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  1. franky

    Sunburnt variegated loph, need help!

    I think i got a similar cutting, showing the exact same symptoms, best of luck to you!
  2. Hey All, I've had quite a bit on the go during winter, seedlings and grafts under CFL's inside, they have been alive ~4 months growing well. I want to start getting ready to move them outside for spring time. I am wondering how you guys go about it, I want to get them into my greenhouses, which are covered by greenhouse plastic and 30% shadecloth year round. I also want to try and do it with as little touching to the plants as possible as well, ie id only like to move them around once or twice is that possible? I was thinking once the days warm up a bit mroe here I'll move under 2 x 30% shadecloth and eventually start removing shadecloth one at a time. Anyway what do you guys do? would lvoe to hear. Cheers. bonus here is a pic of one of the grafts i'm talking about a variagated astro, that might be starting to crest out? we will have to wait and see!!!
  3. Just wondering if anyone would be interested in some propagules of this perennial ground nut with edible fruit(beans). Botanical name = Apios americana native to nth America, don't think it is too widespread here in aus if people are interested I'll get some pics posted edit* grows well here in melbourne
  4. I have tried moving some straight into the greenhouse in the middle of winter, they looked good although we got one non cloudy day and the plant was instantly shrivelled from sunburn. It seems the suns a lot stronger than the cfl I have been using crazy
  5. franky

    grafted jourdaniana

    Sorry mate, I kinda forgot to post pics. here is Loph. Joudania var mammaliris. 2 Phenotypes, looks very different. Sorry for the shitty pics, from my phone. Edit** thought I'd mention I had great germ rates on most of Koehres loph seeds, besides there jourdania, and only 2 came up from there jourdania var mammiliris seeds bit weird.
  6. Just writing this post to add handreck and Black again to ensure you get it!! :D lol
  7. franky

    grafted jourdaniana

    I have two young L. Jourdani var. Mammaliris from koehress currently on the go, ill get the pictures up. Two very diff phenotypes it seems.
  8. franky

    PGR's and tricho seedlings?

    From my understaing of PGR's if you want to increase root growth the class of auxis is useful . Brassinolde is more of a plant steroid i think, as well as triacontanol increasing photosynthetic capability of plants.
  9. franky

    ariocarpus seeds wanted

    Are his seeds imported incog? or are they his own? I have also tried contacting him ~ a year ago, got no contact back and it seems like his website has not changed at all
  10. franky

    My home made greenhouse.

    Nice work mate!!!! I've also made my own greenhouse, heaps better than bunnings crap + cheaper! Looking at yours, do you have some windows for ventilation? I can see it gaining a lot of humidity otherwise. Also the greenhouse plastic is tuff, but stapling it down will mean it is much more prone to tearing in heavy weather!!
  11. franky

    Brace yourselves! Winters coming!

    I think you may be referring to silica? most commonly found for us in the form Potassium silicate? Great for strengthening cells, I have been told about it's use in the nursery industry for frost protection.
  12. franky

    Koehres seeds

    Koehres lophophora localities germed well for me, the only one that didn't germ that well was the Jourania.
  13. franky

    Koehres seeds

    I have also had a very similar experience in regards to there aztekium and ariocarpus seeds. I bought 1000 packs, while there lophs have great germ rate. As a side note, does anyone have any other sellers that do large amounts of ariocarpus/aztekium seeds?
  14. franky

    Australian cactus seed retailers

    I've found no trouble importing seeds that aren't available in AUS , usually heaps cheaper as well, as the AUSSIE mark up does apply to everything for no reason lol
  15. franky

    Show off your freaks

    this trich seedling crest is starting throw off some real funky growth, going to do a lot grafting of this plant this spring see if it holds the various forms its showing. and some younger funky trich seedlings, not looking the healthiest been giving them more attention recently tho.
  16. For grafting/seedlings I use the long cfl fixtures it makes for more efficiency in my spacing. If you want best growth with that cfl fixture i'd check out a 80w cfl by phillips better than those 130w+ jobs imo. otherwise just pick one up from bunnings a cool white one will still be good for starting seeds
  17. I use 15kg bag of apex without the micronutrients. much cheaper if you buy jsut NPK
  18. Just watching some of my grafted seedlings grow under lights, mostly Loph's in this pic. A lot are really pupping, although only a few are actually seed that came labelled caesp, the others are seeds from my own plants and I did not have a flowering caesp last season. interesting. All lophs are roughly 3 months old from sowing. Otherwise to the right are a few of the variagated Astrophytum asterias I have.
  19. franky

    LED grow lights...?

    I'm using those long baton cfls, my grafts are under 4 x 55w cool white cfls, growing crazy
  20. its also good for the lazt gardener, oh your pach is growing too high? chop and drop lol
  21. franky

    Grafts rooting on stock

    I've got a few tricho crested grafts, I found the ones that don't seem to ahve a perfect union are more likely to start throing roots out.