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  1. Swiper

    My babies

    Nice plants , did you grow the arios from seed ?
  2. Swiper

    TBM shooting roots from above soil

    I reckon a bigger pot would help, how long has it been in the current pot ?
  3. Yes please, I will purchase two hard copies when available !
  4. Swiper

    SAB personality test... dare!

    ESFP Extravert(9%) Sensing(12%) Feeling(12%) Perceiving(25%) You have slight preference of Extraversion over Introversion (9%) You have slight preference of Sensing over Intuition (12%) You have slight preference of Feeling over Thinking (12%) You have moderate preference of Perceiving over Judging (25%)
  5. KK339 seedling. KK339 from cutting. KK2150 seed grown, grafted, now on its own roots.
  6. Swiper

    Show off your freaks

    Seed grown Trichocereus peruvianus crest.
  7. Swiper

    Tbm & Tpm from seed

    Got one TPC (icaros) from approx 1000 trich seeds of many varieties sown.
  8. Swiper

    Name my Cactus and win

    Electric blue.
  9. Swiper

    Check out these FREAK Tips

    Very strange ! I like them a lot.
  10. Swiper

    Some cacti in TheOwl's garden

    Nice plants ! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Swiper

    What Video Games Do You Play?

    Forza Horizon 2
  12. Swiper

    plants sales

    Is the price for all of the plants ?
  13. Swiper

    Cacti yellow discolouration

    Could be scale insects, try gently rubbing them off with an old toothbrush.
  14. Swiper

    Happy birthday Incog! :D

    Not your birthday, That's a warnie !! Have a good one.
  15. Swiper

    3K ...lol...post giveaway

    13 Thanks !
  16. I was waiting to be the last one, but please give the seeds to bullit.
  17. Swiper

    a southern cactus garden

    Awesome collection Pimento, really enjoyed looking at the pics, thanks for sharing.
  18. 10 packs of 30 x T.pachanoi 'PC' x T.scopulicola and 50 x T.scopulicola x T.pachanoi 'PC' to giveaway. From my own plants, hand pollinated. PC pach x scop fruit. scop x PC pach fruit Post in here, then pm me your address.
  19. dajindo pm your address and I'll send some your way. 4 packs left.
  20. Swiper

    My first flower!

    Very nice, hope you get some seeds as well.
  21. Swiper


    Nice picture ! The flower buds look like candles and the blue color is awesome.
  22. Swiper

    My first flower!

    Nice looking plant, is it grafted or on its own roots ?
  23. Osmocote garden beds As Dood said.