas ripped that shit apart, let a fox in and when I went to rescue the rest I found a fat sleepy carpet snake under the floorboards with quail shaped lumps in it's guts.
  8. Darklight

    Wanted: eileen!

    Just yer smiley face :)
  9. Darklight

    Wanted: eileen!

    I got some niggles, but only enough for you. Drop round and get it
  10. Darklight

    Inoculating a dead palm stump with oysters?

    Nice. Thanks so much for the updates too :)
  11. Darklight

    Inoculating a dead palm stump with oysters?

    Go for it. I'd recommend bulking up your sterile spawn using the limesoak/ sugar cane mulch tek and stuffing the trunk with some of that once it colonises. I isolated a local pink oyster strain I found fruiting on a tree fern a few years back. Some strains can def handle the ambient conditions and contams, if you have one of his feral blues that can work too Mushrooms can't save the world tho, sorting our own shit out is a much higher priority. Expecting another genus to do it for us is bloody lazy
  12. Ronny my friend, I hope everything goes smooth as silk for you and all your loved ones. I so admire you, your work, and the community you have been a big part in making Not sure if I can make the event this year, could go either way. It'd be a hell of an event, the caravan park is a great venue and the owner sounds like a top bloke I wanna meet them and shake their hand Take it easy on yourself
  13. Darklight

    For sale- Oryzalin (Used to induce polyploidy)

    Rightio, the above sums it right up. Interesting conclusions have been drawn, experiments from both the Surflan and pure Oryzalin batches above are still underway The regen plants from the pure Oryzalin batch are of a different species to the Surflan batch. So yeah, some difference in response to be expected. Also, the first species had undifferentiated ( not embryonic ) callus as it's parent material. The latter species had apical nodes as it's donor material. This has def affected the selection process, I might not explain it well enough to do it justice, pls see below. Kill curves which escalated over doseage for the first species. A good sign. Progressive failing at 30 days was observed in the second species, which was only treated at a single rate. Also a good sign. Something's whacked em, especially obvious since untreated controls from both groups showed no variance from normal growth in-vitro Both treatment batches above maintained sterility after exposure- no further worrying about dirty Surflan needed. However none of the Oryzalin/ callus batch are showing signs of morphological changes at deflask. And the Surflan/ apical nodes are definitely showing morphological stress that only a few are starting to recover from now. Since Surflan is just Oryzalin powder + PEG, there's not the scope on this work to discuss the possible contribution of the PEG to the difference in results. I'm not convinced this is even an issue. For the purposes of the screening process I'm looking at two very different sets of results ( species and donor material aside ) and it seems to come down to exactly how the survivors of the treatment are selected for monitoring. This could be because of the length of time both treated parent stock could survive exposure. The callus regens were grabbed pretty much as they showed up, over a 2-4 week period, and the remaining callus died off ( possibly exposure rate for the callus was too high )- and thus while the kill curve looks great- what's persisted is Surflan survivors rather than transformed polyploids. Callus is a bit more sensitive to external influence than organised tissue is. I can't remember the application rates or whether they were comparable for the two species/ treated tissue types. Will look it up later Deflasked plants for the Oryzalin batch ( total of 18 survivors. 2 controls, 14 low range Oryzalin and 2 high-range Oryzalin ) for this species/ treatment will go in the ground for long term monitoring of gross morphological changes to indicate polyploidy. It's the best I can hope for in this species, I've fucked around enough with wretched bloody microscopy teks to check the leaves, but my microscopy is shit, it's fiddly, and after all it won't make any difference to plant sales unless ploidy confers distinct traits which are visible to the buyer ( the entire point of the experiment in this plant- and yes, such distinctions do matter at the start when you're setting these things up ) In contrast, ALL of the 1:200 24hr Surflan/ apical node treatment species showed significant distress not long after my last post. Discolouration from the Surflan hit them to varying degrees, and this became even more pronounced after a temperature rise on the grow shelves ( hint- keep your Surflan-treated tissue at a constant temperature. Growth almost completely ceased even after 2 subcultures to try to get them away from any excreted Surflan metabolites Growth in some of the remaining Surflan treated apices is now slowly resuming. Control, untreated apices from that experiment are fine and kept growing normally during this time. All leaves from apices in the treated group dropped or severely discoloured, new growth is scarce and severely stunted. About 30% failed at +30 days and another 20% failed really quickly after a temp rise. However root development is occurring in a few surviving apices and I'm hoping leaf regrowth will follow This Surflan batch is a way off deflask yet, hopefully the tells of ploidy will be more visible in this species. It could well be that cells/ tissue which has been rendered polyploid by these treatments takes a while to recover- that by grabbing the earlier survivors of the first ( Oryzalin ) treatment I was unlikely to get any polyploid individuals. The four month recovery rate for the second apical ( different species and parent material, Surflan treated ) batch would bear this out. At this point this idea is just that, but I have read ( mostly informal ) accounts of bothvigorous early, and of late recovery from Oryzalin/ Surflan treatment being indicative of ploidy. As a result of my ( minimal, early stage ) project here I'm more inclined to suspect it's the latter. But we'll see Am confident the application rate for 1:200 Surflan/ apical node batch is sufficient- maybe a tad high if anything. I woulda/ shoulda/ coulda run a lowed dose batch alongside the controls but CBF. Maybe next time So yeah, there it is... it's not just the actual wetwork, its the monitoring and logging which is the killer here. I won't know about the Oryzalin batch for 2 years. The second species isn't even close to deflask yet, so maybe 2 years from today- if there are any survivors Apologies for the lack of organisation or succinctness in the post, I only got my head around some of it last week
  14. Darklight

    Has anyone heard from Nabraxas?

    Not to my knowledge. Hope he's OK
  15. Darklight

    Happy Birthday Torsten

    Yup, it's a big one Best for the day, and the year- to one of the most incredible people I've ever had the pleasure of being friends with. It's been a tough haul for you the last few years, harder than most imagine, and yet here you are, kicking on, helping, giving space here, contributing to the field generally in some unique and outstanding ways Thank you, wishing whatever you can eat most that closely resembles cake. And drinks Love your work old friend <3 DL