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    Loph problems

    Thanks for all the advice people. Silly me, I should've eaten the caterpillar instead of grinding it into oblivion beneath my boot ! I do check my cactus every day, somedays I can spend hours just looking at them, they are fascinating plants. Sometimes I can nearly hear them talking to me ! Cheers, Swiper.
  2. Swiper

    Loph problems

    Thanks EG, I will leave alone for now. I can't see any orange rot on the plant now, it was mainly where I had cut the roots off with the cuttings. Regards, Swiper.
  3. Hello All, just testing to see how I can post pics on here ! I am new to this forum, and I am enjoying all the pics and the discussions. Bridgesii seedlings growing in a polystyrene coffee cup in proagating sand, approx 3 months old. Are they ready for sowing out yet ? Cheers, Swiper.
  4. Swiper

    egay action

    KK seeds for me - Pachanoi - good germination. Bridgesii - nothing. Macrogonus - nothing. Cereus peruvianus monstrose - good germination. T.Terscheckii - 50 % germination.
  5. Hi Bluntmuffin, thanks for the suggestion, sounds like a great idea, will try it with my next seedlings. I am new to growing cacti from seed, but they seem to be growing slow. They have been getting rainwater (from a tank) from a spray bottle every second day, every other day is rainwater mixed with 1/20 th normal strength seaweed fertiliser (maxicrop). Cheers, Swiper.
  6. Hey Niggles, just checked out your gallery, some nice plants you have there, I especially like the flowering loph pics, very nice. Yes I have other cacti, mostly cuttings (most have started to root now), have been collecting approx 6 months or so. Trich Pach,bridgesii,peruvianus,TBM cuttings. Trich scopulicola,bridgesii small plants.LW caesp. Seedlings - T.macrogonus,T.peruvianus,various T.pachanoi's,LW,golden torch,cereus peruvianus monstrose,T.terscheckii,T.bridgesii. I think I got the bug now. 66 plants and hundreds of seedlings ! Cheers, Swiper.
  7. Swiper

    -edit- snail chewed trichs

    I hope I never get snails as bad as that ! I have a few cacti now and havn't seen any damage as bad as that, good luck with living with them, my only remedy is to squash them when it's raining outside. I don't use chemicals.
  8. Thanks for the advice EG, I will move them to a spot with better light ! I have them on a south facing widowsill, will try them on a shaded north facing windowsill. And repot them soon into better soil. And thanks for the encouragement niggles, I love looking at others photos also. I will post pics of my other seedlings soon. Cheers, Swiper.
  9. Hi mystic_b, how much sun were they getting before ? And how much sun are they gettin now ? Cheers, Swiper.
  10. Swiper

    Cacti from seed failure... again

    Here's what I do, and so far the only seedlings I have lost have been lophs. All my trichs are going well still. (about 3 months so far) Polystyrene coffee cup, fill 2/3 with propagating sand from bunnings. Add tap water till the water is about 5mm above the sand. The residual chlorine in the tap water kills any mould. Throw the seeds on top, I use up to 50 seeds per cup. Place the cup on a windowsill not facing the sun ( facing south in Oz ), leave until the water evaporates leaving the surface glistening, then cover the cup with some cling wrap and a rubber band to keep it in place. Air them out once a day and spray with rainwater if they start to become dry. After they sprout I wait until they have spines before removing the cling wrap. Water once a day with a spray bottle of rainwater and diluted seaweed fertiliser (about 1/20th of normal strength)