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  1. Cumbrella

    Ipswich Meet

    I'm excited!
  2. Oh manners, and welcome to the forum:)
  3. I find blasting the bulk of the aphids off with the hose every time I go past works okay, this slows them down and doesn't harm most of the beneficials. I also find that caapi responds well if you let the media/soil dry out a little between waterings. Great work on ordering the lacewings, always good to have around even if they don't solve your problems.
  4. Cumbrella

    Giveaway - Psychotria carthagenensis berries

    Berries have been sent to all those that provided details. No more berries available.
  5. Cumbrella

    Giveaway - Psychotria carthagenensis berries

    Pm me ya details and will ship em off tomorrow
  6. Cumbrella

    Cacti 4 Sale

    Haha you and everyone else Unfortunately I do not have the HBWR any more
  7. Cumbrella

    Giveaway - Psychotria carthagenensis berries

    pm me your details and will ship off on monday
  8. Have some fresh Psychotria carthagenensis berries, not sure how many packs I can do but will send what I can out to those that express interest. Please comment below as first come first served.
  9. Cumbrella

    Cacti 4 Sale

  10. Cumbrella

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Would you folks be interested in a meet in the next week or 2, preferably before smiling heads over seas and before I go in to hibernation for the winter. Perhaps the weekend of the 26/27?
  11. Cumbrella

    Meet up: Brisbane

    See yall tomorrow. Am bringing a bit of tubestock I picked up from a friend in nsw, so if anyone after any plants, I suggest you come along.
  12. Cumbrella

    Meet up: Brisbane

  13. Cumbrella

    Meet up: Brisbane

    just woke up, probs not going to make it. sorry for the stuff around.
  14. Cumbrella

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Saturday 3rd Feb! Locked in...no more humming, umming or arghhing. See ya there. Doubt I will bring much with me as current weather conditions makes propagation too much work. If anyone is after anything I have or can acquire, pm me and I will happily bring it along.