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  1. Mickodog

    Cactus Cuts 4 Sale

    pm'd for some seedlings
  2. Mickodog

    Planthelper F2 seeds giveaway

    Got em yesterday also thanks heaps Halcyon!
  3. I have some HBWR, 60 from last season. pm me if you want em
  4. Mickodog

    Hot chili pepper seeds giveaway!

    Sounds like a fun game! Cheers bro!
  5. Mickodog

    Planthelper F2 seeds giveaway

    I would love some! Thanks heaps!
  6. Mickodog

    Free Trichocereus hybrid seed!

    You da man! Thank you Interbeing!
  7. Mickodog

    4 x grafts up for grabs

    Cool! Thanks Gilligan
  8. Mickodog

    Ayahuasca retreats in Peru

    Thanks guys, wasn't sure if I should book anything before I go or just turn up. Want to research and prepare as much as possible.
  9. Mickodog

    Help with Amsterdam Accommodation Please

    Hotel Nadia - As far as I know the only hotel in Amsterdam with your own private balcony (smoke friendly) overlooking the streets and canals, close to Dam Square. Coolest hotel I reckon only you cant bring non-registed guest back to the room. Utopia is ok, B & B/Coffeeshop/Hostel with single rooms; cheap and cheerful. I think you will struggle to get a good private room for a $100 a night.
  10. Mickodog

    Ayahuasca retreats in Peru

    Thanks Buttsack just watched 'Other Worlds' again. You are right, the Shaman on this seems to be the real deal. Planning for a month.
  11. Mickodog

    Ayahuasca retreats in Peru

    Anyone know of a good Ayahuasca retreat in Peru? So many to choose from, anyone been to any? Any recommendations or advice is appreciated. Cheers
  12. Mate, very generous of you!!! Any chance in some Psycho0 x super pedro seeds and a couple of peres cuts? Cheers bud
  13. Mickodog

    Phleb Seed Giveaway Number 2

    Just received. Thank you again to both of you for your generosity. IT IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!! I feel honoured!