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  1. KhatManDo

    Catha Edulis Seed :)

    Just harvested,looking to swap for some spore prints for research purposes only.
  2. KhatManDo

    Catha Edulis Seed :)

    Just harvested. For sale, 100$ for 1000 seed. Minimum order 1000. Please check your local laws regarding seed import before placing order.
  3. KhatManDo

    Hartogiella schinoides

    Seedling a few months older
  4. KhatManDo

    Variegated Catha edulis.

    it is about 4 months old when the picture was taken, and that is right, 2500 seedlings last year, slow year this year only 1500, we are busy in africa ,
  5. KhatManDo

    KHAT Wine anyone ?

    high, and lets settle this, have often put leaves and stems in red wine, and in order to get the cathinone effect you have to drink the wine within at least 4 to 5 hrs, i soaked the material in a jug of red wine in the fridge in the pub while i was drinking, and then just before leaving would have the wine and there was definitely a pick me up which was noticeable over the alcohol, if you leave it to soak for weeks all you get is cathine. and quite a mild effect, have been experimenting with this for quite a few years and the result is very consistent, non chewers do report a stronger effect than what i get, have a good day
  6. KhatManDo

    Variegated Catha edulis.

    One out of 2500 seedlings came out variegated.
  7. KhatManDo

    Hartogiella schinoides

    some more pictures of the big trees, and seed,
  8. KhatManDo

    Hartogiella schinoides

    hey you all anybody out there have any info on this plant? from what i can ascertain it was chewed by the locals in the western cape as a thirst quencher and stimulant, but so far can get no first hand info from anyone, did manage to get 4 seed which germinated, and 13 seedlings from under a tree, did taste the mature soft leaves and there is definitely an alkaloid in there, more bitter than catha even on unpruned trees, will post a few pics of the big trees next time we up there.
  9. KhatManDo

    Help needed, top heavy khat plant

    hey dude , quite simple, cut it back. it will shoot new shoots growing straight up, even back to 10 cm from the ground, i get it about 5 out of every hundred that do the bending over, no problem just cut it.
  10. KhatManDo

    Help with Catha

    they are crying, nay screaming, please put me in the ground, now .
  11. KhatManDo

    Advice on sick Khat

    plant it out in the ground, well drained and not overwatered, south facing best if in full sun mulch well the roots dont like getting hot,
  12. KhatManDo

    KHAT Wine anyone ?

    high have done this quite often, only seen this thread now as not at the computer to often, 50 shoots of a well picked plant soaked in 500 ml of a red wine in the fridge and used within two days does give a mild stimulating effect, not as strong as chewing the same shoots straight after picking though, although non chewers do claim it is quite potent. am trying to get a more concentrated result but no joy yet.
  13. KhatManDo

    Fresh Catha Edulis Seeds

    Some plants in late flower, october this year
  14. KhatManDo

    Fresh Catha Edulis Seeds

    Allahu Akbar~! A somalis wet dream