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  1. totemgoat

    harmala alkaloids & pollination

    https://www.jofsr.org/index.php/path/article/view/30/21 this study hypothesizes that bees can literally see and may also be attracted to harmala alkaloids, with plants using them as pollination signals also contains some interesting testing on abundance & variety of harmala type alkaloids within a variety of plants - anybody got some Thalictrum aquilegiifolium seeds? edit: i might put some p. harmala seed out in the garden and see if the bees find it interesting at all hahaha
  2. not sure if it propagates well via cutting? very keen to get my hands on some, seed or otherwise. many thanks. TG
  3. totemgoat

    Australia is headed down a dark path

    Facial recognition software is now in use in the Perth CBD which gives me concerns about profiling, privacy, and general freedoms. It all seems a bit bleak/dystopic, but it is important to remember there will also be people who will create new technologies for good, and ensure new/other technologies are used for good. Hopefully for the greater population these good people are enough. I can certainly see this sort of thing becoming an important political issue over the next few elections. Though, I will say i had hoped that by now most people were a little less worried about negative gearing than they were about climate, artificial intelligence & the possibility of encroachment on political/social freedoms.
  4. totemgoat

    FOR SALE - Sceletium tortuosum - Plants

    re: our messages earlier i'll take three!
  5. totemgoat

    Free Trade Thread 2019

    thanks macca! my offer: ~20cm scop tip ~20 t. peru 'kimba' x e. ancistrophora seeds (massive amount of vari's and albinos on germination!) 10g rue
  6. "Finally, someone did the smart thing and decided to use DNA testing, as well as morphology to reclassify cacti genera and species, creating the most reliable taxonomy so far proposed. This was done by the French naturalist Joël Lodé who released his findings in the publication, Taxonomy of the Cactaceae volumes 1 &2, which is the most comprehensive work on cacti ever attempted. Thankfully, he has restored the Trichocereus genus to its rightful place as being distinct from Echinopsis. His new classifications for the Trichocereus genus, including the previously accepted names is as follows~" - Brett Lothian, Tricho Serious Ethnobotany Link: https://trichoseriousethnobotany.blogspot.com/2019/04/dna-evidence-restores-trichocereus.html?m=1&fbclid=IwAR17Rigbx4JG3cUrRuNUhTLWanwSDR2nsVwiGQVNuw0UbiZDPomzX5KBeOs Joel Lode classifies T. pachanoi and T. peruvianus as subspecies of T. macrogonus which answers and raises some questions. Not sure why this writing is yellow, probably something to do with me copying & pasting the above quote. Cheers, TG
  7. totemgoat

    Cactus for sale

    hey mate i'll grab the yowie!
  8. totemgoat

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway 2018/2019

    too generous! count me in if they aren't already all gone gimli!
  9. looking for some pereskiopsis as well as any catha varieties. if you have cool trichocereus sp. i'd love to see those too! i'm in the perth cbd
  10. could be a whole number of reasons, but my first guess would be that perception of the effectiveness of tropanes as a shamanic tool is manipulated by knowledge. by which, i mean that if one were living in the times of 'witches' and you had never heard of - let alone experienced - any kind of hallucinogen, one might naturally assume the use of 'flying ointment' to be a highly powerful, spiritual ritual. in my opinion, it could even be assumed that the negative effects of tropane alkaloids found within plants such as deadly nightshade and mandrake were in fact also part of this experience, rationalised by such logic as that a coma is god's punishment for the user performing the ritual, or that delirium is a possession of the user by spirits contacted through the ritual. those are just my guesses though. in regards to the use of tropanes as ayahuasca admixtures, i've heard that nicotine counteracts the anticholingergic effects that tropane alkaloids produce. with another typical admixture being Nicotiana rustica, apparently the poisonous aspects of tropanes could be reduced; leaving behind only the hallucinations and delirium. i'd like to stress that i've only heard that last bit of information, i don't even have a single text to cite in regards to its authenticity, the use of tropanes is inherently very dangerous, and definitely not something to be toyed with.
  11. totemgoat

    Lactuca virosa ?

    Silybum marianum
  12. totemgoat

    remedies for 'brainfriedness'

    i'm not sure i understand how the discussion led to suicide and depression Thelema, have i missed something? the predicament i'm referring to relates mostly to diminished cognitive function, not emotional disturbance, although that does no doubt remain an issue. i am almost certain this relates to LSD, and/or NBOMe. considering one example, prior to ever consuming MDMA, one friend experienced both NBOMe and LSD a number of times over a course of two years and has found a severe disruption in their thinking capabilities since these expeditions. according to them, the downgrade began after they commenced using LSD very regularly over a period of months prior to NBOMe consumption. since then, though, they began taking both 25C&25I-NBOMe, and remarked that this seems to have caused an increase in the severity of their symptoms. either way, the main purpose of this thread is to find ways to remedy and prevent the symptoms we're talking about; loss of short-term memory, difficulty focusing, visual obscurities, and the like.
  13. totemgoat

    remedies for 'brainfriedness'

    definitely of use IndianDreaming, and i really do appreciate the effort put into your writings. it seems you've just about covered all the fundamentals of rehabilitation, and i'm very impressed by that. i especially like the diary idea, even one entry a week would be enough to allow an individual some hold on the way their conditions are progressing. Anodyne, that article is unbelievable; I just sat there and slammed my way through the entire thing without a single moment of distraction. while i can't say anyone else's comments have not been useful, far the opposite in fact, that is the kind of article i originally came here looking for. i suggest everyone interested in the topic reads it, as while the amazingly helpful members here have covered the difficult process of recovery and given their own personal remedies, http://www.drugs-for...ead.php?t=25637 (The Ecstasy Manifesto) covers angles of both mechanism and damage prevention which i believe are applicable to just about any seretonin manipulating psychoactive.
  14. totemgoat

    remedies for 'brainfriedness'

    on a slightly different train of thought, does anyone know what exactly causes these feelings? precisely, i'm interested to hear why vit. B6 and 5-HTP have been recommended. if 5-HTP metabolizes to 5-HT, could its usefulness be related to a depletion of seretonin in the patient's brain? i have enough evidence in these cases to attribute at least most of the symptoms to drug use, whether or not nutrition does play a role, however, i think healthy eating is always a good idea so i will definitely keep that in mind. i would love to hear what you have to say about MDMA regardless, Anodyne. even if it doesn't precisely affect my situation, i'm sure someone, if not myself, will use the information. keep it up guys, i'm still keen to hear more ideas/thoughts/hypotheses about anything relating to this 'mental deconditioning'. thanks, TG
  15. totemgoat

    remedies for 'brainfriedness'

    i'm sorry to hear that thelema, i actually consider depression to be an even worse ailment that what we're discussing. maybe start up a thread? with the amount of great advice i've gotten i highly recommend it. i'm talking mostly LSD and the NBOMe family Anodyne. 5-HT2A & B receptors i'm guessing? many thanks everyone! and don't stop now, i'm still hungry for more info haha.