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  1. Swiper

    show big plant small pot

    Hi planthelper, I am interested to know what size are the pots and how tall are the plants ? Cheers ! Swiper.
  2. Swiper

    Show off your freaks

    world seed supply . org
  3. Swiper

    Show off your freaks

    Cheers Jox, Feb/March 2012 from memory, she's a slow grower !
  4. My first Trich flower bud a scopulicola.
  5. Swiper

    Show off your freaks

    My first seed grown crest, T.peruvianus.
  6. Swiper

    White growth spreading fast

    Wow ! that looks bad, I've been using 50% methylated spirits and 50% water for the last month or so and have not seen any adverse effects yet. I always spray them in the shade. Good Luck !
  7. Swiper

    Lester: prickly passion for cacti

    Very interesting, thanks qualia !
  8. Swiper

    Phone / Tablet apps.

    Starwalk, it blew my tiny mind.
  9. Nice work, I enjoyed looking at it ! Thanks !
  10. Swiper

    Free Trichocereus hybrid seed!

    Hi planthelper, pm me your address and I'll pass some roseii x on to you.
  11. Swiper

    Free Trichocereus hybrid seed!

    Hi interbeing, seeds received yesterday, thankyou very much ! I will be sure to spread the love when these beautys grow up !
  12. Swiper

    Happy Birthday Torsten

    Happy birthday Torsten, and thanks for a great website !
  13. Swiper

    Free Trichocereus hybrid seed!

    Yes please ! Thank you kindly interbeing.
  14. Swiper

    Lophophora williamsii illegal in W.A.

    I got the same letter ........
  15. Swiper

    Garden rescue Id's

    I'm no expert but I reckon no1 may be Trichocereus pasacana .......
  16. Swiper

    4 x grafts up for grabs

    Yes Thankyou !
  17. Swiper

    Ebay - T.peruvianus or is it?

    Awesome plant, wish it was in my garden !
  18. Swiper

    Bicycle Day 2013 - Tripping on the Steps v 3.0

    Thanks and good luck !
  19. Swiper

    send me good vibes

    Sending good vibes and positive thoughts your way planthelper .............
  20. Swiper

    psychotria viridis seeds give away

    Hi planthelper, just wanted to say thanks, I received your seeds today. Going to do some research now on how to germinate them, and will get them in the soil on Friday. Cheers brother ! Have a great day ! Love and respect, Swiper.
  21. Swiper

    psychotria viridis seeds give away

    I like SAB because of all the nice , generous people on here. I have learnt a lot from the forums. It is nice to be around people who are on the same wavelength re: cacti and other sacred plants. Thanks planthelper for your generous offer. Swiper
  22. Gave some away to friends !
  23. Hi All, I picked this plant up a year or so ago, it was sold to me as a peruvianus, I think it may be T.knuthianus, what do you think ? Cheers, Swiper. Top view Stump pup
  24. Swiper

    Opuntia spp.

    http://www.discoverlife.org/20/q?guide=Opuntia Found this website whilst trying to ID an Opuntia spp.