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  1. Thanks everyone for the interest so far! Am goin to have to put this on hold for now as some big jobs have just come through with work I will be replying to everyone that has shown interest so far as soon as things quite down again,hopefuly soon Apologies for the delay And ps sorry no more enquiries sorry am backlogged!!
  2. Cheers mr hillbillyious, would appreaciate them going to good homes
  3. Hi all, Unfortunately the time has come -many little mixed tricho seedlings are beeing evicted from the garden due to family/landlord issues Free! To good homes Some are a bit neglected but with some love and care which I can no longer provide them, most will come good! Unfortunately I dont have time/$ to organize pack npost so pickups from western Sydney only sorry Pm for details- will be worth your while!
  4. It's probably me causing the confusion my appologies I was not disagreeing only trying to suggest and encourage that not having sterile spawn for outdoor patch is ok ,
  5. Spawn from an existing outdoor patch is stronger and more resilient to competition than sterile spawn if continuing to live outside Maybe try spreading your eggs to multiple baskets, half of those chips could start a miny patch in the shady spot, will do best there! If you wanted more spawn just dig it up every month and expand by adding more chips The top layers will dry out so the key to success is layers...something like an inch of chips, layer of moist cardboard, more chips maybe 2-6 or more inch of chips then another layer of cardboard moist and than an extra inch or 2 of chips on top for insulation. This top layer will most probably dry out but will keep everything under the top cardboard moist, the top inch or two directly under the top cardboard may even be too moist so place spawn below this Mycelium also loves Hessian, Stamets did not lie, try experiment with layers of this if you can, u will not be disappointed in combinations with the cardboard 4-6 well colonized clusters or chips will easily colonize a one liter takeaway container in 3-4 weeks Moist corrugated cardboard on bottom, then Hessian then chips then a top layer of Hessian, Both cardboard and Hessian can be pretreated with boiling water then cooled just in case Some pics of king stropharia (SRA) colonizing woodchips in non sterile conditions in takeaway containers And another unknown showing some sublime growth mycelium on hessian
  6. Found this on a job a few weeks back, Got it in the shade in a bucket of damp sand to try keep it going Haven't had any luck with getting it to take to agar though, the fruit is so thin and tough/leathery that it is extremely difficult to take an internal tissue sample for cloning Might try a core sample of the trunk if I can figure out how
  7. Hi Luke, The easiest way to get Bsf larvae is to start a composting worm farm, guaranteed come summer your worm farm will get overun with Bsf larvae! Have not been clever enough to build a proper self harvester that works myself, but they are definitely still resident in the worm bin Could dig out a few for ya but they aren't exactly swarming at moments as its winter Also im not sure a few larvae will help, as the trick to success is attracting the flys back to the chamber to lay eggs, eggs is what your really after Hopefully someone else has more experience with this to help, if not drop us a pm
  8. gnome82

    king stroph - SRA spawn just about ready.

    Very excite! Will definitely grab a bag of sra when ready:) Thankyou muchly!
  9. gnome82

    An introduction

    Macroscopically the colour of the spore print will often be a very important indicator in distinguishing between similar looking species, Under the microscope it is my understanding that spores alone can often identify between species as each will differ like unique fingerprints
  10. gnome82

    An introduction

    there may be some restrictions on posting (like private msgs)until you have made like 5 or 10 posts? Somebody pls correct me if wrong Edit-I'm think I'm wrong there must be something else going on. Because I just saw somebody with one post post a pic Try using the 'more reply options' button where you can attach files (pics) by uploading them and then attach to post u shouldnt have to make an album hope this helps
  11. gnome82

    Macrolepiota clelandii

    Hi all, are these Macrolepiota? found early april southcoast(shoalhaven) also is this Chlorophyllum molybdites? sorry bad pic, did not take spore print, but the gills went olive green on maturity thanks =)
  12. i find it amazingly absurd that it costs over $200million to Not cut aforest down that aside, conserving/protecting the Amazon is obviously a priceless endeavour
  13. gnome82

    Mushroom seeds

    Any luck with these sally? would love to hear any succes stories found this... http://www.faqs.org/patents/app/20130280791 a patent on using dehydrated mycelium/fibre pellets to form custom molded products to replace styrofoam so in theory these products must work? its a shame to hear about the high contam rate- wondering if the culture is contam before dehydration or the spores just arrive through the not even sealed paper packet grain is probably not the best for this, wood/cellulose pellets probably more resistant to contam this is what grew for me... got a feeling its not pleurotus mycellium though!
  14. gnome82

    printing store bought oysters?

    well there was just no stopping these pins 2 layers of clingwrap wasnt enough to slow growth, not havin a go ace, just reporting progress fortunatley there was also mycelial gowth aswell as pinning, which on first transfer appears to be continuing to grow without pinning appologies if this came across as pretentious, my comunication skills are poor at the best of times there probably should have been a question mark in there or something as i was trying to check wether the agar mix was too nutritious or not anywayz, am loving H202 agar, no more f*#kn glooveboxes! for the first time i do not resent the awquardness of agar work, but obviously this will make starting from spore somewhat challenging
  15. gnome82

    printing store bought oysters?

    Yes agreed need to try something, the premature pinning must be using energy better put towards mycelial growth at this stage will try couple layers of clingwrap hopefully enough have read 10 micrometer garbage bags are permeable enough to allow gas exchange Am using h2o2 in agar, will this be a source of excess oxygen? the mycelium must need some o2 though The agar mix was 12gm malt and 5gm sawdust 1gm yeast and powered milk per Litre now I could be wrong but I thought this was on the lighter side of recommended nutrient, just trying to eliminate possible causes