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  1. ~Sneaky

    Rosebud Salvia 2013 giveaway

    hey there, god damn its being a while... Well if you still have some i would love to get a cutting if possible. edit; Sorry never mind my garden is being occupied a friend of mine just gave me 3x Variety of seeds. thank you very much for the giveaway tho.
  2. ~Sneaky

    Wanted psychotria established plant

    http://ethnobotany.com.au/store/ try there...
  3. ~Sneaky

    420th post giveaway

    1302- this number, its being following me everywhere i go...., Its still following to this day.
  4. ~Sneaky

    Nicotiana Giveaway!

    I'd love some please, TCS , Thank you kind and generous being.
  5. ~Sneaky

    Free Bhut jolokia seeds

    if still available id love some! Chilli's are amazing!
  6. ~Sneaky

    WTB - Various Plants

    Hello there guys, im pretty new to the forums , its also getting pretty close to Spring. VERY CLOSE so i want to improve and renovate my garden, Im looking for the following: Tree's & Etc -------- Acacia.Acuminata Acacia.Obtusifolia Caapi Cacti ------ L.williamsii Others -------- Datura Metel & possibly others. HBWR Khat Psychotria (Various) Salvia (Various) M.Speciosa (I AM NOT SURE IF THIS IS LEGAL IF NOT THAN IGNORE THIS) And similar!
  7. ~Sneaky

    WTB: HBWR Seed

    I also am looking for some HBWR Seeds.
  8. the actual items in the kit are legal however the spores them selves make the kit illegal. If you do buy the kit, it wont be picked up unless they manage to pick up the spores. EDIT- Try finding a kit without spores if thats possible, there is a much higher chance it will pass. however i dont recommend buying the kit with spores, you will most likely regret it.
  9. ~Sneaky


    try phalaris brachystachys
  10. That sounds absolutely awful, sounds pretty dodgy, quit don't go back working there again, However I'm sure there is some way to get money because you got "under payed, worked a lot and got abused." call a lawyer ? That could be a option?
  11. My soil mixture is quiet odd but it works amazingly its a bit pricey though- Mix Potting soil 3/6th , Perlite 1/6, Vermiculite 1/6 and Mushroom compost 1/6th. Funny thing is i just started growing poppies and they grew hugggge! Mine are between half a meter to a meter tall! with huge cabbage like leafs, they're wonderful Plants.
  12. ~Sneaky

    OTC - Cough medicine

    I am aware that here in Victoria you may not buy more than 3 Bottles OTC HOWEVER! You may go to one Pharmacy obtain 2 bottles than show up at the next and buy as many as you wish with this method, id imagine it would be the same with online except for the fact that someone has a record of you buying more than 2, If you ask me this law is pretty much pointless maybe the government is trying to stop people from buying large amounts to Extract a large amount and than sell it? im not sure, but you can definitely buy as much as you want LEGALLY.
  13. ~Sneaky

    Newbie question - spore prints and life span

    Store in a Cool, Dry, Dark Place and it should keep fresh and nice for months, Start with PF TEK Google for help, ~S