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  1. Chef's Foreskin

    FREE cereus peruvianus

    I have only recieved the odd PM as in post code.. Offer still stands so PM posty if you are keen Cam
  2. Chef's Foreskin

    POLL: How should Rumple/Chef redeem himself.

    I completely understand.. read the rest of this post.. I take my hat off to you mate, you were the only first person to begin... But please read further.. I am about to answer them after this post.. Please read further on.. (p.s, havent been online for a lil bit) If I was going to rip someone/people off AGAIN I dont think I would have posted/commented here to begin with!!! Please do not just new members because of me!! If I am not here as Chef's Foreskin I am not here in general.. The thought of more deceit sickens me... Please continue reading this thread (I have to post more after all these quotes if you/everyone reads them before I can post more) ^^you know guy's, he even did say to hang around and learn from my experience ect... ^^ , again.. I have to post soon so please just wait... Cam
  3. Chef's Foreskin

    POLL: How should Rumple/Chef redeem himself.

    Are you done, Psylo? you have made your point, you do not like me.. so stop being a child..
  4. Chef's Foreskin

    POLL: How should Rumple/Chef redeem himself.

    Will you marry me HD? But seriously, I am keeping out of this thread certain types of people are just pissing me off. But I do apreciate some folk being honest, If anyone has anything to say, please tell me either via PM or in my Chef/RF thread edit.. not anyone in particular
  5. Chef's Foreskin

    Cyrenian House/Farm - Perth

    Well said chnt! I cannot relate to the topic, just thought chnt had a point.
  6. Chef's Foreskin

    Caespiatosa from seed - has anyone grown some ?

    WB with the hook ups again!
  7. Chef's Foreskin


    Space Duck!
  8. Chef's Foreskin

    Croc eats nine pet dogs - NT

    you know you can get cute little plastic emblems to stick on ya croc's nowa days? LOL. wtf? dogs eating people? eew
  9. Chef's Foreskin


  10. Chef's Foreskin

    POLL: How should Rumple/Chef redeem himself.

    I understand people are making jokes about punishment but I apreciate people be honest like Psylo, dion and myco. Why the eff haven't you people came to find my house and burn me alive? No joke intended there.
  11. Chef's Foreskin

    Eileen's Ginger Beer plant recipe

    Thanks for your help mate. I am going to try this in a week or two.. But say I want an alcoholic one how long should I leave it to 'brew' ?
  12. Chef's Foreskin

    Eileen's Ginger Beer plant recipe

    So does that mean fresh ginger with skin on is better?
  13. Chef's Foreskin

    2 piece puzzle

    lol, I will try.. If its ok, I will post pics here within the week once I attempt it
  14. Chef's Foreskin

    Eileen's Ginger Beer plant recipe

    I know this thread is yr's old but how is the liquid turned into alcohol? Just outta curiosity edit.. I mean what makes it actualy ferment? Maybe a time frame to get it 'alcoholic'?