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  1. Darklight


    I'd go if I was in Melbs for sure :D Look, if you've ever been to a mushroom tek and feel like you haven't learned enough to be as productive as you like, go to another one! Mycology's quite the thing to wrap your head around- even with years of plant growing and plant biotech experience it took me a coupla years work to get the gist of the different schedulings and life cycles, spawn implications etc. Luckily the teks taught these days are way simpler than they were back in my day, and we know which strains are better suited to local conditions and substrates. But it never hurts to do a basics workshop again if you're struggling ( ID workshops I always always learn new things, I try not to miss those ever )
  2. Darklight

    Cultivation of glowing mushrooms (ABC news article)

    LC of Panellus doesn't glow IME, but I did only try it in one media. Other media could work
  3. Darklight

    Whats wrong with this Loph?

    This. Exactly. Do not throw more than one treatment on any sick plant at a time unless you have experience with that combination and that species. Give the treatment time to work ( or fail ) before throwing anything else at it You might lose your plant anyhow, but you're giving it a better chance in the meantime. And if it fails, you can tell people that specific tek didn't work- for your species and pathogen, in your area. Which will help others My suggestion of Trichoderma has only worked for me thus far, for pathogens in my area, on cactus I've previously had problems with. I've not yet enquired if the protocol has been tried on cactus in other regions by other people. I'd expect anyone throwing Trichoderma as a new treatment for a sick cactus in another bio-region would regard it as an experimental treatment. My extensive experience in people telling me what works for them has shown that about 80% of people throw a bunch of random stuff at their sick plants, in an entirely undocumented and cavalier way contrary to any instructions, then pick one thing from the bunch and blame it for the success or failure. It makes for unreliable data. Yup. Lophs here in NNSW can stand being pulled out of the ground over winter to dry out then repotting, but not sure if I'd recommend that til yours has at least started to heal- or even fully healed
  4. Darklight

    Whats wrong with this Loph?

    Yup, as a foliar spray It's a coarse sharp sand blend, I think it was commercial. Planted it in that pot about 15 years ago Yup. Mostly via what falls on the soil from the foliar spray. Ideally I apply it once every 1-2 weeks when I foliar spray everything here
  5. Darklight

    Whats wrong with this Loph?

    Dunno if it'll work in your climate but I throw a commercial Trichoderma solution over anything that looks wounded, mouldy or is prone to it. Early morning, so it has a chance to dry, absorb, multiply before the cool evening sets in. I've never been able to grow Lophs outside, nor Mammillaria until I started doing this about 18 months ago. They both always got orange rot 100%. Last growing season was my first ever successful button cactus year. Even late and cool in the season, when a bird pecked a massive hole in the big Loph it healed fully within 48 hrs, callusing started after 12hr after application. No further damage, no pathogens moved in IME Trich regular applications also stop larvae if you always respray within the breeding cycle But that's just me, here. Don't use it as a magic bullet for everything without testing on a few of your babies over a season or two. Was gunna make up a commercial mix and sell it, but my marketing skills suck. Get yours from a hydro shop. Have also posted on other threads here on Trichoderma
  6. Darklight

    Yukutlan (RFB)

    I really like that transparent grow box in the pics- did you make it or did you buy it?
  7. Darklight


    Oh wow, so beautiful :D
  8. Darklight

    Wanted: Compound microscope/ trade

    Niggles and I have been looking at microscopy, learning more about it. Um, there's a lot more to it than we thought... What's become obvious early on in the piece is that my cheapo $50 ebay scope isn't up to the job of looking at stomates and spores. It's not just the magnification, it's the crap optics. Need a compound scope with illumination, pref LED. Pref with coarse and fine focusing. Magnification to 1000x or more if there's an immersion lens involved ( never used one, no idea how that works ). I wanna see stomates, chromosomes, spores. Good optics are essential. We'll be attaching a camera to it too. Zeiss. Leica or Olympus lens or similar quality. If you have a good compound scope at home just sitting round and you'd love to see it get used regularly, gimme a hoi and we'll find a suitable trade for you.
  9. Darklight

    Cultivation of glowing mushrooms (ABC news article)

    I'm lichen that one more and more Same same. Though there might be one here trying to fruit on the agar plate ( could also be contam, discolouration from inoculation point tho and never seen this particular effect before ) Will post if it does fruit
  10. Darklight

    Microscopy and DNA workshops

    How did the microscopy workshop go? Wish I'd been there. Starting an informal microscopy study run today with another forum member to try and get some basic teks in hand to add to current research. Is way more daunting than I thought. Microscopy, like tissue culture and TLC, is an entire field of knowledge of it's own First lesson is cleaning our microscopes. It's mouldy in NNSW and even the best stored scopes cop it We're starting with the cheap-arsed compound scopes we've had for years ( USB camera, ebay ) to see how far we can push their utility before we look at the worth of saving for upgrades. Tho good optics and lens' are important- I once used the USB camera on a 1920s microscope with immaculate optics and the results were absolutely brilliant- way better than the cheap arsed ebay one I was comparing it to
  11. Darklight

    Flowhood from ebay review

    Yeah nah, I wouldn't. Says it's a vertical flow cabinet- so clean air is pushed from the top of the cabinet to the bottom Best flow cabinets for general contamination free cultures IMO are horizontal flow. Clean air is pushed from the back of the cabinet towards you, so if any contaminants are inadvertently transferred during work they will be blown away from the work surface towards the user Anyone here ever used a vertical flow cabinet for routine sterile culture transfer work? This link says it's possible, but I've not seen it in practice ever https://www.thermofisher.com/nl/en/home/references/gibco-cell-culture-basics/cell-culture-equipment/laminar-flow-hood.html
  12. And as long as there are no competitor organisms and the humidity and temps remain in the Goldilocks zone for that species etc etc Actually that's a pretty cool question Zool and I don't think the answer has ever been found for all species. Some form underground storage organs like sclerotia which are basically compressed hyphae and hang there til conditions are right to keep growing, some species are always present as mycelia when they grow in symbiosis with trees, and whatever it is with the pseudosclerotia that some fungus form I do not know at all.
  13. Brilliant response, thank you! I got caught up with soil chem possibles and didn't answer the question proper Great to hear from an expert
  14. Everything about that dream is hilarious, thanx for sharing Scary that you have Tony Abbott in your head, but lovely that you are feeling sorry for him despite the ick factor. Obvs you have an outstanding subconcscious :D
  15. Darklight

    Fungus killing worms in my garden

    It will. Is it still happening? Relax and let the fungus do it's work, burying them is overkill and just means you work so different fungus can get them, only you don't have to see it The fungus will take us all one day, as will the bacteria and all the other little critters. Is how it's sposed to be