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  1. Darklight

    Meet Up: Gold Coast

    Damn, I'd go just for the chance to see your smiling face Hope you get lotsa good people turn up and it rains a little
  2. OMG we're following each other. It's like meta-stalking :D

    1. Enjaytee


      OMG Soooo happy right now!  :lol:

    2. Darklight


      I wanna ketchup with you at Alpacarama

    3. Enjaytee


      It’s been ages. Can’t wait for a lil reunion. 

  3. Right now what I'm doing is drooling. I don't understand 80% of the techspeak, which is entirely normal for a new field for me, so I'm not bothered by that. If I needed something doing in this space right now I'd spend the time because obvs the field is expanding and I need to watch the directions. All I can do at this point is observe, and drool What excites me is that there are people here with relevant and current skillset who can explain it well and who are sharing information Would it be possible for 2-3 of you to get together and put something up for the next EGA Garden States? Like a DNA 101 workshop on a single relevant point to us ethno freaks? A few of us have been working on practical protocols for base-level workshops for the day next May. Light microscopy, a little TLC, and something fungal again. Stuff people want to do at home- and can- but just need a few pointers to get the most out of the tek
  4. If it's the same legend from ANU who was proposing exactly that a few years back, please tell him I said hi? He was a legend even back then, now I reckon he'd be a fucken rockstar Great site too
  5. Yeah I had King quail, tiny. Prolly why they fared poorly against predators
  6. I don't understand about 80% of the technical speak of the above, and genetics isn't my field Am incredibly impressed tho, by how much the skillsets of youse all have progressed It's been nearly 3 years since the OP put up their request. What's changed? My understanding is that SDN-1 knockouts are now no longer covered by OGTR legislation, but not sure if this covers environmental release as well. Anyone know? Quite possibly what hasn't changed, and may be going backwards, is public access to a lot of new databases. And I suspect ( but cannot confirm ) that the human factor is still a big part- quality DNA extraction is hard for some species or plant parts and as Tripyamine says above, a bad result needs to be caught before it proliferates. Add that to the variables of technique and machine and it sounds like it'll be a shitfight for a while yet
  7. Darklight

    Wanted: Compound microscope/ trade

    Sorted. Got a cheapo old Olympus compound offa ebay and retrofitted it with a 5MP camera and a variable + rechargeable LED light. The optics are f*n brilliant. They don't make glass like they used to
  8. Darklight

    Edible/Medicinal culture seeking thread

  9. Darklight

    Flowhood from ebay review

    Not IME. Horizontal airflow pushes sterile air towards you so if anything falls off your hands or tools while you're working, it is blown forward, away from any media or tools which might be contaminated by falling spore. Cost effectiveness isn't much to do with your choice, you want horizontal flow so as not to contaminate your work while you're working on it. Cheap HEPA flow units can be great for most people doing myco work and spending more won't necessarily guarantee success if your technique is poor or your existing unit has issues. Nup, not IME. Vertical flows are used where there is a danger to the operator or environment from pathogens, and they're often used- routinely used- in medical/ clinical laboratories where they are testing or researching organisms which can cause disease. Pathology labs, working with blood- or air-borne viruses, Zika, HIV, infected tissue of any kind. Biosecurity labs where they may be testing imported plant tissue for bacteria etc, or extracting DNA/ RNA for further tests. At least one of the Biosafety cabinet classes does both kinds, for work which is required to be sterile and where the operator and environment both require protection. Air is first pushed through a HEPA filter at the back- then rather than being pushed forwards towards the operator, a second air current near the front of the cabinet works like an air curtain and forces the air downwards before it gets to the operator. I've worked in one for Biosecurity purposes, it's not my normal cabinet, but they've gotten a lot more specific on classes and subclasses of cabinets these days so the changes over time haven't registered on my radar. I do know I've rarely worked in a Class I cabinet ( fume hood type ) and never in a Class III cabinet ( glove box type ) Happy to be proven wrong, I'm out of touch these days Read this again: https://www.thermofisher.com/nl/en/home/references/gibco-cell-culture-basics/cell-culture-equipment/laminar-flow-hood.html
  10. Darklight


    Oi! How'd it go? Looking forward to hearing more about the day
  11. That's so good to hear re the costings, about half of everything I've tried ends up costing me money rather than saving it Coupla decades ago I was raising them for meat from the spares.Like pigeons, you can dry pluck them, so they're pretty much an instant meal Is not for everyone, I understand, but it's so little extra work and quicker than picking up pizza from town I definitely now have quail envy
  12. The eggs are really nice in a salad with avo, maccas, greens and a bit of chilli in the dressing Yeah was thinking about the bug eating aspect. If I ever get around to building another fort knox for some I'll be putting oyster mushroom buckets on bricks, hopefully the quail will eat any of the tiny flies that the mushroom buckets attract Are they financially efficient? Reckon you get your moneys worth out in eggs? And are you planning on raising more from the eggs?
  13. OMG. That's fantastic. Mine didn't even last three months and yours are still going I think I have quail envy :D
  14. Darklight


    I'd go if I was in Melbs for sure :D Look, if you've ever been to a mushroom tek and feel like you haven't learned enough to be as productive as you like, go to another one! Mycology's quite the thing to wrap your head around- even with years of plant growing and plant biotech experience it took me a coupla years work to get the gist of the different schedulings and life cycles, spawn implications etc. Luckily the teks taught these days are way simpler than they were back in my day, and we know which strains are better suited to local conditions and substrates. But it never hurts to do a basics workshop again if you're struggling ( ID workshops I always always learn new things, I try not to miss those ever )
  15. Darklight

    Cultivation of glowing mushrooms (ABC news article)

    LC of Panellus doesn't glow IME, but I did only try it in one media. Other media could work