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  1. simhanada

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I'll turn up for a couple of hours
  2. I'll be going, see you there. anyone needing a lift from Thornbury area let me know
  3. simhanada

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I'm otherwise occupied this weekend. Enjoy, those that make it
  4. simhanada

    Youtube vids

  5. simhanada

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Looks like it'll be cold! Who's planning on going?
  6. simhanada

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Still going ahead on the 18th Aug it seems
  7. Any updates on the dates from the caravan park? Trying to organise my December already
  8. simhanada

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Planning ahead, Saturday the 18th of Oct, into the evening. https://www.theurbanlist.com/melbourne/a-list/melbourne-festival
  9. simhanada

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I reckon I could make that weekend.
  10. simhanada

    EGA ticket for trade

    still available? I know someone that may be interested.
  11. simhanada

    Meet up: Melbourne

    hoping to make it too. If I do I'll definitely be late.
  12. simhanada

    SAB peeps at EGA roll call! (Who's going?!)

    I have my ticket. Things are a bit difficult though at the moment so fingers crossed I can still make it. I haven't been on here for awhile. Nearly forgotten how to SAB too
  13. simhanada

    Fair work laws

    Adding to that. The government was good. I got a basic retrenchment package, my long service leave, holiday pay etc payed out by a government scheme. But super was lost.
  14. simhanada

    Fair work laws

    yeah, sometimes. I've been screwed out of super after the company decided to use our super to keep itself afloat. Then it went under and we all lost our entitlements. Nothing we could do to get it back and no-one got prosecuted in the end. However, I won't be caught out again. If any shifty fucker doesn't pay me my super when its due I have no problem fighting for it and taking them to the ATO if needed. Report that shit to the ATO straight away and look after your own(your wife's) interests cause her boss sure as hell has no intention to. Report the wage underpayments too, fuck em.