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  1. seachangeau

    Maintanence Free Mushroom Kit - New Idea

    Yes! you might need to sell the inedible decorative glowindark one or something that doesnt bioaccumulate to process printed waste of unknown provenance. I'm not sure what we are using in paper these days but back in the day when i was setting up my garden i was warned not to use newspapers etc with coloured inks. will beta test in tassie
  2. seachangeau

    Grow morels

    You could of course read up on whatever it is Paul Stamets does in his garden. Annecdotally I have a reliable source who says her neighbour and friend in Northwestern Tasmania had a load of woodchips delivered for her garden from Hobart which is south. She got a crop of morels!!! They like a very certain soil type and disturbance - especially fire which i kow releases many growth volatiles including ethylene. I wonder if anyone has ever tried watering them with smoke water? http://davesgarden.com/guides/articles/view/4138/
  3. seachangeau

    Edible mushrooms of 2013 - photos, etc

    thanks for the info! you know i had several bags of commercial mushroom compost sitting close by for ages till they stopped fruiting and i put the contents into the garden. I have also found some boletes under birch near the library but still dont know if tehy are brown birch or scabrum. They were really mushy like wringing wet sponges and stained just a tad green/blue/grey just under the skin of the cap and the stem where cut. I dried some and they dried really well. I think your birch should be very easy to innoculate - just pop a few seedlings under the tree close by. and yesterday - shaggy parasol! under tea tree near the football field at school.
  4. seachangeau

    Peroxide agar in kitchen tek- huge success!

    gee thanks so much - can i put this onto a document?
  5. seachangeau

    Edible mushrooms of 2013 - photos, etc

    yes waterboy agrees its a. sylvaticus. certainly looks more like it when it's mature. I've asked for help doing a KOH stain test and dried some bits to send off to the bot gardens if someone would care to ID it there. The rain also made the yellow stainers staining more prominent - i checked a big patch the same time and again later when it had stopped raining and noticed the difference. also found a ? brown birch bolete yesterday , uggly sopping wet things wringing wet like sponges - perhaps they stain a little green/blue more readily after this much rain. The mycelia at the base are really prominent. I have a chunk in the fridge hoping i can track down a wild birch seedling to pot it up with tomorrow.
  6. seachangeau

    how do I perform a KOH test?

    can someone plese tell me how to perform a KOH test exactly perferably using some other easily available kitchen friendly base? david aurora mentions this test on certain bleeding agarics. i want to test my garden finds.
  7. seachangeau

    how do I perform a KOH test?

    can someone plese tell me how to perform a KOH test exactly perferably using some other easily available kitchen friendly base? david aurora mentions this test on certain bleeding agarics. i want to test my garden finds.
  8. seachangeau

    Lepista nuda?

    looking very blewitty - lucky you. are we neighbours in northern tassie? i found a blewity looking thingy and was getting all excited (but it had a brown spore print) since they are cultivated in teh northern hemisphere - the sydney firm who had them in culture stopped seling them apparently. i wonder if someone has spawn left around?
  9. seachangeau

    Bloody Agaric - ID please

    mmm yes let's go with that since i haven't died several days later. it's a good match technically under a tree, in a garden rather than a forest, the hooked base of stem is noticeable in this website pics and in my mushroom when it's fully mature http://www.rogersmushrooms.com/gallery/DisplayBlock~bid~5500~gid~~source~gallerydefault.asp - i saw that last year; dr gates didn't suggest it though when i sent a photo and description. worth cultivating do we think if i can get a positive ID?
  10. seachangeau

    Edible mushrooms of 2013 - photos, etc

    hi , i thought i had posted my . Has anyone else collected edible agarics that 'bleed'? Dr Gates had this to say about it last year " The 'rubescens' group of the genus Agaricus all stain red compared with the 'xanthodermati' group which stain yellow. Often when they are wet they behave a bit differently, i.e. the pigment can become more prevalent. We have Lepiota haemorrhagica but I don't know of Agaricus haemorrhagicus. Actually if it has brownish sclaes it sounds like the one I had on my front lawn in 2010-it was a rapid red bruiser." Notice she didn't exactly name it. Found lots of references in a book i bought this year 'all that the rain promises' on similar sounding north american species varying from 'presumed edible' to very tasty. Mine's a tasty one.
  11. seachangeau

    Bloody Agaric - ID please

    this is the second year i have found this 'bleeder' in my garden. Dark chocolatey spores under a lovely buff cap and a firm silky stem which becomes quite slender and elegant and separates nicely from cap just like an edible agaric should. They start life as little chunky brown marshmallows covered in dirt - looking rather like a common yellow stainer. today i also found another in town while walking the dog and fossicking for mushrooms since it has been raining and i went to the Fungimap day last weekend ( they gave me a cool little kit to play citizen scientist with ). Of course the kit was at home! but i had david aurora's book 'all that the rain promises' handy. He describes species that bleed profusely where the cap meets stalk like this in california and alaska. I haven't seen a mention of it in oz before - anyone? http://youtu.be/jeTFpyB1AtI
  12. seachangeau

    bad mushroom hunting form

    well you can just go and put the blame on anyone at the markets who sells saffies they didn't get from their own forest i reckon. name and shame - sick tracy grimshaw and the ACA team onto them
  13. seachangeau

    Free shiitake dowels

    me please? have just started a mushrrom growing group with a few friends.
  14. seachangeau

    Edible mushrooms of 2013 - photos, etc

    http://astrotas.wordpress.com/2012/04/11/534/ got to get up early to get them before the grubs , they should be peeled - they don't agree with everyone. there are different edible slippery jacks and poisonous confusables so go out with someone etc....
  15. seachangeau

    Edible mushrooms of 2013 - photos, etc

    Craterellus in NSW WIngello state forest March 2012 found while searching for lactarius http://www.blueswami.com/craterellus_cornucopioides.html google is so clever! http://bie.ala.org.au/species/urn:lsid:catalogueoflife.org:taxon:d6db9799-2dc5-11e0-98c6-2ce70255a436:col20110201 for the australian atlas reports