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  1. Swiper

    free seed giveaway

    Hey Tipz, thanks, and thanks to Micromegas !, I would love any of those seeds, esp the Goliath OP. Cheers, Swiper.
  2. Myrtillocactus geometrizans .... ?
  3. Swiper

    Artificial joints

    Hi SallyD, my mother and my uncle both had knee replacements last year. Both are very happy with the results, both said it was the most pain they had been in, in their lives. My mother is not allowed to kneel on the new knee. I think both of them went private, but I will ask next time I see them. Swiper.
  4. Swiper

    ID help please

    Thanks interbeing ! ( EG and ballzac cheers too ! ) Looks like I'm learning stuff hanging round here ! Thanks everyone
  5. Swiper

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    Hey all, Really enjoying this thread ! Some of my first attempts at grafting ........ LW graft 1 - sown 20th January 2012 - grafted 29th May 2012. same plant 28th February this year. Grown under 15 hr days of CFL warm white. Roughly golf ball size. LW graft 2 same dates as above, but grown in a small greenhouse underneath a verandah. 50% natural light. 1/2 the size of the above plant. T.pachanoi KK2150 same dates as above and in the greenhouse also. Cheers, Swiper.
  6. Trichocereus bridgesii ...... ?
  7. Swiper

    Free Seed Raffle - Ephedra Packs + Bonuses

    Everyone's a winner baby ! Thank you very much for your efforts, much appreciated endorfinder ! Some really cool seeds in my pack, and all seeds that I don't already have, are you a mind reader as well ?? Thanks for making my day so much brighter ! Cheers !
  8. Swiper


  9. In the post ......... You are most welcome !
  10. Pm your address to me and I'll send you some trich seeds .....
  11. Swiper

    f***ing peyote grafts

    Hey cactuscarl, Ever thought of a small greenhouse ? Sounds like your plants need some protection. Cheers, Swiper.
  12. Swiper

    cacti cuts giveaway

    Hey qualia, great giveaway mate !, if chosen I would like the Yowie please. Cheers !
  13. Swiper

    Free Cacti - TPM X SS02 Crest - FINISHED

    Please put me in, have yet to acquire any crested cacti. Thanks for the giveaway Hellonasty !
  14. Swiper

    Free Seed Raffle - Ephedra Packs + Bonuses

    Yes please, Thanks endorfinder .... love your work !
  15. Swiper

    trichocereus for sale

    Pm'd re: pachanoi.
  16. Picked up some nice cuts today, Thanks egad !
  17. Swiper

    Happy Birthday Evil Genius!

    Happy birthday Evil Genius, hope you have a great day !
  18. Swiper

    Acacia Phlebophylla Seeds

    Thanks folias ! Seeds arrived today, can't wait to put them down.
  19. Swiper

    catha 'vienna white' seed raffle

    Yes please ! Thanks !
  20. Swiper

    Acacia Phlebophylla Seeds

    Pm'd. Thanks !
  21. Swiper

    Planthelper F2 seed giveaway/raffle

    Put me down for 36 ,Cheers !
  22. I've still got plenty of beer, better drink up then !