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    Happy birthday Trichoshaman...

  2. thanks Stillman . When I asked the lady (apparent expert) at my local "flower power" store for Pyrethium she told me "yates insect & mite killer" would do a far better job than Pyrethium. I guess she was wrong ! okie I will go back and get it,
  3. Mother f#*kers! Dam ants. Smart fellas hey... Are aphids /mealies dangerous to plant health?
  4. So the war isnt over yet ! Ok ok… sorry for the delayed response. Things have been busy..but here is the update; I took lots of advice from this thread plus a few discussions off line and I have listed below what steps I took. I cleaned out greenhouse. Included removing damp pine timber/brick plant stands and replacing with milk crates and bread crates. Timber was holding dampness. The floor is concrete slab with 2 inches of rocks. I noticed the sediment from rocks settles at bottom of rocks leaving a damp muddy sediment after a lot of water. So I mixed in some diatomite into the rocks on floor. Helping soak up moisture. Removed plants. Hosed down removing an visual creepy fellas I used “Tomato Dust” (mix of sulphur and copper) I covered leaves of caapi and viridis plus all cacti and lophs. I left for a few days then took them out of greenhouse again and hosed down. tomato dust - yates Active Ingredients 400g/kg SULFUR (S) present as elemental sulfur 40g/kg COPPER © present as copper oxychloride 0.5g/kg SPINOSAD How It Works Sulfur and Copper Oxychloride act as protectant fungicides. Sulfur is also a miticide. Spinosad, an insecticide derived from natural soil bacteria, controls tomato grubs and potato moth (tomato leaf miner). I then monitored for a few days. I noticed the ants were straight back running all over the caapi and psychotira. But little bugs/mites were gone. A few days days little bugs are back in small numbers.I then decided to spray with some organic “yates insect and mite killer” Was out in greenhouse yesterday arvo and I noticed the little fellas are back in force again.Even more than before ! ! little bastards….i don’t know …but it seems that the ants could be farming them under the leaves. I have attached a few pics. They seem to be focusing on the caapi leafs…I hit them again with the yates insect & mite killer I am curious to know exactly what these guys are and how I should get rid of them They seem to be focused on the caapi leaves…Havent seen many on the psychotria and none on the cactus grafts and lophs.
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    What do you think - Trich

    i am no expert. But those spines look like a "yowie" to me. But dont take my word for it. Someone else on the forum can confirm what it is.
  6. inti

    Seeing Plant Spirits...whilst sober

    Graftee loph spirit.
  7. oh my god! cactus heaven !!! that TBM is f**king insane!
  8. apparently i read somewhere and also had the experience. If a tricho doesnt get much direct sun in winter periods. The as sun rises in sky in spring and it gets direct sun. It stimulates seasonal response and flowering. as far as water goes. I dont water trichos in winter. But they do get rainned on. And they havent rotted or anything. they do fine. how cold are your winters? like snow ?
  9. Hey thanks everyone for all you tips and advice. This is a great forum. "Bogfrog" -- these ant/mealy bug alliance is really fascinating ! I will sure be trying out a few of the above remedies this weekend. I will buy a few chemicals from bunnings. Plus "indian dreaming" i will try out your garlic/ chilli mix. method too I will keep posted on how I go. Dam its hot today here in Sydney 45.1 in city earlier. Ok happy gardening all tricho
  10. Hi All. Thank you all so much for your time, advice and opinions. I will go and get myself some pyrethium and sulphur and also give my greenhouse a good clean out and try those chemicals out. Will see how it goes. Thanks again for your advice. Cheers T.shaman
  11. Hi Spine collector. Yes I too agree with you. Gardening, landscaping, growing plants and lately focusing on cactus has given me alot of healing, peace , patience, harmony and wisdom. I respect them alot and give them alot of time, plants heal the soul. look forward to seeing your photos when your cactus bloom. =)
  12. Tonight my Cereus Peruvianus flowered. enjoy pics
  13. inti

    Bog's garden 2012 /13 /14 &onwards

    really nice plants bogfrog. amazing collection and variety
  14. inti

    Trichocereus Cutting(s)

    yea il grab it. pmd
  15. inti

    Acacia Phlebophylla Seeds

    many thnx too folias plus thanks for bonus tricho and acuminata seeds! too kind !
  16. inti

    Aya Awakenings

    Sounds good. Hope to see other SAB members there
  17. anyone with thoughts/ opinions on this conference. I would like to hear what people think about it.
  18. Hi is anyone here going to the; The 9th International Amazonian Shamanism Conference in PERU http://www.soga-del-alma.org/2013/
  19. inti

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    inspiring Roopey nice blends. you have a nice sanctuary of plants in your garden.
  20. inti

    My first apple!

    thanks poisonshroom i will do some experimenting.
  21. inti

    My first apple!

    thanks all for your advise. thanks for link Dreamtimebliss, great stuff EG put out there. I will try that with the cement. How long do flowers open up for on trichos. Mine opened up two nights ago on the 43 degree night. But last night it was close. Can I manually open and try cement dust trick ? thanks stillman and jox for your feedback.
  22. inti

    My first apple!

    hey sorry to hijack ya post. just wanted to ask question as I have never tried pollination before. I got my first two flowers the other day. One tricho pach and one cereus peruvinanus. Do you know can you cross pollinate these two different species ???
  23. Hi, Has anyone had experience using Zeolite as part of cactus soil mix. I was chatting fella from Hyrdo supply shop. Sourcing a bag or perilte as I had run out. I asked if he supplied Diatomite. He didnt but he reccommned "Zeolite" link below to wikipedia. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeolite just wondering if anyone has experimented with this as a medium . Or peoples thoughts & opinions. thnx trichoshaman