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  1. Hi Guys

    After being passionate gardener and corroboree member for several years and now as part of my evolution I taken then initiative to take a step into the world of Mycology. And have entered the "mycology" part of the forum.

    I just completed a Mycology course past weekeend with "Forestfungi" with Will & Dan.

    It was great. I learn the art of tissue culture.

    Now I need to get my equipment to get started.

    If anyone is selling gear second hand I would be interested.

    (large pressure cooker!) & any many other things. If you have anything good for a neewbie let me know plz.

    Also I am after Agar dishes of mycelium ...

    I can pay $$ or trade tricho cacti seedlings or cuts.

    Also i am after some agar of various psilocybe species for microscopic purposes only.

    Thanks everyone


  2. yea will do bro. I will wait for it to get a bit bigger and get brown wood cutting.

    yes i laid out the cash for it...But it trully is the healthiest brug in my garden.

    Unfortunately the cuttings I got from you didnt make it..

    I will share this baby around the community in time as she grows. I will get cuttings going.

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  3. Hey Bullit !

    Yes i bought a cutting from ;


    early this year...started as a 6 inch cutting with roots. Now its bloody huge and flowering.

    When it gets a bit bigger i will do a cutting and attempt to root a few. When I get success I will contact you and send one off as a trade.

    This one is amazing. Its so healthy too. I bought a few from this supplier in autumn. They are all so healthy and pest resistant.

    Dwarf Pink'n'Green

    Gorgeous flowers. Strong crisp pink with lime green and white throat. Sometimes the flower tentacles are also lime green. A very special variety. Smaller nodding flowers. Well suited to growing in large pots. One of our favourite cultivars. $54.00


    bloody expensive but bloody good quality hey

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  4. This is Insane


    Chile newborn 'dies in sect ritual'
    _67248566_foto.jpgPolice are hunting Ramon Gustavo Castillo Gaete

    Police in Chile have arrested four people accused of burning a newborn baby to death in a "healing ritual".

    Those arrested include the mother of the child, and the suspects are said to be members of a religious sect.

    The three-day old baby was thrown into a bonfire in November in the town of Colliguay because the group reportedly considered it an antichrist.

    Their alleged leader, Ramon Gustavo Castillo Gaete, has been on the run since February.

    Mr Castillo Gaete, who was known as "Antares from the Light", considered himself a god and believed the world was about to end on 21 December 2012, authorities say.

    He is thought to be the father of the murdered baby.

    He is accused of convincing the mother, Natalia Guerra, to hand over the newborn for the "sacrifice".

    Hallucinogenic drugs

    The baby was born in a clinic of Vina del Mar, Miguel Ampuero, vice-chief of the Chilean Investigative Police (PDI), told reporters.

    But the authorities soon found out the newborn had never been officially registered.

    _67248409_room.jpgThe police examined a house to find the charred remains of the baby

    "`The baby was naked. They gagged around her mouth to keep her from screaming. Then they strapped her to a board. After summoning the spirits, they threw her on the bonfire alive,'' the investigator said.

    The fire had been previously prepared in a two-metre deep hole in the ground.

    The sect is thought to have been founded in 2005.

    Members apparently consumed ayahuasca, a potent hallucinogenic plant used for centuries by South American indigenous peoples, during their rituals.

    Investigators say Mr Castillo Gaete had sexual relations with all the women in the sect.

    He was last seen before travelling to Peru to buy ayahuasca, authorities say.

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  5. I also have a few plants that I could offer up if any of your other arrangements fall through. There is usually plenty on ebay too. Peace Muskrat

    Hi Muskrat

    thnx for your back up plan.

    Trailblazer has sorted with with a youngin

    and Bromo fanatasy has got me an established.

    that should get things started for me. I wont be greedy.

    But if any disaters I will get back in contact.

    much appreciated. thnx

    Also...as an appreciation to everyone contributing to this thread.

    I am offering free trichocereus seedlings pach x perus....

    pm your details and i will send one out to each of you if you like.



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  6. Just in case it's necessary for this to be said:

    I recommend your friend be getting conventional western treatment for cancer as well, if she isn't already. Too many people have died because they put too much faith in slow-working herbal remedies, and thought they didn't need chemotherapy to survive...

    Herbal medicine will help the healing process in the long run for sure, but with an immediate problem like cancer, it isn't an aggressive enough response.

    Hi Scarecrow

    thnx for your advice. True what you say.

    Yes I am aware his mother has had western therapies etc over the years.

    I am sure this is an additional therapy to help with the battle and healing process.

    Plants and positive thought go along way.

    She is very happy to hear everyone on the forum here is so helpful. She is delighted to hear a plant is on the way for her.

    My friend and his mother sends his respects and thnx to all the great people on this forum.

    =) =)

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  7. Trichoshaman my last order of seeds from kiwi was sent unlabelled (an honest slip up on his part, I had asked him to but it's not standard procedure for him). They were fully legit tropical fruit seeds. AQIS intercepted it and gave me 30 days to get a declaration from the supplier stating their ID; I helped him quickly knock up a letterhead and note declaring the ID which he had back to me scanned within a few days. I was a little down hearted when the email address to aqis bounced and the phone led me to voice mail but much to my surprise I got a call back in less than 48 hrs - she was still unsure of the email situation (changeover to DAFF and ensuing confusion) but was happy to take my word for it over the phone for what they were and would call me if she had any issues (this was a couple of days ago now). I can only assume everything is fine. This has been my most pleasant dealing with AQIS to date.

    Kiwi is now also more aware of Australian quarantine law and working on improving his paperwork to send to customers in this country.

    Emphasise that you need them labeled and would like a certificate of identity and you should be fine. His shipping is very nice actually.

    Thnx for the advice Endorfinder. Much appreciated.

    I will make some purchases from kiwi in future.


    happy gardening =)

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