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  1. Happy Birthday too you!!!!

    have an awesome day!

  2. Yes please if there are any still available thanks!
  3. Mind is a ceaseless emanating  river, which disappears as it grows stronger to manifest our precious ocean of phenomena as continually beginning anew as infinite variation unending in beauty

  4. May I please be considered for this seed giveaway? I can trade super hot chili seed or N.tabacum
  5. I found these cute lil dudes growing near my jolika & Sidia in the garden & am curious as to what they are ?
  6. I am keen as thankyou I have an abundance of N.tabacum seed if you like!
  7. I'd definitely go with Gel Cell Deep cycle sealed battery's linked in parallel banks!
  8. Okay cool WB was trying out my humor muscle! lmao!
  9. Squirter!
  10. hello ill try dinner for two with a hairy view (69)!
  11. Very interested in a few of the above mentioned species , what would you be seeking as trade? thanks in advance BB
  12. Im new to growing suculents & am having problems identifying this particular one ( think it is of the hawthhornia variety?)
  13. Good Evening people Hope you all had a wonderful & productive day!

  14. Try Microsoft Excel It works for me + you can add / combine a video or picture file also!
  15. Why O Why would a human voluntarily poison themselves in this manner? "f*&k's Me!