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    Kannas leaves wrinkling help me out :)

    Hi Nailthesnail I have made a few cuttings of these and left them in a pot of dry potting mix for approximately 1-2 weeks without watering. They wrinkle up but they still survive and most of them end up growing roots. The best thing you could do to make sure it remains healthy is put it in a free draining soil as zelly said and leave it (it is a succulent after all!). Don't over-water it like I did with my first Kanna Also I made sure to put them out of the sun whilst they were rooting. Good luck. Cheers Tio.
  2. Tio

    Trichocereus scopulicola?

    Hi dawnbeaver, As Stillman said: Looks like a T. scopulicola. The very short spines and fat ribs give it away.
  3. Tio

    NZ Seed and plant trades - not buy and sell

    Hi guys. Good to see more New Zealander's popping up on here. I have also been pretty busy, and off the radar lately but I am now on holiday so I have bit more time! With the warm weather and the help of a few generous people I now I have a number of spare plants/seeds available to trade: Seeds: Argemore mexicana (Prickly poppy) Datura inoxia Heimia myrtifolia or Heimia salicifolia (unsure of species) Nicotiana species (unknown - most likely N. tabacum) Silene capensis Plants: Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort) Heimia myrtifolia or Heimia salicifolia (unsure of species) Sceletium tortuosum (Kanna) Pereskiopsis spathulata Will add more if I find them. PM me if your interested in anything. Cheers, Tio.
  4. Hello, I am having trouble identifying this mushroom. I was thinking maybe a Chlorophyllum spp. but that's as far as I have got. Habitat: Coastal area, Found growing directly under a small conifer on a mix of soil and conifer debris Characteristics of the gills: White and freely attached Characteristics of the stem: Very thick and large stem with a partial veil and a slightly bulbous base Characteristics of the cap: Convex with white and gray scales Spore print color: Pale white/cream spore print on black paper (sorry no photo) Other interesting notes: Pink/brown bruising where the stem was cut on 2 photo First mushroom (pictures taken month ago) Second mushroom (pictures taken today but mushrooms is a few weeks old) I hope this is everything, Please ask me if I missed anything. Cheers, Tio
  5. Mutant I don't think It can be a C. agaricoides as they are Secotioid fungi and their cap does not open fully. I have to agree with Karode13 it definitely seems like it could be a C. rachodes. At the moment there is another one of these mushrooms growing under a large conifer in my property, so I can have a better look at that once it grows bigger.
  6. Hi Mutant, Thanks for the reply. I thought Macrolepiota rhacodes and Chlorphyllum rhacodes are the same mushroom?
  7. Tio

    Fungi in cacti pot ID

    Nice, they are still growing after I pulled most of the mycelium out I was going to tell you about them but I thought they were all dead. They don't look like any oyster mushrooms that have grown from my spawn. Not too sure what they are.
  8. Hello NZer's, I have been lurking for awhile and I just have a few things for sale or trade: - 2x button grafts on top of a T. pachanoi stocks (taken and pupping) - 1x button cutting ready for grafting or rooting - pereskiopsis cuttings (with roots) - Tobacco seeds (pesticide and herbicide free) I got a bit carried away with grafting in summer so I need to clear out a few things. Please pm me if you are interested. Cheers Tio.
  9. Cheers, I just edited the post.
  10. Hello, Once again, I have been very busy lately and have some spare P. pulmonarius grain spawn (Rye) left over that I am unable to use. I can send small amounts away for free. But If you want larger amounts I'm be open to trade for seeds/cuttings/Edible prints or cash. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks, Tio
  11. Here is a picture of my first Trichocereus pachanoi that I have seen producing flowers. The first two flowers opened on boxing day and the rest are growing at a very fast rate. (I never realized how fast they grow!)
  12. Hi again New Zealander's, I still have plenty of grain and doweling spawn left. Let me know if you still want some, I can send small amounts out for free or larger amounts out for a small cost (Freight). Thanks.
  13. Hi there, Lately I have been experimenting, trying to grow the edible Pleurotus pulmonarius (Oyster mushroom). I have easily been able to produce a ton of spawn but I haven't had time to produce any considerable fruiting bodies as of yet. Are any of the New Zealand members interested in purchasing some doweling spawn? or trading for other edible cultures or spore prints (microscopy only)? I will also give away small amounts of the spawn for starting your own spawn (only pay freight). I have a heap of spawn and I probably don't need it all. (its filling up my fridge ) Here is a picture of some of the doweling spawn: Thanks Tio.
  14. Tio

    [NZ] On a print hunt

    Welcome to the forums lemmiwinks and welcome to NZ
  15. Oops. Can I get an Admin to change it to mycology?
  16. Tio

    New Greenhouse

    Looks good bit! Hope it cleans up nicely Sometime in the future I will have to get myself a greenhouse too.
  17. Anyone else have an Idea what these might be?
  18. Hi there, I'm not very experienced with Acacia species. It would be greatly appreciated if someone with more experience could help me ID this Acacia. Thanks Habitat: Coastal area In New Zealand, Found growing in a sandy garden. Phyllode characteristics: Width: 15-20mm Length: 70mm-135mm Veins : 2 (?) Let me know if I need to add anything to the ID. Cheers Tio.
  19. Cheers Jox, According to Mushroom expert (http://www.mushroome...m_rhacodes.html) "Chlorophyllum rhacodes has been called "Lepiota rhacodes" or "Macrolepiota rhacodes" in the past, but recent DNA studies (see Vellinga, 2002) have given the mushroom a new home in the genus Chlorophyllum, alongside the very similar Chlorophyllum molybdites" I was thinking it could be a Chlorophyllum rhacodes but now Im unsure it could either be C. rhacodes, C. brunneum or maybe another Chlorophyllum.
  20. Hi, At the beginning of the year two of my Perekiopsis Spathulata started getting small amounts of orange rust spots on the leaves. A couple of leaves died and went wrinkly on the tips. I didn't really worry about it then, but now its warming up and the rusty dots haven't gone away. It seems they may be halting the growth of the cactus. Is there any way I could treat the fungus or whatever it is? maybe a Copper sulfate or sulfur spray? Images attached. I hope someone can be of help. Thanks, Tio
  21. Tio

    (NZ) Kanna, Heimia, Dagga FS/T

    Cheers Solomon Pm,d LikeAshesWeFade; With the Salvia you don't have to extract it. You can just make a quid instead and still experience the power of Salvia.
  22. Thanks for the replies, I have chopped most of the effected leaves off. I will see how they it go this summer.
  23. Yes I have checked for any unwanted insects or bugs, I couldn't see anything suspiscous. So, just remove the leaves and dispose of them. What if it appears on the new growth?