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  1. PositiveHAL

    Meet up: Melbourne

    See ewes then. Baa
  2. PositiveHAL

    Charismatic/ Ritual Breathwork

    Realise this is an old thread but does anyone have feedback on this? Or any feedback on holotropic Breathwork? Cheers
  3. PositiveHAL

    Anyone else vaping or using ecigs/ejuice? Lets talk :)

    I believe the ulcers are from the carrier juice itself and not the nicotine
  4. PositiveHAL

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I'm up for that this arvo ^ if a couple others are?...
  5. PositiveHAL

    Meet up: Melbourne

    You choose sweet cheeks @[email protected]
  6. PositiveHAL

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Hey mate 'Tis I the saber formerly known as negative Dave. I'm pretty easy for anything, could do a dinner at lentils one night or a pub around Brunswick Saturday arvo prior to going to the merkaba gig woot woot!
  7. PositiveHAL

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I won't let you drink alone! Where did you have in mind?
  8. PositiveHAL

    Meet up: Melbourne

    See you all in halfa
  9. PositiveHAL

    Opioid Plants?

    Wild Lettuce/Opium Lettuce perhaps?
  10. PositiveHAL

    Columnar Flower Buds. Got some ? Post them here.

    ^Beautiful shameless, would have been great to be there in full bloom. Make sure you spread that bridgesii around far and wide, its a very special clone
  11. PositiveHAL

    Meet up: Melbourne

    31st sounds good to me. Look forward to a frolicking
  12. Hi EG, I'm happy if you want to send all the Australian giveaways to me as one delivery and I'll distribute to those who've pm'd you. Let me know
  13. Thanks to the organisers and the speakers and all the nice folk who came along and shared plants and what not. Was a great location for the event too. To the acacia growing chap, hit me up if you want some trimmings A.stenophylla.
  14. PositiveHAL

    Giveaway: Loph & Ario seeds

    Multiple thank yous