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  1. Kodama

    Indoor Oyster Kits

    I've just participated in a training with Omsource and it was absolutely fascinating and I think all the other 12 people in the group would say the same. Omsource is surely highly motivated but most of all truely passionate about his work. A well of knowledge too, for the noob that I am. I came back from the course with an inoculated log and a nice hessian bag full of woodchips and spawn that we did during the day. Can't wait to see them fruiting. I had a chance to look at your Oyster kits, inoculated dowels and other bags and I must admit everything looked very professional, neat and ready to hit the market! That's remarkable and inspiring!! Keep up the excellent work!
  2. Kodama

    Window Farms

    That's right air pumps use about 3 to 5W, so that's negligeable. Also, this system is aimed at people who do not grow anything because it is too much effort. I'd rather have people using that little more energy but at least getting to grow their own stuff. You've got to start somewhere and I think the unusual design can draw some interest from people without a green thumb.
  3. Kodama

    Window Farms

    I am going to build one at home to start with. The idea is to get a feel for it so that my wife can make a couple of them in her classroom. She's got 4 years old kids who will be thrilled!! Being vertical, everyone can see the plants at the same time while she explains. I also find it really good to show the kids how easy and practical it is to grow plants with a few plastic bottles, and virtually no space...
  4. For people interested in hydroponics or more generally for those who always wanted to grow their own basil, parsley, etc. without messy and expansive pots, here is an interesting little project: http://www.windowfarms.org It won't cost you much to set up and be customised to look really good I think. A wonderfull project for anyone living in a (small) unit. I am sure students and the likes will adhere to the concept.
  5. Hehe...except there is not much shade under these pines... Your hippy thing sounds more fun and surrealistic!
  6. I realy like the concept. But I really doubt that the stalks would be quiet. When the wind goes around something and generate turbulences, it is generally noisy. Also, carbon fiber is not what you call eco-friendly and recyclable.
  7. Kodama

    the dude abides again

    Woohoo!! Great! Remaining: Tassie red poppy x 1 Giant pink poppy x 2 Unknown poppy x 1 Motherwort x 1 Cali poppy x 1 Stevia x 2 N. Rustica x 1 N. Tobaccum x 0 D. Strat x 1 D. Metel x 1 Salvia africana-lutea x 0 Salvia coccinea x 2 Coleus bluemi x 0 (pick plants that have pepper leaves for extracting)
  8. Kodama

    Cant get an avatar to work.

    Maybe give it another go because I could upload my animated gif a couple of days ago.
  9. Kodama

    "Other worlds" documentary

    A great documentary from a French man. It is about his experience with the the Shipibos people and ayahuasca, in the amazonian forest. It is a few years old (10?). But still so relevent. The director Jan Kounen has also done many fictional movies about completely different things. This one is just a testimony about his own experience that you can feel he really wanted to share. Also some interesting interviews of scientists. I couldn't find it on the forum so I thought some may be interested.
  10. Kodama

    Wanted: Prints

    I don't want to hijack anything but I am in a similar situation where I don't have much to offer but would love to get some observation started and get some prints... BUT I have a nice tricho pachanoi cutting (top end of the cactus, 2.5" diameter, about 4" long, very healthy). I have been trying to find it a good home where it can start growing again. So I am happy to trade...In the "worse" case this cutting will end up in the cactus section. Again, I know we are in mycology section, so I can always remove my post if need be...
  11. I believe that there should not be any laws or regulations about plants and what people chose to do with them. That might sound very simplistic and utopic or even short sighted. But one should really ask why in the first place all these plants have been declared illegal. Since, to my knowlegde, very little studies have been done to prove the social and health (or any sort of )consequences many of these substances may have, one way or another, I can't see how or why these should be banned. They are considered like manufactured products for which we can decide to put them on the market or not, should they comply with our standards or not. Plants are there, for everyone to enjoy. So if one wants to interact with Nature through its plants, well then it is beyond any human law. There is a lot of confusion between the substances/plants and what people use them for and how they use them. What society should worry about is its citizens behaviour and should punish the negative actions resulting from the use of a substance. Very much like you can't ban photography because people use it for bad purposes such as child pornography, well you can't ban a plant because someone is using it the wrong way and therfore causes harm to someone else or society in general. I almost think that the EGA is not going far enough. As it is mentioned in the press release, it is a matter of human rights whereas it is seen as a recreational issue by the general public. At least the world is showing the signs of a global movement going against the war against any sort of psychoactive material. And even main stream papers talk about the failure of the war on drugs. That's one big step forward at last.
  12. Kodama

    Not so new member

    I've been very much of a lurker so far so I thought I finally say hello to the community. I wish I could help with my minimal but growing knowledge. Since I would really like to meet people from this forum face to face and go out in fields to "study" our floral and mushroomy friends, I thought I should start contributing and make myself known slowly... Heading to the Blue Mountains this week end to photograph amanita muscaria...And more. Enjoy the week end!