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  1. Evil Genius

    Help with i.d

    Wish I could help, but have no idea. Could be something like Crassula.
  2. Evil Genius

    Going going gone

    Hey mate, these belong into the Trichocereus spachianus group. There's quite a few forms and related species that belong to it. I don't think it's the well known Trichocereus spachianus clone that's around, but it's certainly close to it. Please post flower photos when it flowers. Bye Eg
  3. Evil Genius

    Germinating Newbie

    Hey mate, how long has it been since you planted them? At which temperatures did you have them. Personally, I sow out in a mix of Pumice, Lava and Coir and I wouldn't want Vermiculite in my sowing soil. It's not that it kills seeds, but there are minerals that produce much better results. Picking up seeds that were already sown out is possible, but very time consuming. I'd probably rather let everything dry out when nothing shows after 2 months and then start another wet cycle when the weather is hot.
  4. Evil Genius

    Post awesome gifs here

    Lets start a thread where we post our best/funniest/weirdest Gifs here! I start:
  5. Lets share some wisdom! I start: - Its a bad idea to unscrew the cooler of your car shortly after you drove. - Girls like you a lot more if you pretend to be gay!
  6. Evil Genius


    Hey mate, send me your contact email address via pm and I'll pass it on to him. Bye Patrick
  7. Hey mate, what browser do you use and do you use any sctiptblockers? It definitely works for me from Android mobile. Just checked. Might have to do with the browser.
  8. Evil Genius

    Giveaway competition 2020

    Hey mate, great to see you.I'm out of competition because of import restrictions, but happy to start this off! Love this Trichocereus validus.
  9. Evil Genius

    Lost the label

    Hey mate, yeah, the possibilities are endless. It definitely has a Super Pedro look to it, so that one were my very first choice if I'd have to pick one.
  10. Evil Genius

    A quick introduction

    Hey mate, welcome aboard.
  11. Evil Genius

    Cacti Root Systems

    Hey mate, are these different types of seedlings or species or the same? Different species have different growth rates, both in regards to the body and the roots. Then, the soil definitely looks different in structure, which could make a big difference too. Even if it's the same ingredients, their structure might be different or there might be additional add-ons in one soil that aren't visible, e.g. clay dust is often added to improve the root formation. Also, soil pH might be different, which could make rooting easier or more difficult. Position in the greenhouse/garden/environment might play a part too. A spot that's in full sun means less soil humidity and one that's more in the shade would provide more humidity in the soil. Both have effect on the roots. And yeah, nutrient availability or fertilizer composition might be different. For example, I use extracts and fertilizers containing silica because it improves the root formation dramatically. Lots of ways to look into this and hard to tell what the culprit was. Bye Eg
  12. Evil Genius

    Just showing off my T. bridgesii

    Lovely plant, mate!
  13. Evil Genius

    Cactus collection looking sickly... any advice?

    Extreme dehydration due to unsuitable soil. The minerals you have there would probably be fine, but it lacks finer ingredients so water runs straight through it. Get some finer Pumice, Lava, Coir and stuff like that and mix it evenly. Roots can't properly form around these huge particles. They are just too loose, and it just makes it very hard for the plants to get a good root system. And ditch the quartz topping layer too. It makes it even harder to judge about the humidity of the soil because you can't check it easily. And yeah, more water and fertilizer in the future. Bye Eg
  14. Hi Guys, this is a new Project I am starting. Everyone with access to flowering San Pedro Hybrids, please get in touch with me and i will hook you up with the seed of my own crosses of Trichocereus Hybrids that are flowering with a multicolored flower or with a flower in a color other than white. I have selectively bred some Trichocereus Hybrids that flower EXTREMELY EARLY with a very small size. If you have some flowering trichos in your garden or collection, please let me know and i will send some of the seed to you! All i ask in return is that you please use the plants you raise from that seed to breed it with some San Pedro Cacti to create San Pedros with a colored flower! You can use them as mother or as father. Both directions will be badass! I already grow five San Pedro Hybrids with colored flowers and I want to increase that number now! This year, I´ve given seed of them to some skilled growers and you will be able to get some cuttings as soon as it´s raised. I only had like 30 viable seeds so couldn´t give out more. But in the next years, we will have some badass flowers on your Plants!
  15. Evil Genius

    ID Pretty Please

    Hey mate, looks VERY PC to me too.
  16. Evil Genius

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    A greenhouse will be the death of me one day.
  17. Evil Genius

    ID please

    Yeah, Opuntia, but really hard differentiating them from just a small piece like this. They can look very similar at this size. Lovely plants though.
  18. Hey mate, first two are Myrtillocactus geometrizans, then a Pilosocereus, then a Harrisia, next two are Myrtillocactus, then Cereus and the last one is a Myrtillocactus that has a massive scale infection. Hope this helps, bye Eg
  19. Evil Genius

    Tricho ID - Old school pedro

    Hey mate, the Trichocereus pachanoi 'YOWIE' has spines like this!
  20. Evil Genius

    Trichocereus naming of hybrids

    Hey mate, the overall conventions on how to officially name plants applies to cacti as well. There's no registry that collects and regulates Cactus cultivars, but for a name to be officially recognized as cultivar you need to provide the following things. It's an excerpt from my hybrids book.
  21. Evil Genius

    Two Id’s

    Hey mate, first one is probably a clumping Echinopsis Crest. There's Trichocereus candicans crests that look similar but the spines just don't fit for that one. Bye Eg
  22. Evil Genius

    Cacti issues (heat?)

    Hey mate, this is sunburn. The combo of heat and sun was too much for these. I'd put these a bit in the shade so it can heal adequately. Bye Eg
  23. Evil Genius

    seed sale gone wrong

    Hey mate, thanks for bringing it to our attention. This needs to be resolved ASAP. Please keep us informed how it goes. Ghosting customers is not a good thing and if we see it around here, we look really closely.
  24. Alright, i reconsidered and will be giving you guys one last chance to keep this discussion on track. Therefore you get the oportunity for a fresh clean start! But this Thread is only the CONTINUATION of the old Thread and i dont want you guys to repost all the stuff that was already discussed months ago. This is the old Thread: http://www.shaman-au...showtopic=26444 Please make sure to check if what you wanna say was already discussed there before hitting the post button here. If this thread will look like the old one in a few days, i will not make another one. If someone trolls your Thread, report it and we will make sure the Thread stays on track. bye Eg
  25. Evil Genius

    old account

    Hey mate, I am not sure if it's actually the case but merging accounts like that might not be supported by the software. I've seen hacks in older versions, but not sure if it's possible in this version. Would definitely recommend bringing it up with Torsten as he knows the software best.