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  1. simhanada

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Sunday June 2nd or 16th could work for me.
  2. simhanada

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I'll turn up for a couple of hours
  3. I'll be going, see you there. anyone needing a lift from Thornbury area let me know
  4. simhanada

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I'm otherwise occupied this weekend. Enjoy, those that make it
  5. simhanada

    Youtube vids

  6. simhanada

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Looks like it'll be cold! Who's planning on going?
  7. simhanada

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Still going ahead on the 18th Aug it seems
  8. Any updates on the dates from the caravan park? Trying to organise my December already
  9. simhanada

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Planning ahead, Saturday the 18th of Oct, into the evening. https://www.theurbanlist.com/melbourne/a-list/melbourne-festival
  10. simhanada

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I reckon I could make that weekend.
  11. simhanada

    EGA ticket for trade

    still available? I know someone that may be interested.
  12. simhanada

    Meet up: Melbourne

    hoping to make it too. If I do I'll definitely be late.
  13. simhanada

    SAB peeps at EGA roll call! (Who's going?!)

    I have my ticket. Things are a bit difficult though at the moment so fingers crossed I can still make it. I haven't been on here for awhile. Nearly forgotten how to SAB too
  14. simhanada

    Fair work laws

    Adding to that. The government was good. I got a basic retrenchment package, my long service leave, holiday pay etc payed out by a government scheme. But super was lost.