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  1. Happy Birthday too you!!!!

    have an awesome day!

  2. briliant_botanist

    Tobacco seeds giveaway (Shirazi)

    Yes please if there are any still available thanks!
  3. Mind is a ceaseless emanating  river, which disappears as it grows stronger to manifest our precious ocean of phenomena as continually beginning anew as infinite variation unending in beauty

  4. briliant_botanist

    Some seed to giveaway

    May I please be considered for this seed giveaway? I can trade super hot chili seed or N.tabacum
  5. briliant_botanist

    ID Request please

    I found these cute lil dudes growing near my jolika & Sidia in the garden & am curious as to what they are ?
  6. briliant_botanist

    Tobacco seeds giveaway (Shirazi)

    I am keen as thankyou I have an abundance of N.tabacum seed if you like!
  7. briliant_botanist

    Solar power questions

    I'd definitely go with Gel Cell Deep cycle sealed battery's linked in parallel banks!
  8. briliant_botanist

    Saffron Giveaway

    Okay cool WB was trying out my humor muscle! lmao!
  9. briliant_botanist

    Post your word of the moment

  10. briliant_botanist

    Saffron Giveaway

    hello ill try dinner for two with a hairy view (69)!
  11. briliant_botanist

    Seeds and cuts swap

    Very interested in a few of the above mentioned species , what would you be seeking as trade? thanks in advance BB
  12. briliant_botanist

    ID needed please !

    Im new to growing suculents & am having problems identifying this particular one ( think it is of the hawthhornia variety?)
  13. Good Evening people Hope you all had a wonderful & productive day!

  14. briliant_botanist

    Garden Journal/Software

    Try Microsoft Excel It works for me + you can add / combine a video or picture file also!
  15. Why O Why would a human voluntarily poison themselves in this manner? "f*&k's Me!