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  1. dam lucky find ! i would have grabbed it if i saw it too i was there just after closing time..ol lady waited for me and sold me the bags. I quickly asked her if she had any trichos or lophs in stock..she said no. hahaha it was bloody hot I think she just wanted to go home.
  2. inti

    Looking for.....

    hey teo i can give you a pereskiopsis cut pm details trichoshaman
  3. inti

    Sinicuichi seed giveaway - LAST 10 (updated 12/2)

    pmd ! thanks
  4. inti

    u colour blind? lol

    i got 23 .... did it during work
  5. looks like a great experience.... $200 discount if ya book before Jan15. Return flights that time of year you can get just under $2000 if you look right places
  6. yea i know bizare hey ... it was a 30cm cutting I planted around March 2012. It was in shade until spring came. then late spring flower started to form.
  7. inti

    Intro :)

    Ah Chile...yes nice place. Plan to get there myself one day. The south and Patagonia looks amazing. yes in La Paz you can buy small plastic bags full of fresh leaves on the street for next to nothing. Works well to with abit of bicarb soda when chewing. great when trekking or climbing in high altitude. Its a shame they are illegal in Oz. Its such a sacred medicinal plant. Well I wont say anything more than that on the forum......
  8. inti

    Intro :)

    Speaking of coca chewing. I snapped this pic of a poster I saw when I was in Bolivia. Luv my coca leaf. Its worth the long flight across the pacific just to chill in mountains and chew leaves all day. I wish I could grow here in my garden in sydney
  9. These are my first ever flowers!! is about to open any time soon is a cereus peruvianus
  10. inti

    Intro :)

    si yo viajar suda america dos times yea the second day on the inca trail has a high pass. It can be tough. But I am sure with your latin coca filled blood you will do fine ! those mountains and ruins are truly beautiful. Mucho gusto kuychi. dónde eres ? I am guessing with the fact you use to chew coca you must be from an andean country...peru ? bolivia?
  11. inti

    Acacia Phlebophylla Seeds

    have i missed out ???
  12. inti

    Intro :)

    you asked if any has been to machu pichu ? Yes I hiked the Inca trail in 2005 to Machu Picchu. Its life time experience. You get to chew lots of the coca leaves too yum yum
  13. inti

    Intro :)

    Welcome to the forum Kuychi :) Enjoy this new journey you are about to begin. Lots of great people here, knowledge, advice, generosity, friendship. Plants rock ! Good to see you started with Trcihos. Look forward to seeing your art posted. trichoshaman
  14. inti

    colour quiz!

    very interesting
  15. hi, i found this amongst my caapi. I thought it was broken off so i put it in a pot to root. Discovered it aint caapi. can anyone ID plz. is it a weed or is it "friendly" thanks
  16. thanks all for the knowledge and feedback. excellent you guys just saved my greenhouse from an invasion. i have removed the little bastard once and for all ! ;)
  17. thanks for all your thoughts and advice. the guy at my local hydro supply shop gave a me small bag of zeolite to trial. i just then sourced my diatomite from "hamiltons cacus nursery " at Llandilo here in Sydney $20 for a 35kg bag. i will do a few trial mixing in zeolite with perlite and diatomite. happy gardening
  18. oh. ok thnx thats a thumbs down !! death it shall be. i will ripped that bastard out of my greenhouse right now ;P
  19. thnx el presidente H looks like its doesnt have any medicinal benefits...might weed it out. ..although it sure is a tough survivor ... maybe i sure let it live.... ( Roman emperor raises the thumb ! ) thank you.
  20. inti

    Civilization May Not Survive 'Death Spiral'

    future looks great. anyone got some sedative herbs after reading that article haha or maybe shall i start stocking up tin food & weapons for survival of the fittest
  21. amazing grafts Stillman ! awesome collection