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    Chem Free Regen...

    Ive done Bush regeneration for a job for past 2 years but I just quit... Its just come down to spraying too much chemical and I feel it was destroying my soul... I dont feel the as though the industry will ever get ontop of the problem and doing regen in this way is adding to the problem. Im all for having native bushland but ive come to terms with the facts exotic plants are here to stay. I dream of owning a company that does Chemical Free Bush Regeneration but this would mean slowing down the work rate 10x and adding the labour 10x. My reason for this topic is too ask the question : What is everyones opinion on how Bush Regeneration is Handled? I live in SE QLD and have only worked for Councils and 1 Private contractor so I cant say I know how other people tackle the situation but I would love to here people opinions on the Chemicals used and the idea of Bush Regeneration in general.
  2. I work in the bush everyday doing regen and reveg and I come across alot of interesting plants that im sure you guys would love. Im still a bit novice compared to some in the whole plant id area. To make my learning a bit more fun and interesting I would love if you guys gave me a few objectives such as naming some rare or much wanted plants for me to find. My goal will be to collect you photos, seeds, leaf presses ect... So please name some plants that will be fun to track down and also give reasons why you chose this particular one. I am mainly around the gold coast from the beach to the hinterland.
  3. Barefootpicker

    Ipomoea violacea "heavenly blue" seeds 4 sale/trade

    If its grows anything like Ipomoea cairica, I.purpurea I.indica pleeease please keep it away! many people spend endless hours removing these vines from gardens and bushland. It grows fast and smothers the canopy of alot of native trees eventualy resulting in dead tree. Its very widespread already and behond our control. Nasty stuff
  4. Barefootpicker

    Salvia help

    I know nothing , cant help ya, your own your own sorry
  5. Barefootpicker

    SE QLD private plant detective

    Ok ill start draging some branches down to the creek ;) And sounds like a good first objective Halcyon my mission starts Tuesday